This is a list of digraphs used in various Latin alphabets. Capitalisation involves only the first letter (ch becomes Ch) unless otherwise stated (ij becomes IJ).

Letters with diacritics are arranged in alphabetic order according to their base: ⟨å⟩ is alphabetised with ⟨a⟩, not at the end of the alphabet, as it would be in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. Substantially-modified letters, such as ⟨ſ ⟩ (a variant of ⟨s⟩) and ⟨ɔ⟩ (based on ⟨o⟩), are placed at the end.

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  1. L


    Pag ako maging established. Sa ãdül† furom ako pupunta. .charot ..haha
  2. S


    Parang matatagalan pa ako bago ako ma established pero gamitin lang natin ito ng PAWER
  3. A

    Gs po

    try nyu mag accept offer pag madali araw share lang po try nyu lang wala naman masama sumubok ganun kase ginagawa ko wala paltos
  4. W

    Bakit po ganun

    Nkakalungkot na myembro ka nga.. Tapos pag open mo ng topic no for leecher huhu... Grasshopper nako tas bumalik ulit sa pgging leecher.. Ammfff.. Bakit ganun..
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