In the card game contract bridge, DONT is a conventional overcall used to interfere with an opponent's one notrump (1NT) opening bid. DONT, an acronym for Disturb Opponents' Notrump, was designed by Marty Bergen, and is therefore also referred to as "Bergen over Notrump". Although the method is often criticized for being too nebulous, it remains fairly popular. The convention was first published in the September/October 1989 issue of Bridge Today.
In DONT, the two-level overcalls of trump show a two suiter of the suit bid and an unspecified higher-ranking suit. The feature distinguishing DONT from other similar conventions such as Cappelletti is the use of the double to show length in one suit, rather than hand strength or for penalty. DONT is played mainly for interference rather than to establish a contract, so it may occasionally be used for low-strength hands.: 56 

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