Pokémon (an abbreviation for Pocket Monsters in Japan) is a Japanese media franchise managed by The Pokémon Company, a company founded by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. The franchise was created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996, and is centered on fictional creatures called "Pokémon". In Pokémon, humans, known as Pokémon Trainers, catch and train Pokémon to battle other Pokémon for sport. All media works within the franchise are set in the Pokémon universe. The English slogan for the franchise is "Gotta Catch ‘Em All!". There are currently 921 Pokémon species.The franchise began as Pocket Monsters: Red and Green (later released outside of Japan as Pokémon Red and Blue), a pair of video games for the original Game Boy handheld system that were developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo in February 1996. It soon became a media mix franchise adapted into various different media. Pokémon is estimated to be the highest-grossing media franchise of all time. The Pokémon video game series is the third best-selling video game franchise of all time with more than 440 million copies sold and one billion mobile downloads. The Pokémon video game series spawned an anime television series that has become the most successful video game adaptation of all time with over 20 seasons and 1,000 episodes in 192 countries. The Pokémon Trading Card Game is the highest-selling trading card game of all time with over 43.2 billion cards sold. In addition, the Pokémon franchise includes the world's top-selling toy brand, an anime film series, a live-action film (Detective Pikachu), books, manga comics, music, merchandise, and a temporary theme park. The franchise is also represented in other Nintendo media, such as the Super Smash Bros. series, where various Pokémon characters are playable.

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    Spellborne Airdrop Confirmed (Season 1)

    SpellBorne Airdrop confirmed Cost: Free Play to airdrop Join na kayo habang maaga pa season 1 pa lang parang pokemon lang Spellborne
  2. J

    Crypto Play 2 Earn, parang pokemon go lang, tara grind

    Hidden content Mon Studios ( Spell Borne ) Raise : $1.35M Backer : Animoca , YGG Were early. Connect Gmail Go to Daily Mission And connect your Socials and do other task. This is daily task so claim daily.
  3. A

    Pokemon Assets Archive | Google Drive

    Pokemon Art PNGs Hidden content
  4. J

    Referral New NFT GAME LIKE POKEMON!!

    New play to earn nft game! bagong bago! my early access na para sa mga spender. if gusto f2p pwede rin pero wait muna tayo ma open to public. tamang grind lang muna via.... *daily log-in reward! *Spin wheel for chance to get an apartment! at syempre via invite to get shard to spin the wheel...
  5. A

    GBA Pokemon Kanto Complete

    Pokemon Kanto Complete Hidden content Emulator Hidden content Changes from FireRed routes have been heavily modified in Kanto for a fresh experience as well as to provide access to all Pokémon on the National Dex all legendary/mythical Pokémon are accessible in the post-game locations...
  6. M

    Pokémon Redemption

    Pa active po please IGN is mavz21 Thank you
  7. A

    Pokemon Redemption RPG Textbased Game

    Sa mga Pokemon fans dian, Try nyo ginawa kong game na textbased w/ gif pokes/location images. Explore na lng for features inside the game. REGISTER kayo then drop nyo dito ingame/username nyo to activate account. ▶️ Homepage | Pokemon Redemption RPG
  8. S

    PokeTamer Mobi Ver. 1.0.21 Private Server | Free VIP 9 | 888888 Diamond | Free 10 Pokemon | Free Equipment

    Playstore Link: N/A Game Name: PokeTamer Mobi Name of Private Server: PokeTamer Mobi Private Server Language: EN Version: v1.0.21 Private Server Features Free VIP 9 888888 Diamond Free ★10 Pokemon Free Equipment GIFTCODES: PALKI10 MWTWO10 KYUREM10 TIERORB1M SHEEP1SET Download link: Hidden...
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  10. W

    Help Tanong -- pokemon pikachu lets go (switch)

    sa laro po na ito . ilan pokemon po lahat ? 151? makukuha po ba lahat ng pokemon ditu sa laro na ito o need po laruin din yung EVEE lets go po? saka pwede po ba mag trade ng pokemon ditu halimbawa nag lalaro din yung kalaro po nitong game? pwede mag trade agad agad? salamat po
  11. S

    LF link Pokemon Legend:Arceus

    mga Lods baka naman may updated link kayo ng pokemon legend:arceus na rom .. thanks in advance mga lods ..
  12. A

    Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon

    Ano yung lastest version ng pokemon mga lods ang pwede laruin offline? Palapag ng link tsaka emulator na gagamitin. TIA!
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    Pokemon Theta Emerald The Last Dance GBA

    Sa mga Mahilig sa Pokemon Games Adveture try na this daming pokemon Features: 1. 999 Pokemon, all done from the ground up and updated 2. 200+ Abilities, including a new one for Palafin 😉 3. 700+ Moves, and moves modified to be a bit better 4. 600+ Items, most from the most current generation 5...
  14. P

    Help Anbernic garlic OS save emerald Pokemon

    Pano po mag-save nang Game sa Pokemon emerald. Laging 1 minute later ang lumalabas
  15. C

    Name that Pokemon

  16. Y

    Pokemon Go: PGSharp Launcher for Rooted Android

    Download link: https://www.pgsharp.com/dlpgsrt Demo: https://www.reddit.com/r/PoGoAndroidSpoofing/comments/16lpcer/pgsharp_root_launcher/
  17. P

    Help Anyone may alam na pokemon game.

    Mmorpg na maraming naglalaro sana. Sana may mag suggest
  18. C

    Pokemon showdown

    Hey, anyone up for a game of Pokemon Showdown? I'm a bit of a newbie, but if you want, we could give it a shot!
  19. S

    All-In Eeveelution

    I love Eevee!! Hidden content
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    Trivia A Lesson From The Story Of Pokemon Banette

    Banette is a special ghost-type pokemon that embodies the feeling of resentment. It’s said that a Banette is created from the grudges of a discarded plush toy, so its entire existence is filled with anger, spite, and vengeance. It’s a very powerful pokemon that symbolizes the powerful emotions...
  21. S


    I'm so proud of the outcome. LOL Hidden content
  22. S

    Who's That Pokemon?

    What do you see? Hidden content
  23. G


  24. U

    Cheat Pokémon GO v0.277.2 MOD APK

    Mod features: Teleport Joystick Favorites Enhanced Throw Encounter/Inventory IV Caught Preview Tap to Walk/Teleport 100 IV Feed Nearby Radar Install Steps: 1. Remove playstore version 2. Install mod APK 3. Enjoy Hidden content
  25. B


    PM here any kind of pokemon request for trade (trade kahit ano) Requirements Nintendo switch Online Actual game (not jb or emulator)
  26. P

    Help Pokemon GO server downtime

    Down din ba sa inyo yung servers? Mukhang matatagalan pa ata yung downtime ah. Meron daw glitch that auto-delete accounts hayz.
  27. C

    Pet War (Pokemon)

    Is there a way to download the apk for the game? It's not on Google Play store anymore.
  28. K

    Pokémon GO - v0.275.0 - Mega Mod

    Pokémon GO v0.275.1 MOD APK (Menu: Teleport, Joystick & More)
  29. F

    Who's that pokemon?

    Hidden content
  30. L

    Animation POKEMON (Twilight Wings, Generations, Evolution) Anime

    Pokémon Generations (ポケモンジェネレーションズ, ポケモンジェネレーションズ, Pokemon Jenerēshonzu) is a 2016 Japanese-animated original net animation series produced by OLM and released on YøùTùbé by The Pokémon Company. Similar to the 2013 anime television film, Pokémon Origins, the series consists of several short...
  31. H

    Pokemon cheats In unbound

    Place it in myboy emulator
  32. 0

    Looking For Legit Pokémon Go Coins Seller

    Baka may legit seller dito ng Pokécoins / RaidPass yung legit at  mura lang din sana. Thank you!
  33. A

    For Sale Pokemon Go

    Kunin nyo na mga boss. Di na rin nalalaro. Pandagdag pambili lang ng gamot.
  34. A

    Pokemon Emerald GBA New Version

    Pokemon Galaxy Emerald Hidden content Feature: No trade para sa Evolution(Link Stone) New Challange You can Catch Shiny Pokemon Extra Difficulty Quest Para sa Stone nasa LilyCove City sya at Complete na po sya My boy Emulator...
  35. G

    Pokemon games

    Paturo naman pano mag install ng ppssppp na yan. Gusto ko mag laro ng pokemon at silent hill
  36. R

    Pokemon Go v0.267.1 Injector

    Note: Need Root via Magisk Shiny Scanner Teleport Joystick Enhanced Throw Encounter/Inventory IV Caught Preview Tap to Walk/Teleport 100 IV Feed Nearby Radar Note: Injector is generally safer since youre using official Pokemon go app, and just injecting the features. Installation: Need...
  37. R

    Pokemon Go v0.267.1 (Shiny Scanner)

    Spoofer App with Shiny Scanner (Will Notify you if a shiny Pokemon is nearby) Ps. Better use alternative account and just trade the pokemon to your main, no warning so far. Features: Teleport Joystick Shiny Scanner Enhanced Throw Encounter/Inventory IV Caught Preview Tap to Walk/Teleport 100...
  38. J

    Help Pokemon Sword and Shield best team comp?

    Which are the best line ups in Pokemon sword and shield?
  39. 0

    PGSharp for Pokémon Go

    Baka po may makakapag share jan ng License Key ng PGSharp 👀😇 Need lang unlock yung AutoCatch HAHAHA. Maraming salamat sa magshe share!
  40. R

    Pokemon Go v0.265.0 (Shiny Scanner / Autowalk / Teleport / Joystick)

    Spoofer App with Shiny Scanner (Will Notify you if a shiny Pokemon is nearby) Ps. Better use alternative account and just trade the pokemon to your main, no warning so far. Features: Teleport Joystick Shiny Scanner Enhanced Throw Encounter/Inventory IV Caught Preview Tap to Walk/Teleport 100...
  41. R

    Pokemon Go 2 v0.265.0 (Spoofer)

    Spoofer app you can install along side official app, so pwede ka mag spoof and go back to normal gaming after pwede rin dual app original and spoof app so trading on the same device is possible Ps. Better use alternative account and just trade the pokemon to your main, but so far been playing...

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