A dongle is a small piece of computer hardware that connects to a port on another device to provide it with additional functionality, or enable a pass-through to such a device that adds functionality.In computing, the term was initially synonymous with software protection dongles—a form of hardware digital rights management where a piece of software will only operate if a specified dongle—which typically contains a license key or some other cryptographic protection mechanism—is plugged into the computer while it is running.
The term has since been applied to other forms of devices with a similar form factor, such as:

adapters that convert ports to handle different types of connectors (such as DVI to VGA for displays, USB to serial connection, and in modern computing, USB-C to other types of ports, and Mobile High-Definition Link),
USB wireless adapters for standards such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
USB flash drives (more commonly described as "USB stick" or "USB key")
small form-factor digital media players that plug into HDMI ports (most commonly described as a "media player dongle" or "media player stick")

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    Zxw dongle *****

    Sana may mag upload po zxw donggle ***** para SA mga cellphone technician
  2. T

    Help Sino po meron ng Donglify or FlexiHub na software?

    Yung USB dongle network share na software... Para syang USB Network Gate... Or if may alam kayong alternative?
  3. P

    Help USB Bluetooth Dongle

    Gagana po ba ito sa sa win 10? sa cdr king kasi puro pang win 7 lang
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    sorry if newbie question: do the quality of the dongle affect the internet speed?

    balak ko bumili ng wifi dongle or wifi repeater basta yung di na need ng LAN cable .. ask lang if nasa brand or quality ng dongle yung speed ng internet ? or if lets say 10 mbps ang internet speed ko .. .does it reflect sa wifi dongle ko ? pls respect post need ko bumili ng bago e
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    Tools Pc wifi dongle/ wifi adapter

    Sino na ang naka pag try na gumamit ng USB wifi receiver / dongle / adapter or what you call it. Ok ba siya? Matagal bang masira? Then mabilis ba siya sumagap ng wifi? and Wifi Data?
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    Closed Pahelp sa hpi for pc

    bat d po ako makaconnect. . Connected nmn po ang ssh account. . na rin po ip address ko. . 3G modem usb po gamit ko sa pc. . Globe din po gamit ko na sim Salamat po sa mga sasagot!
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    Closed Chinese miracle 2 problem

    Hi sa mga technician dyan. Lalo na sa mga tig repair ng ROMs sa phones, Pa help po sana ako dito sa CM2 (Chinese Miracle 2) SPD - Pag open ko kasi sa software may lumalabas na Administrator tapos i YES ko yung request, pero nagloading lang yung arrow tapos di talaga ma open yung app. Need ko ng...
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    Tutorial Free To Unlock Huawei E359 Modem

    Free To Unlock Huawei E359 Modem Step by step guide to unlock Huawei E359 Modem Dongle: Download Huawei E359 Modem Dongle software from the download link which is provided at the end of the article. Now disconnect the internet and change the default sim with another network provider...
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    Closed Pa help po sa pag unlock ng Huawei E357 please....

    Mga ka PHC, pa help naman po sa pag unlock ng E357s-2 na dongle... Ang hirap po mag hanap ng new algo unlock code eh... :( :) Please???:) :(