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In computing, a private message, personal message, or direct message (abbreviated as PM or DM) refers to a private communication sent or received by a user of a private communication channel on any given platform. Unlike public posts, PMs are only viewable by the participants. Though long a function present on IRCs and Internet forums, private channels for PMs have recently grown in popularity due to the increasing demand for privacy and private collaboration on social media.
There are two main types of private messages. One type includes those found on IRCs and Internet forums, as well as on social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where the focus is public posting, PMs allow users to communicate privately without leaving the platform. The second type are those relayed through instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Kik, and Snapchat, where users create accounts primarily to exchange PMs. A third type, peer-to-peer messaging, occurs when users create and own the infrastructure used to transmit and store the messages; while features vary depending on application, they give the user full control over the data they transmit. An example of software that enables this kind of messaging is Classified-ads.Besides serving as a tool to connect privately with friends and family, PMs have gained momentum in the workplace. Working professionals use PMs to reach coworkers in other spaces and increase efficiency during meetings. Although useful, using PMs in the workplace may blur the boundary between work and private lives.

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  1. J

    HELP: Private Message Inquiry

    Good day fellow PHcorner Members. I'm already an established user. However, I just notice that I do not have the option to send a private message to fellow members. Want to ask and know on what are the requirements po to be able to send a Private message po. Thanks in Advance po.
  2. J

    Help Private Message not available

    Hi po mga fellow PHcorner members. Want to ask for assistance po sana as I cannot find the private message button po. Any assistance is much appreciated po.
  3. E


    paano po magsend ng private message dito sa forum? thank you
  4. A

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    Ngayon lang ulit ako nagbukas. Hindi na ba pwede mga send ng PM?
  5. H

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  6. P

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    Yung mga admins ba dito mga paps nakikita yung private message namin?
  7. C

    How to send pm?

    Bakit di pa ako makasend ng private message? :(
  8. F

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    Katay na! [closed thread]
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    .. pano po mag private message sa mga members dito? profile posts po ba?
  10. Y

    Closed Newbie question

    Mga boss pano ba mag pm dito.. wala ako makita conversation lng nakikita ko.
  11. L

    Closed Paano po mag pm?

    papano po ba mag pm or private message dito?
  12. D

    how to pm phcorner members

    mga mods tanong ko lang pano po mag pm ng member sa phcorner? thanks