Fixed income refers to any type of investment under which the borrower or issuer is obliged to make payments of a fixed amount on a fixed schedule. For example, the borrower may have to pay interest at a fixed rate once a year and repay the principal amount on maturity. Fixed-income securities — more commonly known as bonds — can be contrasted with equity securities – often referred to as stocks and shares – that create no obligation to pay dividends or any other form of income. Bonds carry a level of legal protections for investors that equity securities do not — in the event of a bankruptcy, bond holders would be repaid after liquidation of assets, whereas shareholders with stock often receive nothing.
For a company to grow its business, it often must raise money – for example, to finance an acquisition; buy equipment or land, or invest in new product development. The terms on which investors will finance the company will depend on the risk profile of the company. The company can give up equity by issuing stock or can promise to pay regular interest and repay the principal on the loan (bonds or bank loans). Fixed-income securities also trade differently than equities. Whereas equities, such as common stock, trade on exchanges or other established trading venues, many fixed-income securities trade over-the-counter on a principal basis.The term "fixed" in "fixed income" refers to both the schedule of obligatory payments and the amount. "Fixed income securities" can be distinguished from inflation-indexed bonds, variable-interest rate notes, and the like. If an issuer misses a payment on fixed income security, the issuer is in default, and depending on the relevant law and the structure of the security, the payees may be able to force the issuer into bankruptcy. In contrast, if a company misses a quarterly dividend to stock (non-fixed-income) shareholders, there is no violation of any payment covenant and no default.
The term "fixed income" is also applied to a person's income that does not vary materially over time. This can include income derived from fixed-income investments such as bonds and preferred stocks or pensions that guarantee a fixed income. When pensioners or retirees are dependent on their pension as their dominant source of income, the term "fixed income" can also imply that they have relatively limited discretionary income or have little financial freedom to make large or discretionary expenditures.

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  1. R

    Android App YóuTube Premíum ReVanced (v19.11.39) [RVX Extended] | No Buffering | Fixed Playback Issue | Final Stable

    YøùTùbé ρrémíùm ReVanced [RVX Extended] Final Stable 🆚 ├ Version: 19.11.39 Build 1545076160 💾 ├ File Size: 84.76 MB 📲 ├ Android: 8.0 and Up 🅿️ ├ Official Site Link 🖥️ ├ CPU's: arm64-v8a 🔬 ├ MicroG: v0. Universal 🛡️ ├ Protection: No Protection 🇬🇧 ├ Language: Multi-Language ⚡ ├...
  2. B

    Tutorial YøùTùbé rémíùm Tricks #2 Fixed

    YøùTùbé ρrémíùm Apk Version (19.11.38) Final :ACTINUP: Mod Features: ρrémíùm Unlocked All Ads Removed/Patched Sponsor Ads Disabled Banner Ads Removed Ads Layout Visibility Disabled All Debug Info Removed All Devices Supported :02Hype: Must Install MicroG To Run YøùTùbé ρrémíùm Hidden content
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    Android App AI ARTA: Art & Photo Generator v2.18.4 [Pro] [Mod] [Fixed]

    Requirements: 10 and up Overview: Meet AI Arta—your personal AI-powered art studio designed to turn your ideas into breathtaking works of art. Discover a world of limitless creativity and explore its boundless possibilities Image Image Want to create artwork without a hassle? Meet AI Arta—your...
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    Android App [JAN. 25, 2024] New Account for Netflix Premíum - Loading Error Fixed

    Loading Error of NETFLIX PREMÍUM have been Fixed... Please Uninstall Old mod and Install this or Install it then Clear App Data... Hidden content
  5. R

    Android App [Proof] Netflix Premíum working Perfectly Netflix Premíum (V1 & 2) works fine but I can't promise it will be stable due to the amount of users, Hidden content
  6. F

    Android App FLIX VISION v2.4.0r [Adaptive AIO Dual Mods] [Fixed] Adapt to All Devices

    Requirements: Limited 5.0+ Overview: Watch Movies, TV Shows, Live TV and Anime for free on any Android device, Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, etc All mods A13 tested Cloned/removed crap Ads patched/disabled Ad permissions disabled Screenshots added/tested Foreground services...
  7. N

    Help Block issue (Fixed na ba?)

    completed na daw pero di padin namn blocked 🤔 pero nakapag text call sya tsaka load hnd sya fail to recharge sa tingin nyo napatch na kaya or fixed na? nag try din ako ilang sim card ang tagal na di kagaya ng ilang minuto palang blocked na.. 🤔
  8. C

    Referral Blidz Spin Fixed na!

    FIXED na po yung spin kaso lang ganito na naman ang problema!
  9. K

    POS by EG3 Complete Sales invoicing, Inventory and Sales report. (Bug fixed)- Updated Sept. 30, 2023 New features added.

    Hello po mga PH ... Share ko lng po itong apps na to....... Complete na po ito. Ideal for mini-grocery, convinience store at hardware, pwede rin siguro for pharmacy na maraming SKUs. Features: User friendly at madaling intindihin. Compatible for Windows and Mac OS. Modifiable sales invoice...
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    One Piece Live Action 2023 - Zorro Scene (FIXED)

    Oh.. na-fix na po yung espada ni Zorro. Hidden content
  11. B


    1. Magrehistro mula sa link sa ibaba 2. Mag-scroll pababa sa page hanggang sa makakita ka ng FREE FOREVER PLAN (Cloud Free) 3. Mag-click sa Buuin ang Iyong Site na FREE 4. Mag-sign-Up gamit ang iyong EMAIL 5. I-verify ang iyong account mula sa iyong EMAIL INBOX 6. Ngayon mula sa iyong...
  12. T

    FS TH15 5k fixed po

  13. K

    Help [FS] TH14 4K FIXED

    Rs: pang bili ng rockingchair :ROFLMAO:
  14. G

    AI ARTA: Art & Photo Generator v2.18.4 [Pro] [Mod] [Fixed]

    Playstore Link: AI ARTA: Art & Photo Generator - Apps on Google Play Requirements: 10 and up Overview: Meet AI Arta—your personal AI-powered art studio designed to turn your ideas into breathtaking works of art. Discover a world of limitless creativity and explore its boundless possibilities...
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    Android App Imagine : AI Art Generator v2.9.3 [Pro] [Fixed]

    Special Features • Unlocked PRO • Not AOSP (Gspace won't work either) (The program cannot be unlinked from GMS) • Disabled Genie promotion, onboarding • Removed unnecessary files • Disabled ads - Disabled analytics (Crashlitycs, firebase, facebook) - Architecture : Universal If you get a...
  16. L

    Imagine : AI Art Generator v2.9.1 [Pro] [Fixed]

    Mod Features •Unlocked PRO •AOSP •Disabled (Genie promotion, onboarding) •Removed unnecessary files •Only ARMv7 •Disabled ads •Compressed graphics (mdpi) -Disabled analytics (Crashlitycs, firebase, facebook) Be patient with mod when using it Thanks to CXVUSER Hidden content Try using random...
  17. P

    Bug Fixed!!

    Kala ko ako lang😭 Kinabahan ako bat bumaba trophy points ko. Balik estab pa Buti na fix agad.
  18. O

    Android App CapCut - Video Editor v8.7.0 (Pro) (Fixed)

    CapCut is the official free Video Editor and Video Maker with Music for TikTok that is versatile and easy-to-use. What's New in v8.7.0 (Pro) (Fixed) "We've introduced and upgraded some features to help you make even more amazing videos 1. Performance and user experience optimizations" —...
  19. A

    Elon Musk's Starlink outshines all fixed broadband providers in the Philippines Ookla

    When news of Starlink’s arrival in the Philippines first broke out, many were skeptical about its performance in a country notorious for its slow and unreliable internet connection. However, Ookla’s latest Speedtest Intelligence data showed that billionaire Elon Musk’s Starlink, which utilizes...
  20. Z

    Android App YøùTùbé Vanced-17.03.38 Fixed!! (CLOSED)

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀YøùTùbé Vanced⠀ Sa mga napilitan lumipat sa YøùTùbé ReVanced at gusto parin yung dating YøùTùbé Vanced, well na fixed ko na sya!!! Vanced micro G still working parin sa version na'to kaya pede nyo parin magamit yung google account nyo. Before:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀...
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    Android App Skyline v64

    Edge v64 Hidden content
  22. Y

    YøùTùbé Revanced fixed na ba?

    Fixed na ba yung buffering na bug po sa latest versions?
  23. T

    Help How to fixed Ip hunt or tricks na lang mga lods

    Pangasinan area ,ilang beses na nagiiphunt Wala pa din any tricks pano mapagana si iphunt.
  24. M

    Help Is there a free net on sun fixed load 300??

    is there a free net on sun fixed load 300?? (testing bot)
  25. G

    Command and Conquer - Red Alert 2 Yuris Revenge - Fixed Windows 7/10

    Para sa mga nakaka experience ng issue like Freeze/Black screen Just extract and Install then Play Download link: RA2 Fixed
  26. R

    Android App Cinema HD v2.5.0 [Beta] [Legit] [Mod Fixed]

    Watch the latest movies and tv shows. Cinema HD is an online media file search engine & browser It acts as a client-side web crawler to crawl & scrape hyperlinks that are already available on the interenet for you. This app is for educational purposes & personal use only. Media files &...
  27. E

    S·T·S Fixed mobile network

    bakit madalas block yung sim sa tnt po ngaun.ano ba talaga ang dahilan kung ba't ganun nangyari
  28. H

    S·T·S Feb 11 Alipay fixed

    Hidden content
  29. M

    G·TM Marites VPN PH FIXED Servers Repost

    Hidden content Ni repost ko lang kasi yung last post ko po dito ay may bug po pala yun sa OpenVPN but now already fixed na po.
  30. J


    kunin nyona mura nalang add me on fb: andrei sunga
  31. J

    S·T·S OneShield Pro Is back cloudfront server fixed

  32. C

    G·TM FIXED | ovpn 30 days

    Hidden content
  33. N

    Device lock problem fixed

    Good news para sa mga nakalock ang account sa ML dahil sa device lock, open nyo na.
  34. K

    For Sale ML account 500 nalang fixed

    First owner clean bind Pm for more details
  35. C

    S·T·S Slow DNS (FIXED)

    Slow DNS (FIXED) Note: ✅ ✈️ mode on/off before mag connect ✅ Do NOT use your contact-sim Recommended settings: Auto Ping ✅ Force TLS v1.2✅ DNS ❌
  36. S

    Looking For Paypal To Gcash ( 5% Less Fixed )

    Sa mga gusto po makipag-trade comment lang po kayo. Just see to it po na, 1. Ang amount ay converted to PHP na. 2. Go to Send and Request ➡️ Send ➡️ Send payment to ➡️ ➡️ Enter amount ➡️ What's this payment for? ( pakilagay nalang po dito ang GCASH info kung saan...
  37. D

    DITO Third telco DITO eyes rollout of broadband services in early 2022

    Third telco DITO eyes rollout of broadband services in early 2022 MANILA - Third telco DITO Telecommunity is eyeing to rollout broadband internet services in early 2022, an official of its parent DITO CME Holdings Corp (DCME) said. DITO commercially began its operations in March this year...
  38. P


    Sa nakaka-experience ng no browse, try this trouble shooting method. First Method - Kapag no browse ka. close mo yung vpn mo, remove from recent tab. then open mo ulit yung app, Click connect. Second Method - No browse parin? Change your primary and secondary dns. Set: Primary DNS:
  39. O

    sks [ PART 2 ] | CLOSED ⚠️ link of part 3 lang nandito

    Abang sa part 3 😉 PART 3 ETO NA
  40. S

    G·TM Fixed For 200 Connection In No Load

    Procedure For Stable Your Globe Internet No Load 1. Download Po Muna Ng QuickShortcutMaker No Need Dial 2. Developer Option Kailangan Po Nakaon 3. Pagkatapos Nyu Ion Yung Developer Pindutin Nyu Naman Yung QuickShortcutMaker At Hanapin Ang...
  41. X


    since hindi ako madamot sa kaalaman i-shishare ko na din ito sa inyo para tayong lahat ay happy, and also wag umasa na ito ay detailed dahil hindi na maganda kung lagi nalang kayo i-spospoon feed working ito sa may load, no load and naka wifi note: kayo na bahalang mag search sa google sa code...
  42. L

    Closed paano ba i unblock yung sun fixed plan 300?

    Na block kasi ako e di ko alam kung paano i unblock
  43. I

    Closed 30 days Sun Fixed Plan ehi Indonesia Server

    Hello guys. Makapagshare muna sa mga Sun PostPaid Users kagaya ko. 30 Days open RP para kung bumagal pwede palitan. Open for leechers. Please feedback para alam natin kung may problema. Like and Thank you lang masaya na ako. Salamat!
  44. B

    Closed Sun Vpn for fixed plan just for U😙

    For sun with fixed plan Working sakn 😉 kau na bahala jst sharing this one for u. This config: expiry date is set (merong 3 or 7 days lng at 30 days) not for rooted device. playstore HI installed version only (not sure if pwde dn sa custom compiled HI or non-HI) To make it short, try nu lng...
  45. M

    Closed Fixed. dota 6.8 ai

    "The map file is too big. Please choose a different map" 100% working Tutorial: https://m.YøùTùbé.com/watch?v=OIfToU6etVI
  46. I

    Closed Vivo y53 injector app forced close fixed

    Para sa mga katulad kong vivo y53 yung phone na nagsusuffer sa paglalabas bigla ng injector app may solusyon na tayo para jan. 1st step : Punta ka sa settings> battery > higbacground power consumption and then i ON mo yung injector At yun solved na ang problem !
  47. F

    Closed Softfixer script :3

    The title says it all :3 Hope it will fix your problems -------------------------------------------- \/---------------------------------------------- > < --------------------------------------------...