shooting game

Shooter video games or shooters are a subgenre of action video games where the focus is almost entirely on the defeat of the character's enemies using the weapons given to the player. Usually these weapons are firearms or some other long-range weapons, and can be used in combination with other tools such as grenades for indirect offense, armor for additional defense, or accessories such as telescopic sights to modify the behavior of the weapons. A common resource found in many shooter games is ammunition, armor or health, or upgrades which augment the player character's weapons.
Shooter games test the player's spatial awareness, reflexes, and speed in both isolated single player or networked multiplayer environments. Shooter games encompass many subgenres that have the commonality of focusing on the actions of the avatar engaging in combat with a weapon against both code-driven NPC enemies or other avatars controlled by other players.

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    [Android] Snowbreak: Containment Zone - Best 3D RPG but TPS Shooting Game with Gacha! With cool waifus!

    Snowbreak: Containment Zone Overview Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a 3D Sci-Fi RPG-shooting game. It is a most anticipated gacha game, on top of that, this is the first Third-person shooter of the gacha game industry that no one have ever made. There are a different abilities to each...
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    Tutorial BattleZone: PvP FPS Shooter MODDED APK [MF]

    BattleZone: PvP FPS Shooter About this game f you like Offline Shooter , Multiplayer PVP ,Competitive multiplayer games, FPS and to be a snipers, so This Multiplayer Shooting game is for you. BattleZone against players from all over the world. Become the world champion of this fps action shooter...
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    An Archero-like mobile shooting game!

    Hey lads, guess what? Recently I was bored and looking for some interesting mobile game and I found this Archero-like idle shooting game call Cave Shooter! I’m a big fan of Archero-like game, so I try to dig up some information about Cave Shooter and found out that this game is going to release...
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    Anong larong barilan na pwede ang team?

    Patulong po anong larong barilan na pwede ang team? Mas maganda sana kung zombie at kaya laruin ng bata Salamat sa sasagot
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    Mussoumano Game Mod APK

    In Mussoumano Game brazilian rapper and YøùTùbér Mussa needs to save his fans that were kidnapped by haters while he was playing videogame. Join Mussa in this endless run. Many obstacles will be at the way but our rapper has the help of special items and transports like the armored camel, a jet...
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    Closed Mga boss parequest..

    mga boss suggest po kayo ng offline multiplayer first person shooting game na less than 100 mb sanA thanks.
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    Closed Suicide squad

    Suicide Squad: Special Ops v1.1.3 Apk + Mod (unlimited Ammo) + Data for android Author: RevDl 13 August 2016 , 9:34 am Suicide Squad: Special Ops is a Action Game for android download last version of Suicide Squad: Special Ops Apk + Mod (unlimited Ammo) + Data for android from revdl with...
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    Closed crossfire "OFFLINE"

    crossfire "OFFLINE" Minimum System Requirements: - CPU Celeron 1.8 GHz - RAM 1 GB - VGA: 128Mb onboard card Recommended system requirements: - CPU Pentium 4 3GHz or higher - 1GB RAM - VGA: Ati Radeon discrete graphics, the size GF 9700 256MB or equivalent or, on the GMA4500M or ati card HD3200...