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  1. B

    Help Google chrome for huawie laptop

    Baka meron po nakaka alam sa inyo pano mag install ng chrome browser sa huawie laptop? Paturo po!
  2. L

    Unlock Huawei Id (Huawei PPA-LX2)

    Hello, mga Lodi, baka po meron kayong unlocker diyan sa (Huawei PPA-LX2) na wala na kasi yung mobile number hindi na marecover. maybe you could help me. this mobile is used by sister in law and is used by my father now. thank you in advance.
  3. C

    Help Cod on huawie

    Paano po mag DL ng Cod sa huawei Nova y91? 🥲
  4. U

    Help Huawie B535 932

    May openline na ba nito? Or kahit admin access?
  5. Z

    Help Change IMEI Huawie model b315s-936

    Paano po magpalit ng imei sa Huawie model na b315s-936? Pa help po mga paps
  6. Y

    Help (4G-RSRQ Unstable)Huawie pocket wifi

    Goood day mga master! Tanong ko lang if pwedi ba to ma stable? Like 75-79 or 80 to 85 percentage, nasa 67 to 81% kasi yung actual percentage kaya di nag s-stable pag nag g-games. Any tips and advice ? Thanks.
  7. J

    Tools for huawie y9 prime frp

    Meron naba Tools for huawie y9 prime frp ? pengi naman mga LODI
  8. K

    Help openvpn sa modem huawie b315-`936

    connected po pero no browse ano po ang dapad gawin kahit mag redirect gatewsay no brows parin
  9. D

    Help Huawie 603hw pocket wifi

    Pa help nman po ma unlock nitong pocket wifi Huawei 603hw IMEI:861590030922841 Thanks
  10. Q

    Closed The BEST Time to Buy a Huawei Phone Could Be Now! // Huawei Banned

    The BEST Time to Buy a Huawei Phone Could Be Now! // Huawei Banned if you are a tech-savvy.
  11. I

    Closed Huawie secret codes

    Here are some secret codes of huawei Just dial Project menu- ##2846579## Testing-##6130## MEID, PESN, IMEI1 and IMEI2 informaton displayed-*#06# Sana makatulong mga paps!
  12. R

    Closed My openline pocket wifi problem

    Hello PHC pahelp nman ano kaya ang dapat gawin sa pocket wifi ko, di kasi maka kuha ng IP address?
  13. C

    Closed Huawie globe pocket wifi

    Here it is sorry if it is wrong thread or if it is a repost
  14. T

    Tutorial How to openline huawei f362 a.k.a homephone

    1. *1673495 tapos dial 2. para set 3. update imei number = a864992024531967 4. ###1111# *and press dial* 5. *hanapin ang nck at e-enter ito* = 4917904896193488 6. press ok 7. sim card lock press ok then select off it will off automatically now insert sim then power on your phone done...
  15. R

    Closed 936 unlock sa windows 10

    Mga kuys pano magunlock ng 936 sa windows 10? Di madetect ng laptop ang modem sa win10
  16. V

    Closed Tutorial for huawie pocket wifi open line for old model only

    How to Unlock HUAWEI POCKET wifi Ituturo k po sa inyo kng paano mag open line at idadagdag k na rin kng paano mag generate ng code tested n po ito pra lng po ito sa huawei wifi na medyo old model.... Lets start. First palitan mo ng sim ang wifi mo ung hindi pwede parang smart ung ganun etc...
  17. Z

    Closed Pa help sa pag openline sa huawie

    Pwede patulong po, kung pwedepa OPENLINE nito 863103038351066 Thnz sa tumulong :)
  18. J

    Closed Globe huawei e5220 free internet please

    patulong naman wala ako mahanap link ? please paki comment nalang po salamat. wifi po siya
  19. A

    Closed Help!! sa huawei y5ll ko :(

    Pa help nmn po may apps po ba na nakakapag palamig ng phone kasi sa tuwing nag open ako ng data at gamit ng vpn ko umiinit po kasi phone ko sana may maka tulong sa akin respect this post salamat.
  20. K

    Closed Help mga master

    paanu po ito e root HUAWEI Y541-u02
  21. W

    Closed Huawei Y-115

    Di po ko na mabuksan ang cellphone ko na huawei y-511, ang hard reset chinese naman at di rin factory deafault. ano po kaya best remedy dito. any tutorial to reformat huawei or applications. thanks
  22. J

    Closed Globe tattoo broadband e153 huawei modem permanent unlock

    UNLOCK YOUR GLOBE TATTOO E153 HUAWEI MODEM Tools needed: 1. QPST software 2. Huawei flasher 3. Huawei e153 firmware Install the QPST Software Close your Broadband Open QPST Configuration ADD NEW PORT Uncheck the Show Serial and USB/QC Diagnostic ports only HANAPIN NYO YUNG PORT NYO SA...

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