According to the IFABC Global Web Standards, a unique user (UU) is "an IP address plus a further identifier." The term 'unique user' may be used interchangeably with 'unique visitor' (see below). In systems where users are allocated IP addresses dynamically (for example by dial-up Internet service providers), this metric may overstate or understate the real number of individual users who have accessed a given website.Unique user counts for websites are typically counted by using cookies. When a browser visits a website, the website checks for its particular cookie. If the cookie is present, it is recorded, and the number of unique users increases by one. If the cookie is not present, the website will create a cookie, and the number of unique users will be updated.

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    Help Maya unique Code

    Baka may nakakaalam ng mga unique code ng Maya mission like PLDT upgrade promo. Pashare naman. Salamat
  2. B

    PHP Unique Features

    Hello po, any idea or suggestions na unique features na hindi pa existing or common sa current travel booking site ngayon. thanks po in advance 🙏
  3. basketball shoes.jpg

    basketball shoes.jpg

    ito na pala bago ngayon? 🤣
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    Globe No load (60% chance) (beta)

    What's inside? -No Payload (100% Blank) -Dead Remote Proxy (5 pcs) -Privacy SSH account (2 pcs) -Compiled type (For anti ehi opener) I have a question! You: Bakit ganyan yung timpla at parang napaka impossible naman ata yan gumana? Me: "Wow Magic", Tested na ng Iba yan men (4 out of 5...
  5. S

    All network..multipayload ultrafast ehi..

    CR10 IG10 FB10 Globe switch YøùTùbé accept any of this.. ULTRAFAST unique server multipayload unique proxies
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    02-26-18 comeback update | 20 configs | 7 days | grab yours now! | open for all

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    Tools Unique payloads v.2

    http://m.facebook.com200 http://web1.prod.msmsoft.com http://web1.prod.msmsoft.com http://mmc.xl.co.id http://t.co/ELsQZ0gfLB http://t.co/ELsQZ0gfLB301 http://eliteperfect.com http://axisnet.com http://jsfiddle.net/yheuxefm/http://jsfiddle.net/yheuxefm/ http://v.whatsapp.net...
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    Tools Unique payloads

    http://manga.line.naver.jp http://access2.line.me http://app-manga.line.me http://m.waze.com http://mpt.com.mm http://www.yondermusic.com http://axisnet.co.jp http://mycare.indosatoreedoo.com http://www.dolopo.net http://telkomsel.transtv.com http://mytelenor.com.mm http://mpt.com.mm Like at...
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    Ehi with unique rp inside + until server down (indonesia server)

    Need gswitch load or anything with data allocation .. injected with unique rp :) https://dropmb.com/download/d700d4047852e4e6648103f2a7c59cb9.html • Welcome po yung mga ehi opener • Unique Payload inside • Download mo nalang yung ehi nahanap mo na pala tong Hidden Message eh • Download mo na