Pokémon (an abbreviation for Pocket Monsters in Japan) is a Japanese media franchise managed by The Pokémon Company, a company founded by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. The franchise was created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996, and is centered on fictional creatures called "Pokémon". In Pokémon, humans, known as Pokémon Trainers, catch and train Pokémon to battle other Pokémon for sport. All media works within the franchise are set in the Pokémon universe. The English slogan for the franchise is "Gotta Catch ‘Em All!". There are currently 921 Pokémon species.The franchise began as Pocket Monsters: Red and Green (later released outside of Japan as Pokémon Red and Blue), a pair of video games for the original Game Boy handheld system that were developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo in February 1996. It soon became a media mix franchise adapted into various different media. Pokémon is estimated to be the highest-grossing media franchise of all time. The Pokémon video game series is the third best-selling video game franchise of all time with more than 440 million copies sold and one billion mobile downloads. The Pokémon video game series spawned an anime television series that has become the most successful video game adaptation of all time with over 20 seasons and 1,000 episodes in 192 countries. The Pokémon Trading Card Game is the highest-selling trading card game of all time with over 43.2 billion cards sold. In addition, the Pokémon franchise includes the world's top-selling toy brand, an anime film series, a live-action film (Detective Pikachu), books, manga comics, music, merchandise, and a temporary theme park. The franchise is also represented in other Nintendo media, such as the Super Smash Bros. series, where various Pokémon characters are playable.

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    mga lods saan po b nkaka dl ung base file lng po ng nsp and xci n file po nitong pokemon shield and sword.tnx po sa help
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    Looking For Pokemon emerald original

    Baka meron kayo diyan naka tambak sa cabinet original na Pokemon Emerald US Cartridge.
  3. N

    Nintendo [NSW] Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Bugs?

    Madami ako nababasa na maraming bugs daw ang game? Kakadating lang order ko sana di ako mag sisi. Baka may tips and tricks nadin kayo share nyo na din 😂 since ngayon na lang ako ulit maglalaro ng pokemon. Last game ko pa yung pokemon black sa nds hehe
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    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

    mga anong oras pa po kaya pwede malaro tong game?
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    Gba Pokemon Unbound v2.1.1

    Pokemon Unbound v2.1.1 is out! Unbound Cloud imminent! Changelog: Two things that I want to point out: ⚫ Battle Tower & Circus random 3v3 & 4v4 are now Battle Factory -esque. This means that after each battle you'll be offered your new random team from a combination of your previous team and...
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    Pokemon GBA

    Sa gusto bumalik o maglaro ulit ng pokemon. Suggest ko tong Pokemon Unbound sobrang ganda neto andito lahat ng pokemon (e.g. Pokemon legend of arceus na mga hisuan form) so far waiting sila sa Gen9 na i release para sure yung new mons. Magkaroon palang to ng sariling trade sa site(unbound cloud)...
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    Pokemon unbound

    Best Pokemon game
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    Pokemon GO | Help : Pokestop Nomination

    Nag-nominate ulit ako and hoping na this time ay ma-approve na. Sa mga naglalaro po ng Pokemon GO, pakiusap ko sanang i-upvote ang mga nominations kong ito. Konting tulong lang po sana. In Queue pa lang sila pero ay matulungan nyo akong ma-approve ang mga ito. Salamat in advance!!
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    Pokemon Emerald Essence GBA

    Balik Pokemon naman tayo guys New version ng Emerald mukang maganda to kasi hindi na need ng trade to evolve your pokemon. Saka medyo challenging narin. Explore natin guys. Pokemon Emerald Essence Hidden content My Boy Emulator Hidden content Sa mga mahilig sa GBA games Pokemon games try na...
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    Nintendo Pokemon Ultra Sun: Update 1.2 [Decrypted] 3DS (EUR/USA) ROM

    Pokemon Ultra Sun: Update 1.2 [Decrypted] 3DS (EUR/USA) ROM Download
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    Pokemon go - PGsharp

    Baka merong mabait dyn na magbibigay ng license key for pgsharp hehe pahingi nmn kahit isa lang please!
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    Pokémon X 3DS ROM

  13. B

    Help Free Nintendo switch pokemon trade (Arceus, sword/shield) trade any pokemon with your request.

    Pm nyo lang ako dito madalas open ako ng umaga request kayo sakin any pokemon (Nintendo switch only via link trade) Paano magrequest : - request ka muna pokemon (pokemon? / shiny? / held item? / level? / gigantamax) example: Charizard / yes / potion / 100 / yes makukuha nyo din within the...
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    Help PET WAR

    Mga mam/sir meron ba kayong mod ng Pet War? yung pokemon hehe. Penge pooo, or kahit gift code na latest? Thank youuu. Sana meron 🥺
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    Tutorial Pet War (Pokemon New Game)

    About this game Ready! Steady! Let's start this battle! Welcome to the world of adventures, Legendary battle experience starts in here! Let's go on the classic RPG adventure! Most extraordinary skill effect and strategy features all in here! Over 100 pets are available to create your own...
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    Nintendo Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

    Release na po sa Nov. 18 yung new pokemon games. Anyone interested to buy it? Pa.answer na din ng poll :D Pa share na ding nang country niyo, yung maliit lng or no tax. HAHAHA
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    For Sale Pokemon Legends: Arceus + Arceus V TCG

    Not me directly selling. But you can pre-order Pokemon Legends: Arceus at Play-Asia and get the exclusive Arceus V TCG. Link: Play-Asia
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    Claim Arceus V TCG for every pre-order of Pokemon Legends: Arceus at Play-Asia

    Anyone into collecting Pokemon TCG ought to consider pre-ordering Pokemon Legends: Arceus at Play-Asia for the exclusive Arceus V TCG. Link
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    Wala ka lang manalo sa rank ng EMEL? No problem! May 3 (tatlong) best mobile games na ibibigay ko sa'yo.

    Tom and Jerry: Chase SEA: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netease.tjglobal Japan-Korea: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netease.tjasia (Need VPN to download) Taiwan: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netease.tjtw (Need VPN to download)...
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    Pokémon Unite is Available

    Pokémon UNITE: Team up and take down the opposition in Pokémon’s first 5-on-5 strategic team battle game! Parang ml din 'to guys
  21. H

    Pokémon Go New Update

    PokéStop in Space? 👀😂
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    Tutorial Citra Smooth FPS Trick + PHCorner Theme

    Citra MMJ FPS Trick Requirements: Citra MMJ apk Download Any text editor applications Download Step-by-step Guide: Install both Citra MMJ apk and your text editor app. Edit config-mmj.ini file located in '/citra-emu/config/' folder using your text editor app. Locate and change...
  23. D

    Tutorial Lagyan natin Themes ang Citra Emulator

    Tutorial kung paano lagyan ng Themes ang Citra MMJ emulator ✅ Join this telegram group => t⚠️me/citrathemes ✅ Download any themes you like. ✅ Rename to 'default.zip', copy and paste it to folder '/citra-emu/theme/' ✅ Open Citra and see it for yourself. [/CODE] 📌 Edit custom layout and...
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    Fully Online Pokemon Game

    May naglalaro ba dito ng PokeMMO? Kung authentic na online Pokemon game and hanap mo, eto na yun. PokeMMO - pwede sya sa PC or sa Android Phone mo Download mo sya dito: PokeMMO Requirements: Need mo ang mga official ROM ng Pokemon Fire Red, Emerald, Black, Platinum, at HeartGold. Madaming mga...
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    Pokemon Mega Prime Emerald X GBA

    Sa mga mahilig sa Pokemon Games laro na. Remade by: PokeDama’s Tips From: Pokemon Emerald Features: Gen 1-8 Pokemons •New Generation 8 Starters •New Gen 6-8 wild Pokemons •New Characters (Damaged Color/BETA) •New city and region reworked •New improved building designs •New Locations •Harder...
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    Tutorial Citra Emulator for Android ang smooth na ng FPS guys

    Sa mga hindi nakakaalam, ang Citra ay emulator for 3ds games gaya ng Pokémon (X&Y, Sun&Moon, Omega Ruby, and etc.), Dragon Quest, Legend of Zelda, and etc. May dalawang build ang Citra for android: Official - nasa playstore MMJ - join kayo sa Telegram nila nandoon inu-upload iyong application —...
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    Tutorial Pokemon Online - Play with friends!

    What's up, pokemon peeps! Sa mga nakaka-alam at hindi pa alam, sa gustong bumalik at sa mga bago lang na players! Since lockdown or wala nang ibang malarong games, pwede niyo tong i-try with friends! Introducing PokeMMO! Photo: https://pokemmo.eu/ But wait, how? All you need to do is...
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    Pokemon Go. May Naglalaro Pa Ba?🧭

    Alam ko nawala na yung hype sa game na to pero para sakin ok pa naman tong game na to. Kakabalik ko lang ulit since 2017? May naglalaro paba sa inyo?
  29. U

    Pokémon Unite MOBA halikat pagusapan

    Ano enexpect mo sa game nato? Halikat pagusapan Ready kana ba? Release Date: TBA Genre: Strategic team battle Platform: Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices Players: TBA
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    Tutorial Pokemon Gamers diyan at sa mga Bored here Pokemon White Deluxe NDS.

    Sa mga mahilig maglaro ng Pokemon at bored sa bahay. Pokemon White Deluxe V1Complete NDS Remade by: Oxnite Remade From: Pokemon White Hidden content Drastic Emulator Hidden content CheatCode *Masterball Press L+R habang nasa labas ng Bag 94000130 FCFF0000 02233FCC 03840001 D2000000 00000000...
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    Tutorial Sa mga Pokemon Gamers Diyan Pokemon NDS Vicious Black 2020

    Sa mga Pokemon Gamers Diyan at mga Bored sa Bahay Download na. Remade From: Pokemon Black Pokemon Vicious Black Hidden content Pokemon NDS Drastic Emulator Hidden content Enjoy..
  32. Puyo ni Ash (Pokemon)

    Puyo ni Ash (Pokemon)

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    Pokemon Emerald 2 Try This..!!!

    Halos Parehas lang ng Old Version.. New Story New Starters New Map New Mission Same Generation Extra Difficulties New Moves/Attacks GBA EMULATOR http://www.mediafire.com/file/bdtlj523ts3ctmc/GBA_emulator.apk/file Pokemon Emerald Version 2...
  34. B

    Tutorial Best Online Pokemon Game on Mobile

    Share ko lang to. Sa mga pokemon fan dyan o sa mga naghahanap ng pampalipas oras, try nyo to. Monster Carnival Graphics at gameplay nya ay parang sa nintendo. Pay2win? Vip system? Oo may vip pero nadudurog ng mauutak ang mga malalacash dito. Tamang grind lang at upgrade ang kailangan. May mga...
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    Tutorial Pokémon Master APK

    Hi Trainers. Get ready for a whole new take on Pokémon battles as you team up with famous Trainers from throughout the history of Pokémon in Pokémon Masters. This mobile game is a collaboration between The Pokémon Company and DeNA Co., Ltd., and it gives longtime fans an opportunity to reunite...
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    Magtulungan tayo mga kaphc. Add nyo ako para masendan ko kayo ng gifts. Eto trainer code ko 3052 2026 1351 Post nyo rin code nyo para maadd kayo ng ibang trainers. Lezgoooooooo
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    New Pokemon Theta Emerald Revev Complete Version! and Complete Legendary! GBA Rom

    Pokemon Emerald Theta Emerald Complete Version. Complete Legendary in different Generation. You can catch all legendary after beating the Elite Four. The numbers of Legendaries is 54 download na and play...
  38. M

    Allnet noload ehi update

    Allnet ehi part2 no load More power phc
  39. M

    4in1 openssh rp ehi luzviminda no load allnet

    allnet ehi no load 4in1 :) inport then start enjoi your freenet 😊
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    Pokemon Advance v2 GBA Rom/Generation 8 Complete

    Pokemon Advance v2 Completed New Features Added: *You can catch Pokemon from Generation 2/3/4/5/7/8 16 Legendaries with Mega Evolution 5 Armor Evolution 5 Primal Forms You can used Stone to evolve Pokemon no traded needed *Dark Pokemon *New Story/Extra Difficulties...
  41. A

    GBA Pokemon Rocket Science Complete Version+New Features

    Pokemon Rocket Science - You Play as a Team Rocket Scientist mga paps para ma iba naman. *New Features: -You can s†éál Pokemon from the trainer - New Story -You Play as Team Rocket Member -New Rivals -New Starter -Extra Difficulties...
  42. S

    (GBA Rom) Pokemon H@cks 2019

    Top 5 Completed Pokemon GBA Rom häçks 2019! Note : All are Completed except Pokemon Volcano b1.0! 5. Pokemon Blue Stars 2 Link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/t1scegjr4r4cfxc/ 4. Pokemon Hyper Ruby Link : https://www.mediafire.com/file/hjuq3n8168i33ye/ 3. Pokemon Volcano Link ...
  43. C

    Pokemon all GBA häçk roms

    and more bug fixed
  44. C

    All Pokemon häçk Games (fixed)

  45. E

    Pokemon games for gba emulator

    GBA roms Pokemon emerald Link Pokemon fire red Link Leaf green Link Ruby Link Sapphire Link GBA emultor na ginagamit ko ay MyBoy! Link click me Nageffort ako guys. Haha kahit maliit Lang to na task. Kahit like lng happy na ako hahaha Pokemon rom Háçks coming next
  46. A

    Pokemon sun & moon

    Hey guys, do you have any idea how or where to download the pokemon sun☉ and moon? For android. Thank u.
  47. M

    Tara laro tayo ng pokemmo

    mga tropa! sa mga mahilig sa pokemon dyan laro tayo ONLINE POKEMMO. ito mga links for the emulator https://pokemmo.eu/ for the roms https://romsmania.cc/roms/gameboy-advance/pokemon-emerald-version-225038 https://romsmania.cc/roms/nintendo-ds/4787-pokemon-heartgold-version-238328...
  48. P

    Direct Link Collection of pokemon roms and emulator

    Collection of Pokemon Roms and Emulator. LINK: kip.macemicro.com/Kip's%20Files/Other/VBA/Pokemon%20games/Pokemon%20Roms/ Easy and minimalist - PizaaRiaaa
  49. R

    Help Pokemon go

    Pagawa naman po ng ehi. For pokemon go. TNT lang po sana then no load po. Salamat
  50. T

    Tutorial For pokemon lovers! pokemon online!

    Hi mga kaPHC! Uunahan ko na ng pasensya kasi mahaba ang post ko pero para sa mga naghahanap ng games diyan nakahanap ako ng online pokemon game. Pokemmo ang name niya. Luma na siya actually pero ang android version parang a month ago lang nirelease. Description: Hindi ito yung mga pay2win at...