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  1. N

    Marcos Highway Bridge

    Tuloy na ba Talaga ito Guys ?
  2. T

    hpi Globe/tm

    5 days hpi https://dropmb.com/download/60207c1af05d5a8bb05575d7083ec7f1.html try niyo ka ph. like if working sa inyo......
  3. T

    ehi Globe/tm

    Germany - 5days - march 13-18 with GS try niyo lang like !!!!!!!!!!
  4. M


    Magandang araw mga ka ph. Bago lang po ako dito sana mapromote ako sa tulung nyo bilang established member. Thanks for the help sa future.☺
  5. D

    Public dns servers list (2017) + speed test

    1. Level3 ••• 2.7 MBPS ••• — [ ] [ ] 2. SafeDNS ••• 2 MBPS ••• — [ ] [ ] 3. Hurricane Electric ••• 1 MBPS ••• — [ ] 4. GreenTeamDNS ••• 934 KBPS ••• — [ ] [ ] 5. OpenDNS Home ••• 842 KBPS •••...
  6. A

    Globe tm no load

    try and toasted !
  7. S

    Kalat na si freenet.

    May pasikat nanaman sa fb! Report natin mga boss kaya nawawala si freenet.
  8. B

    Simple Tips before loading/registering an open pocket wifi to any Network

    Having an open-lined pocket wifi is such a benefit especially if your travelling from one place to another. But not knowing what network provider should you use is always a problem for regular or not that techie kind of person(s). That is why i want to share this simple but useful tips for...
  9. M

    free internet access problem

    paano makaka access sa Padvance100 ? or i mean sa free internet sa TNT ?
  10. D

    Use this free fast public dns servers - list

    The most basic task of DNS is to translate hostnames such as theos.in to IP address such as In very simple terms, it can be compared to a phone book. DNS also has other important use such as email routing. This is my list of better, fast public dns servers and free dns server (as...