A stream is a continuous body of surface water flowing within the bed and banks of a channel. Depending on its location or certain characteristics, a stream may be referred to by a variety of local or regional names. Long large streams are usually called rivers, while smaller, less voluminous and more intermittent streams are known as streamlets, brooks or creeks.
The flow of a stream is controlled by three inputs – surface runoff (from precipitation or meltwater), daylighted subterranean water, and surfaced groundwater (spring water). The surface and subterranean water are highly variable between periods of rainfall. Groundwater, on the other hand, has a relatively constant input and is controlled more by long-term patterns of precipitation. The stream encompasses surface, subsurface and groundwater fluxes that respond to geological, geomorphological, hydrological and biotic controls.Streams are important as conduits in the water cycle, instruments in groundwater recharge, and corridors for fish and wildlife migration. The biological habitat in the immediate vicinity of a stream is called a riparian zone. Given the status of the ongoing Holocene extinction, streams play an important corridor role in connecting fragmented habitats and thus in conserving biodiversity. The study of streams and waterways in general is known as surface hydrology and is a core element of environmental geography.

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  1. B

    Favorite PUBG Streamers, Local and Foreign

    I like watching PUBG streams. For me, it is both entertaining and educational. I try to emulate the moves of my favorite streamers. My favorite local PUBG streamers are Aljinbotz, JAC, syempre yung mga OG Nakilhead and Mavsyyy, grupo ni Cong TV, Peenoise (bago sila lahat nag-quit). Sa foreign...
  2. Y

    Help Good sites to stream movies

    hello po any new s†rêâmïng sites po madameng new movies or series from netflix po?
  3. L

    Help Converge suddenly stopping download and stream

    Hello po baka po may makatulong dyan or naka experience na Kakakabit lang po ng converge samin kaso po pag nag dodownload ng malaking files bigla nalang mag 0mbps yung download tapos mag network error na Tapos naman pag nag try ako mag stream sa obs bigla nalang mg 0 kbps yung bitrate niya Nag...
  4. P

    Help Live stream app

    Mga sir anung gamit yung app sa cp para makapag live stream ng call duty yung wala sanang bayad hehehe
  5. K

    Help Sana magkaroon ng live stream dito :)

    sana magkaroon ng live stream dito :)
  6. J

    Help Ms Universe 2022 Channel Online Stream

    Saan po pwede mapanuod ang Ms Universe ng free? Bukod sa mga livestream sa YøùTùbé po? Salamat sa sasagot.
  7. S

    Help How to stream a Live video on FacebooK using OBS?

    Magandang gabi po mga Ka-PHC! May tanong lang po ako about sa OBS. Paano mag stream ng Live video sa FacebooK gamit ang OBS? Halimbawa po yung live video sa YøùTùbé gusto kong istream sa facebook, Ano pong gagawin para mastream ko yung live sa YøùTùbé? Maraming salamat po sa mga tutulong! (y)
  8. G

    Help Sino naka mirror stream dito?

    sino naka mirror stream lang dito mga lods
  9. J

    Help Globe Stream watch

    Guys tanong lang po. Pwede po ba mag vpn sa Globe Stream watch? Planning to buy kasi. Tia po
  10. X

    Help Paano mag live stream using antmedia or any recommended software? Willing to pay

    Paano mag live stream using antmedia or any recommended software? Willing to pay
  11. S

    Help Any suggestion po ng magandang pang stream ng app for pc!

    baka may alam kayo magandang pang stream pa share naman salamat!
  12. I

    Nuod Ngayod

    Saan kayang site mainam na manuod ng boxing tuwing linggo?
  13. J

    Globe Stream Watch Wifi

    Mga Ka PHC, may Paraan po ba na ma-Open Line ito? Salamat po 😊
  14. P

    Help Anong pwedeng ios app for watch party/s†rêâmïng?

    Balak ko sana mag watch party mga boss, kaso wala na yung loklok for IOS. Gumagamit din ako ng rave, pero wala kasi yung ibang movies sa netflix don like disney. Natry ko na rin sa dc, tapos magsstream ng website, nagllag naman :(( Baka may teknik kayo jan mga boss o pwede alternative app...
  15. C

    Dito ako nanonood ng NBA

    Pag walang magandang s†rêâmïng page sa FB pwede sa Isa lang yung ad sa start ng video tapos icclose mo lang. Maganda rin quality basta mabilis internet mo.
  16. S

    Help Filipino tv series website

    Hi guys, ask ko lang may alam ba kayo na pwede ko panoodan ng tv5 series? Gusto ko kasi start manood ng Di na muli. Thank you in advance.
  17. F

    Bakit andaming live streamer ng codm kaysa sa pubgm?

    laos na ba talaga ang pubg ?
  18. J

    Help Music Video (MV) s†rêâmïng

    Good day ka-PHC! Paano po kaya ang tamang pag stream ng MV sa YT para hindi ma-count as spam or bot? Mas mainam ba na palitan ang I.P bawat stream (para mukhang different device ang ginamit sa panunuod)? Sana po may nakakaalam paano. Salamat
  19. D

    Some of the best s†rêâmïng sites. PASOK!

    Here are some of the best s†rêâmïng sites: StreamCR Clean design, very nice speeds, a large variety of films and series, HD server, Popular Site YMovies Unique design, HD server with additional hosts, nice speeds, YIFY and other releases (+ torrents) HDO Unique design, HD server with...
  20. I

    looking for willing mgshare ng netflix for free, Just for Stranger Things🙃

    Hope me mag share, di po papalitan password😀
  21. M

    Help Roku jailbreak

    Pwede po ba ma jailbreak ang roku s†rêâmïng stick?
  22. P

    baka may account kayo panooran ng GOT

    baka meron kayo dyan streaman ng GOT PLEASEEE
  23. N

    Help Stream

    Ask lang kung anong ma co-consume sa All Out Surf kapag nag Facebook Live Stream ako. Yung Data o Unlimited Facebook?
  24. T

    Help Obs s†rêâmïng

    Mga boss may requirement po ba sa obs para makapag stream ka ng walan lag or delays? Salamat
  25. M

    Help Live s†rêâmïng

    Bukod po sa YøùTùbé, fb live at twitch, ano pang mga magagandang s†rêâmïng platforms sa MLBB?
  26. R

    Help Disconnecting when fb live strêâmïng.

    Guys ask ko lang bakit nadidisconnect yung http net header ko pag nag live stream ako gamit obs or xsplit sa facebook? Any suggestions pano makakapagstream pag ang net ko is thru http net header? Thanks in advance.
  27. S

    Sun ★5 days config.★ | ✨good for nêtflïx✨| (will always update)

    Update: New thread created Please do not use for illeg@l activities such as: H@cking Torrent Ddos Spam Carding THIS IS FREE AND NOT FOR SALE. Pero ang totoo ang dami ng hit and run. Konting hiya naman. hahaha Update: New thread created...
  28. D

    Help Saan makakabili ng steam wallet using globe load?

    Patulong naman kung merong site na tumatanggap ng globe load kapalit is steam wallet. Thanks sa mga makakapagturo.
  29. Z

    Free manny pacquiao vs. lucas matthysse live stream

    Link: Country: Pacquiao (Philippines) — Matthysse (Argentina) Records: Pacquiao (59-7-2, 38 KOs) — Matthysse (39-4-0, 36 KOs) Age: Pacquiao (39) — Matthysse (35) Height: Pacquiao (5'5 ½'') — Matthysse (5'6½") Reach: Pacquiao (67'') — Matthysse (69") Weight...
  30. B

    Globe TM Globe no load ehi

    super speed n good for gaming n s†rêâmïng ELVO
  31. N

    Help s†rêâmïng apps

    Mga ka-phc, meron ba kayo alam na mga site/apps na merong mga netflix shows? Hirap na kasi ako mag netflix kasi nakatay na yung sim method. Salamat sa magshare
  32. Y

    Help Stream movies

    Penge naman ako ng app niyo mga boss pang stream ng movies or kahit ano.
  33. A

    Tutorial Watch and download new movies and tv shows!!!pasok na mga movie lovers dyan!!!

    WELCOME! Stream and Download movies Choose the resolution you want! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆Stream movies or download it at resolutions:480p,720p or 1028p☆ ☆Watch the latest movies available☆ ☆Watch your favorite TV shows☆...
  34. P

    Stream gma and abs live link po?

    Stream GMA and ABS live link po? Thanks in advance
  35. G

    5 days s†rêâmïng online

  36. F

    Closed 100% low ping for gamers v7 valid for 1 week

    Im back mga ka ph!! Eto na ang version 7 ng pinakamalakas kong ehi. More updates basta feedback lang kayo and enjoy!! Download link below:
  37. F

    Closed 100% low ping for gamers v6 valid for 7 days

    Hello mga gamers, sorry talaga kung bakit ayaw na gumana yung last ehi ko and hindi ko din alam bakit but dont worry,pinalakasan kopa this new update version 6 which is very good for s†rêâmïng(720p 100% no buff),browsing and syempre sa gaming. Please feedback para update ko agad incase of...
  38. F

    Closed 100% low ping for gamers v5 valid for 1 week

    Hello mga gamers!!nag enjoy bah kayo sa previous ehi ko?? Hehe nag enjoy then ako so download the version 5 update feedback lang and Enjoy!! Link below:
  39. P

    Closed Pahelp po

    Hello po nga ka Phcorner. Magtatanong lang po ako kung may alam po ba kaung android applicatio ba na pang live ng TV shows like abscbn, GMA etc po?
  40. F

    Closed 100% low ping for gamers v4 valid for 1 week

    Hello im back, thank you sa mga nag feedbacks ng previous ehi ko Eto na!! Download and Have fun!! Expiry:29-01-18 Link below:
  41. F

    Closed 100% for low ping v3 valid for 1 week

    Thank you so much sa feedbacks and sa nag wait ng update ng Low ping ehi ko Now download my updated low ping ehi as i promise that i will do update again Made for gamers and enjoy!!! link below:
  42. P

    Closed Pldt 5 mbps dsl can't stream movies

    . .bakit po palaging buffering kpag mag stream ako ng movie online? kahit 480p lang buffering pa din pero sa YøùTùbé kahit 1080p diretso2 nman. .tnx
  43. Q

    Closed Alam ko na pano maging stable yung shadowsocks for movies!

    Hindi naman mahirap e eto lang gawin mo basta gumamit ka lang nang shadowsocks hindi sscap Pumunta ka nang global settings at i sundin mo lang kung ano ang nakalagay sa screenshot NOTE: hindi eto stable pag mag ddownload kase nag cocorrupt yung files. kung gusto mong mag download ng files i...
  44. S

    Watch movies online

    mga ka ts gusto niyo ba ng movie site na walang annoying site at laging updated ang mga movies? bagong gawa palang yung website kaya if may gusto kayo, request lang visit niyo nalang yung link: *UPDATE* Eloise (2017) Dunkirk (2017) Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Once Upon a...
  45. L

    Closed Ehi

    Pahingi po ng ehi pang stream sa movie hd.. thanks po and Godbless you all :)
  46. R

    Closed July 6, 2017 (open ssh) ehi good for mobile legends, downloading and s†rêâmïng...

    NEW UPDATE (JULY 19, 2017 9:30pm) For mobile legends with (OpenSSH) --> NEW UPDATE (JULY 15, 2017 10:00am) For mobile legends (OpenSSH) -->...
  47. M

    Closed s†rêâmïng bug

    Guys, sino nakapagtry ng SCHOOL + YøùTùbé. Zero mb n YøùTùbé pro ok pa rin. Paki delete na lang kung may post na nito. Just sharing.
  48. B

    Closed Tv5 livestream pasok!!

  49. H

    Closed Mga master off topic saglit.

    ask ko lang po kung gaano kalaki yung nakakain na data kapag nag oonline radio surfing sa laptop gamit ang http injector for pc? ill wait for answers on those who are willing hehehe :)
  50. E

    Closed Globe's fup

    Yung 800mb ba na fup ni Globe ma-uubos agad kung palaging magstitream lang nang movies? Thank you sa sagot. :)