A registered nurse (RN) is a nurse who has graduated from a nursing program and met the requirements outlined by a country, state, province or similar government-authorized licensing body to obtain a nursing license. An RN's scope of practice is determined by legislation, and is regulated by a professional body or council.
Registered nurses are employed in a wide variety of professional settings, and often specialize in a field of practice. They may be responsible for supervising care delivered by other healthcare workers, including student nurses, licensed practical nurses (except in Canada), unlicensed assistive personnel, and less-experienced RNs.
Registered nurses must usually meet a minimum practice hours requirement and undertake continuing education to maintain their license. Furthermore, there is often a requirement that an RN remain free from serious criminal convictions.

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    DITO Dito registered

    DITO REGISTERED Pwede nang makita kung registered na sim niyo, need nyo lang i update si Dito app .
  2. H

    Referral Free trial 200 automatic pagka registered

    Free trial 200 . Lucky888 Lobby . bago lang 2 ..habol na kayo habang may free pa .. Pagka sign.up automatic na 20x turn.over xa free 200 trial then pag na unlock na trial need 1x turn.over nlang para ma wí†hdráw .. Punta kayu sa profile and then game data para malaman nio if na reach nio na...
  3. R


    kapag ba registered na ang sim, hindi na ba yan magde-deactivate?(kahit hindi na naloadan, for backup purposes only) if ever ma-deactivate, maa-activate pa po ba?
  4. C


    SAFE ba gamitin sa NOLOAD ang REGISTERED SIM mga loads
  5. P

    Kamusta mga simcard na registered na ginagamit niyo parin sa nolaod?

    Musta mga sims niyo na registered mga paps na ginagamit niyo parin sa noload...? Balak ko na din sana mag reg eh para magamit sa noload tong sim ko.Laking tulong kasi ng freenet
  6. L

    Registered sim

    Survey lang mga lods sa mga naka register na diyan goods lang ba kahit sa heavy user?
  7. E

    Mga lods pwede paba mag VPN kahit registered sim na? May consequence ba?

    Ano mangyayari if I use VPN why having registered sim card?? Salamat sa insight in advance mga lodicakes
  8. F

    Help After sim registration

    May nakaranas na po ba dito na after maregister ang sim hindi macontact ang number kahit may signal? Btw smart sim user ako.
  9. I

    Help Pano magpalit ng registered gcash number

    Pano ba magpalit ng registered gcash number mga lods na block kasi sim ko
  10. L

    Registered sim, meron ba gumagamit ng vpn na reg na?

    Guys ok lng ba gamitin natin ang registered sa vpn gaya ng ovpn, http custom etc.?
  11. R

    Help Registered sim+Unli data/Tiktok bypass???

    Safe po ba gumamit ng vpn for bypass kahit registered sim??? O mayayari po ako??
  12. I

    Help Sim Registered, pwede gamitan ng VPN?

    Mga lods tanung lang, kunwari nag registered nako sa Sim Registration. Pwede ko ba un gamitan ng VPN? Nd kaya yun ma Blocked Sim card ko? Sayang kasi kapag ganun
  13. I

    Help Registered sim

    Ok lang poba na gamitin sa vpn yung registered na sim? Hindi ba sya madedetect?
  14. P

    Registered sim habang gumagamit ng NoLoad?

    Sa mga may registered sim napo dyan. Ginagamit niyo pa rin ba sa noload yung sim nyo na registered na?
  15. P

    Help Deleted

  16. G

    Smart TNT Sun IMPERVA prepaid Sim ( Registered Sim ) tiLa wala nang Blocking

    close kona hehe
  17. S

    Help Sim registered

    n block po ako reg sim
  18. P

    Help VPN sa Registered Sim

    Good pm mga boss, may nakapag try na po ba mag VPN na naka reg na ang sim?..mag tatry sana kaso natatakot ako..
  19. L

    Help How to know if your sim is already registered?

    hey y'all. is there a way for me to check if my sim is already registered? processed it a week ago and already got my freebie from smart but no sms yet about it being successful.
  20. C

    Help Pano malalaman registered na yung sim?

    Reference number lang ba o may mag send na smart/tnt confirmation na registered na yung sim paps? Tenk u
  21. B

    May Paraan ba paano macheck kung registered na yung Sim?

    May Paraan ba paano macheck kung successfully registered na yung Sim/number? Maliban sa SMS ng telco
  22. S

    Registered Sim can we still use Vpn/Freenet?? Forum

    Sa mga nakaregistered na po ng sim kamusta nagagamit nyo parin po ba sa freenet vpn? Safe parin ba??? Sana maklaro na issue nato once and for all mga kapatid sa phc...👍
  23. L

    Trivia Sim Registration Updates

    Partial and unofficial result as of (December 29, 2022) ccto
  24. T

    Help No Load sa Registered SIM

    Curious lang mga lods, madedetect ba ang data usage natin (sa no load) ng mga telcos if hindi naman tayo naka subscribed sa ano mang internet promo nila? 🤔
  25. T

    Help About registered Sim?

    Okay pa ba gamitan ng vpn yung sim mo na naregister na ?
  26. G

    Help Giga promos on registered sim

    puede po bang gmitan ng vpn yung giga promos kapag nairegister na ung sim?
  27. P

    Smart TNT Sun Registered na SIM ko

    1 day process lang pala kala ko matagal pa nag register ako kaninang 7 ngayon naka tanggap ako ng text na registered na ako🥰 kayo ba mga paps?
  28. F

    Smart TNT Sun 2 TNT Sims kada registered pwede?

    Kahit sa SIM Registration pwede na raw walang limit na 2 SIMS per registered mga bigote!
  29. S

    Help Thoughts about using no load on registered SIMS

  30. C

    Help Registered Sim card

    Ano po ang mangyayare sa mga naka vpn kapag na registered sim at activated na?
  31. K

    Help I want to know how to know or get the name of the registered user of this gcash number 09532465577

    I want to know how to know or get the name of the registered user of this gcash number 09532465577
  32. A

    Cheapest Web and VPS Hosting [50% OFF]!

    The one thing the Azra Website Hosting Services is proud of is we OWN our SERVER, and we can offer UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH. Why choose Azra Hosting? Always improving our services based on customers feedback We own all our hardware and equipment 24/7 on-site support 99.99% network uptime...
  33. M

    Help PLDT R051 at registered sa unli 599

    Mga boss, pabulong naman ng imei niyo. Ayaw na kasi gumana sakin. Dati, okay naman. Ilang imei na nagamit ko, ayaw talaga. BAka meron sa inyo. R051 gamit ko at may unli 599 sa rocket sim. Salamat.
  34. G

    Closed Paano po mapapabilis yung connection kahit naka register ng promo?

    Thank you po ng sobra sa sasagot.
  35. S

    Closed Help sa otohits

    Hi guys tanung lang po ako. Sinu my alam sa OTOHITS. Patulong naman paano mag register ulit. Na Delete ko yung account ko, noong i try ko mag register ulit hindi na ako makapag register. Help namn poh.