In simple terms, risk is the possibility of something bad happening. Risk involves uncertainty about the effects/implications of an activity with respect to something that humans value (such as health, well-being, wealth, property or the environment), often focusing on negative, undesirable consequences. Many different definitions have been proposed. The international standard definition of risk for common understanding in different applications is “effect of uncertainty on objectives”.The understanding of risk, the methods of assessment and management, the descriptions of risk and even the definitions of risk differ in different practice areas (business, economics, environment, finance, information technology, health, insurance, safety, security etc). This article provides links to more detailed articles on these areas. The international standard for risk management, ISO 31000, provides principles and generic guidelines on managing risks faced by organizations.

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    Trivia Covid Vaccines Linked To Small Increase In Heart And Brain Disorders, Study Finds-But Risk From Infection Is Far Higher

    TOPLINE Covid vaccines from companies like Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca were linked to rare occurrences of heart, brain and blood disorders, a recent peer-reviewed study found, though experts say the risks of developing Covid-19 greatly outweigh the risks of getting vaccinated. healthcare...
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    Help HELP - HIRAC Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Control

    Help po mga ka PH sa mga SAFETY OFFICER po natin dyan. baka po meron kayo format ng HIRAC excel file yung automatic na may assessment pag nag lagay ka ng risk at control? Thank you. or mga sample format na naka excel file. TIA
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    Crypto Sino nag risk dito kay memecoin

    Guys ask lang kung papaldo ba dito kay memecoin and maraminrin ba nag risk dito? Kasi 6hrs nalang
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    Course [UDEMY] - Master Course in Operational Risk Management (ORM)

    Grab na guys habang available pa. just please hit react button for more sharing. Hidden content Take note that this is limited time only pa feed back if okay pa yung link thanks! 😁
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    Course UDEMY -Master Course in CompTIA Cloud+ (101 level) (Active link) 12/15/2023

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    Course UDEMY -CGRC 101 : Certified in Governance, Risk and Compliance(Active link) 12/15/2023

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    Android Question about Mod /*****ed App Risk

    Hi po mga idol, may Tanong lang po ako, may Nakita po akong mod or *****ed na shopping Application at sa app may automatic na discount at free shipping at mga vouchers. Takot lng akong mag check out kasi Walang COD either card or PayPal gamit. Risky po ba Itong gamitin? specially Ang...
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    Help Binance Referral Rejected (Help)

    Good pm. Pa help po mga lods. Bakit po Rejected or Risk Failed daw po ung 2 Kong invites sa Binance. Naka verified na naman po Sila. Tapos gnmit ko lng din ung invitation code ko. Paano po ito I fix? Salamat po.
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    Referral Free15$ rekta gkash

    Hidden content For updates see latest comments thz.... Note: bawal na dummy guys Ingat baka ma ban/freeze acc nyu
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    Trivia Risk in LDR?

    Ano kaya mga risk ng LDR?
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    Fiction The Flight Risk by Macon Leigh

    Things are going great for Baylee Lawrence. Her writing has won awards, been adapted into an outrageously successful movie, and she’s just achieved her childhood dream of selling out a storytelling show at the Ryman. It’s incredible. Her life is perfect—a series of grand adventures. She has no...
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    Referral AmericanRices For Risk Taker Only

    AMERICAN RICES - For Risk Taker Only Started July 31 (10:30am) kaya wala pang kaba!😏 1mo.-3months pag sinwerte! Same sa Leefire, dragonfly. . etc. kaya maswerte tayo nakauna. Register Using my referral link Member Registration Again for risktaker only! •FREE 10₱ •Minimum invest 300₱...
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    Referral Reeves - New Investment site - Free 20 - Hop in if u are risk taker!

    REEVES PS: Daily makukuha yung income, hindi naka lock-in Reeves Most Trusted Investment Platform 🏷️ Free 20₱ 🏷️ Minimum deposit 150₱ 🏷️ Minimum wí†hdráwal 100₱ ☀️COMPLAIN☀️ invest 150 =25 daily Invest 300 = 45 daily Invest 500 = 75 daily Invest 1,000 = 125 daily...
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    Referral Legit site mocafarm! Free 30 for new user!! Only to those who want to invest and take a risk!

    WILLING TO INVEST KABA? minimum invest is 50, in 5 days yung 50 mo is magiging 100 plus 30 sa new user pero if wala kapang pera register ka nalang muna sa link ko minimum wí†hdráw naman is 70 above!! you can wí†hdráw on mon-friday at 2pm to 6pm!! Moca Farm - Mocafarm Dairy Inc super legit to...
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    KAHAPON LNG TO NI RELEASE GUYS KAYA BILIS NA PRA PUMALDO NG MALAKIHAN!👌☺️ Sa mga naka invest kay hanwha nuon ARAT NA!!! Iniba lang yung design pero yung mga investment nila gaya lang kay hanwha. Bilis mga boss bago lng to ni release! Kanina pato mga lodi kaya bilis na! Tumagal ng one month...
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    Crypto Kapatid ni HANWHA investment!! BILIS NA MGA LODI!(Sa mga risk taker lang)

    Sa mga naka invest kay hanwha nuon ARAT NA!!! Iniba lang yung design pero yung mga investment nila gaya lang kay hanwha. Bilis mga boss bago lng to ni release! Kanina pato mga lodi kaya bilis na! Tumagal ng one month Yung hanwha guys kaya bilisan nyo na! Ito po link: SIGNIN
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    Hello po, Baka pwede po pa help sa ideas about capstone namin po and yung research agenda is Agricultural or Risk Disaster. From scratch po kami, and looking rin ako ng gagawa ng whole capstone project namin. Student price sana.
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    Tutorial Learn Risk Management and Risk Assessment 2023 Course

    Learn Risk Management and Risk Assessment 2023 Course Size: 1.97GB Risk Introduction, Risk Assessment, Risk Identification, Risk Impact Analysis, Operational Risk Management. Introduction to Advance Project Management and Its Classification. Introduction to Risk Management and Risk Monitoring...
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    Referral New investment platforms (Multiple) For risk takers only, pasok

    Good day PHC Haven’t posted updates for a while (Work scheds) about the previous platforms and fortunately, CCO or IMFmedia is still the one kicking in. Anyway, will drop some investment platforms that you guys might check. They’re new ones as well and been using it for days. Invest wisely...
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    Referral Multiple investment platforms Month of may( For risk takers only)

    Good day PHC Update: Added 1 new platform today in this list. There has been a lot of platforms lately na nareleased and me myself have tried them. They are paying naman but of course there are still risks upon investing in these types of platforms. I’ve got some messages ulit kase na they...
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    Crypto For risk takers only. ImfMedia, Octopus, Snf, Radiant, DFA, Hanwha. Updates for each platforms

    Good evening phc, will post another thread tonight as my previous posts looks like a mess due to constant updates, so instead of posting updates from ng previous thread, I’ll instead post it here. — This will be just for the updates of each longterm platforms that are mentioned from previous...
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    Crypto Snf, Meta, Enercon. Another platforms for month of May. (for risk takers only)

    New platforms this month of May to check. Honestly bago lang din ako sa mga platforms na to, but will share it nalang for those peeps who wanted to check it. 1. SANOFI SNF About this platform, medyo funky, they do give prices to their members like cellphones, hats, tshirts and even trophy’s...
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    Crypto Hanwha, South32, OKB, and OptionsIon investment platforms. (For risk takers only)

    Update: OptionsIon, South32 are still under observations from other investors. May mga cases kase na hindi makapag cashout, hopefully it will still go through. As for Hanwha, it is still good pa naman. Will make a new thread for other platforms. And possibly share the game I’m playing (Play to...
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    Crypto New Daily wíhdráw platform Tesla Recharge For risk takers only

    New investment platform (Tesla Recharge) Launched April 29 2023 Minimum deposit: 300 Minimum wí†hdráw: 100 MOP: Gcash No tax fees 24 hour daily income — Complan 300 - 75 daily 600 - 156 daily 1,200 - 336 daily 2,400 - 720 daily 5,000 - 1,600 daily Kindly check their website for more...
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    Crypto New Platform again, BitworldEth and SNF mining (Investment) for risk takers only!!!

    There’s a new investment plaform (Again) And its called BitWorldEth Tbh, the site looks unique and well planned, I managed to avoid sharing some new platforms such as Betamax and others because apart from their disgusting website that their devs didn’t even bothered to make the website fitting...
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    Crypto New longterm Investment DFA (Has 24k members) Try and check, for risk takers only!!

    Another long term investment, well matagal na RAW ito but fortunately Naka received ako ng invitation link for it, tried investing for some of the products and still waiting for my income. So apparently they have couple of products or “cows” to be invested on, and yung complan nila is pabago...
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    Crypto Latest investment platflorm!!! HPE kakastart lang today, for risk takers only!!!!

    To understand how these platforms work and their risks, check this link to read: First For long term investment platforms, click this thread here: Click here So bale mayroon nanaman na bago and now ko palang din ittry if sakali, its name is HPE and mukang pang madalian na ROI siya if makasabay...
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    Crypto New multiple investment platforms, for risk takers only!! Updated links.

    Please read my first thread here to learn a little bit about these investment platforms and understand the risk behind it. Here: First thread For my 2nd thread: Second thread —— Some of the investment platforms I have mentioned from my previous threads are still working and paying, the current...
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    Crypto Updated lists for new investment platforms, for risk takers only!

    You can read my previous thread about these risky investment platforms here: Click here These are some of the investment platforms, and yes all of them are risky, mapa longterm or short term man yan, it is up to you guys. Invest what you can afford to lose my guys. ————- 1. FuseLending...
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    Crypto Pasok, multiple Investment Platforms for Risk takers only!!! Not for greedy people.

    New thread, visit link here: Here Update: Pakibasa nalang hanggang baba to see the update. I have been receiving DMs here for several investment platforms na pwedeng mapasukan, although some of it hindi pa ako nakakapag invest, some are still paying naman (For now lol) Take note: I will only...
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    Referral RayTheonies new investment site, For risk takers only!

    Sincerely for risk takers only! Its up to you to join such investments or not!! New investment platform same as WHALE! ✅ RAYTHEONIS ✅ 🗓️LAUNCHED: April-17-2023 🏷️FREE 20 BY USING MY LINK FOR REGISTRATION 🏷️ MINIMUM INVEST 100₱ 🏷️ MINIMUM wí†hdráw 100₱ 🏧 GCASH ✓ No wí†hdráwal fee...
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    Crypto New investment for Risk takers only dating whaleblue, daily ang balik

    Register here: https://www.anglogold.top/?rf=31457 Group Chat FOR RISK TAKER⚠ INVEST ONLY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE⚠ REG HERE https://www.anglogold.top/?rf=31457 Pinaka bagong investment site launched last April 2, 2023. Website only no apps. Walang gagawin walang laro, wait ka lang...
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    Crypto Investment risk takers

    @everyone Calling all risk taker only.. 📌📌📌BAGONG BAGO GUYS KAKALABAS LANG ‼️ Kaya Pasok n agad s mga risk taker Jan. Para pumaldo ✅CHATGPT✅ 🎁 ChatGPT - New Earning App 🔥 Launch Date: 11/04/2023 😎 First Referral Bonus: ₱60 🥳 Daily Checkin ₱5 + Free income ₱5.04 🥰 Invest ₱300: ₱35.28 Daily...
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    Help Risk in mitigating milestone

    What are the risk in teaching kids as students in a community?
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    iOS Update risk

    Nakabili ako iphone sa greenhills tapos sabi delikado daw mag update kasi may chance na masisira o mabubug yung phone, update at your own risk daw po sabi. Bawal po ba talaga mag update o may safe way para iwas sira o bugs sa iphone?
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    Referral New Investment Platform Meraton (For Risk Taker Only) 3days ROI na (March 25, 2023)

    MERATON 📢LAUNCH MARCH 25-2023 ✅FREE 20 ✅Minimum Investment 200 ✅Minimum wí†hdráw 100 ✅Gcash Wallet ✅wí†hdráw Fees 0% ✅wí†hdráw 24/7 ⚠️COMMISION RATE⚠️ LEVEL1. 30% LEVEL2. 2% LEVEL3. 1% 🛠REGISTER HERE🛠 login login 🎚TELEGRAM GROUP 🎚 MERATON GROUP MERATON GROUP 20%...
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    Help Hazard Risk Assessment for Gear Pump

    Hazard Risk Assessment for Gear Pump
  38. B

    Help Hazard Risk Assessment for Centrifugal Pump

    Hazard Risk Assessment for Centrifugal Pump
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    Bivalent vaccine ng Pfizer, nakitaan ng posibleng risk link sa stroke sa U.S.

    Nakakita ang U.S. health authorities ng posibleng koneksyon sa stroke ng bivalent #COVID19 vaccines na gawa ng Pfizer at partner nitong BioNTech. Nakapanayam ng #News5 si infectious disease expert Dr. Rontgene Solante kaugnay dito.
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    Popular Korean fried chicken chain debuts in PH

    South Korean fried chicken chain ‘BB.Q’, which has more than 3,500 branches in 57 countries, opened its first store in the Philippines under a partnership between parent firm Genesis BB.Q and LCS Group of former Ilocos Sur governor Chavit Singson. The 138-seat restaurant was launched on Friday...
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    To All saga users your information is at risk (Scam lol)

    SAGA is A SCAM Hello to all PHC users who used or using the application of saga your info is at risk in the worst case your gcash account is at risk too Someone reveals the true venom of saga by forensics and reverse engineering of their application. The application is a RAT or remote access...
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    'Mandatory SIM card registration puts privacy at risk, might not curb crime'

    "Experiences from other developing countries and the European Union show that SIM card registration may pose more risks than benefits to citizens," Mirandilla-Santos who spoke on behalf of Secure Connections, a cybersecurity initiative of The Asia Foundation, told Philstar.com "There is no...
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    Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo: COVID-19 mRNA vaccines showed an increased risk of cardiac-related death among men 18-39

    Florida Department of Health sent this bulletin at 10/07/2022 State Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo Issues New mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, State Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo has announced new guidance regarding mRNA vaccines. The Florida Department of...
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    Manipulative or Natural caused? | Artificial Genome | Biochemical Attacks | Artificial Intelligence ! The Risk

    Manipulative or Natural caused? | Artificial Genome | Biochemical Attacks | Artificial Intelligence ! The Risk The caused of diseases is not always transmitted from human or livestock but also from contaminated area and air/pollution/biohazard. So I think my own observation for this global...