The International Fortean Organization (INFO) is a network of professional Fortean researchers and writers. John Keel, author and parapsychologist, in both his writings and at his appearances at INFO's FortFest, said "the International Fortean Organization (INFO) carries on Charles Fort's name as successor to the Fortean Society." Keel, Colin Wilson and John Michell were long-time advisors to the organization.The International Fortean Organization (INFO) publishes the INFO Journal: Science and the Unknown, keeps a library of Forteana and offers research service. Science Digest, in 1978, mentions their "attempts to handle inquiries from a world-wide membership". The Skeptic's Dictionary says "The International Fortean Organization publishes INFO Journal several times a year. It features stories on such topics as anomalous astronomical phenomena, anomalies in the physical sciences, scientific hoaxes and cryptozoology." The quarterly INFO Journal grew from a 54-page publication to a 69-page publication and according to Factsheet Five, a publication dedicated to the review of periodicals, by 1993 was the longest-running Fortean publication.John Michell and Bob Rickard in their book Unexplained Phenomena said of the International Fortean Organization "INFO was founded in 1965 as the natural successor to the original Fortean Society." Colin Wilson said he wished to assure The American Spectator that Charles Fort is far from forgotten and credited the publishing efforts of the International Fortean Organization's INFO Journal.
Una McGovern in Chamber's Dictionary of the Unexplained said, "Seven years lapsed between the demise of the Fortean Society and the formation of the International Fortean Organization (INFO)...which played a vital role in encouraging a new generation of young forteans." Although the Fortean Society was never officially dissolved their aims were continued by the International Fortean Organization according to Lewis Spence in the "Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology" and encouraged by Damon Knight who credited the organization in his introduction to the Complete Works of Charles Fort published by Dover. Martin Gardner, in a chapter devoted to Fort, which according to the Sceptic Report neither scorns or damns, in Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science, notes that Fort doubted everything, even his own speculations. Gardner makes the point that Forteanism serves to remind science that no theory is above doubt, and that knowledge is provisional, it serves a 'sound and healthy' purpose.

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    Trivia Konting info lang para alam mo kung saan ka belong.

    But for me it doesn't really matter as long as you don't do inhumane and immoral things to appeal good to your "gods".
  2. R


    Mag load kayo ng regular 10 sa dito sim nyo pero wag nyo gagamitin mabibigyan kayo ng 1gb free data valid lang hanggang november 23. Claim nyo na 1gb free nyo 😊
  3. M

    Help Computer info

    pa help po, any suggestions po pc build na maganda pang photoshop. thanks po ka phc.
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    Help Looking kaya mang häçk ng Facebook Nahäçk kasi at nagpapabayad nang häçk willing to pay asakin lahat ng info na kailangan.

    Please contact nalang po ako sa Number at telegram 09056739250
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    Tutorial Phone Info collect

    Hidden content
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    Help Windows OEM / Retailer License Key info

    Ano po difference ng windows OEM at Retailer? meron po kasi ako Geniune windows License key with cd naka lagay sa loob OEM.. di ba pede ipasa sa ibang cpu un? nag try kasi ako ayaw..
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    Trivia Sim Card Reg Act Info

  8. S

    Whitelisted Sites sa speedtest

    so para sa mga di pa nakakaalam my cap na sa speed yung smart/tnt unli data 99/299 to 1.3Mbps and rocket sim unli 599 to 3.2mbps sa mga selected areas (usually heavy bandwidth consumption areas) pero mahirap alamin kung cap ka na or hindi kase yung mga popular speedtest sites is Naka...
  9. X


    So ayun, after so many trial and errors successful na din sa wakas it's already a month & half hindi parin ako na block at hindi rin ako pinadalhan ng letter ni globe. (from the month of OCTOBER & SEPTEMBER Data Usage) Ito yung mga STATUS ng Host na ginamit ko and by the way, hindi lang yung...
  10. B

    Smart TNT Sun Sun TU Payload and Info Stable

    Must be register in TU Promo sa sun Kayu nalang bahala sa ssh 😁 I recommend socskhttp Its okay walang Remote Proxy Direct SSH+Custom Payload lang ❤️ Hidden content
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    Last update for PUBG MOBILE [GLOBAL] old häçks still working, i tried different combinations of paks file, mod menu & GG Scripts, depende na lang talaga pag detected na yung antiban ng häçk na ginagamit nyo, at kung pano nyo pipigilang madetect at mapatched. Ang ginawa ko trial & error so now...
  12. Screenshot_20191111-142929.png


    math2cash shutting down. hanggang 12midnight pwede magwí†hdráw.
  13. M

    FLP is coming back!!

    baka may d pa nakakaalam na leecher kagaya ko... WORKING NA FLP na walang add.ons o patong na promo!!.. tricks: 👉👉👉 Gamitin lng po TU promo na tricks!!.. hihi SALAMAT NMN DI KO PINAPUTOL PLAN KO... HIHI....sana naman magtagal...
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    Sun Sun cellular unique host for http injector

    Bing: Bing: Bing: ThreatCrowd: ThreatCrowd: ThreatCrowd: ThreatCrowd: ThreatCrowd:
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    Opinion about upcoming LoL Mobile

    Hi guys. About sa upcoming LoL Mobile. Marami akong nakikitang comment(s) na malulugi/malalaos ang ml kung sakaling marelease, I think no. Unang-una, ang dami na ng sponsors ng ml. Like Bench, Globe, Smart, etc. Pangalawa, tournament(s). Eto pa nasa isip ko, dati ganito din nakikita kong...
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    Sun Info: Sun Blocking

    Based on my experience . 5 x ROAM OFF/ON trick will permanently blocked your sms services and sun services.
  17. G

    About Sun Blocked Sim

    kung na blocked sun sim nyo tapos may natitira pang mga araw sa promo tapos di kayo maka unblock, Set nyo lang sa 3G networl connection nyo kung 4G gamit nyo. pagtyagaan nyo nalang ok din naman ang 3G kung s†rêâmïng trip mo or gaming di din naman nagbabuf kahit pa sa mga hd **** video. at saiba...
  18. M


    totoo ba to? sorry wrong info ata
  19. J

    Trivia Gaslighting

    The term Gaslighting originates from a 1938 play by Patrick Hamilton “Gas Light” and involves manipulating someone psychologically to the extent they question their sanity. Gaslighting, is a form of psychological abuse where the perpetrator manipulates their partner, can make victims doubt...
  20. A

    SUN TU150 ayaw na mag connect ngayon

    Pag nagpa load ka ngayon ng tu150, laging error sya sa vpn, ayaw mag connect
  21. N

    Tutorial Need stable connection? Come here and read it. With more info. It's effective and legit! #ElenaDrake

    Yo, guys! The Legendary of the greatness of Glamour... ElenaDrake's back! :love: I wanna show you about my one of my deepest secret about the signal / network speed. Please. I'm sharing this topic thread because I wanted to help, but NOT to s†éál about what I know all about. I'll repeat. Pwede...
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    LIST OF 55 WEBSITES THAT YOU FIND USEFUL IN YOUR DAY TO DAY WORKS 1. This website helps you Record movies on your computer and send them straight to YøùTùbé. 2. For capturing full length screenshots of a web pages. : Shorten long URLs and convert...
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    Feedback Babala! no load (Edit : Feb. 11, 2019)

    Sorry Guys kung mukhang clickbait, pero wag kayo mag alala, di masasayang oras nyo, sana basahin nyo lahat, salamat Kayong mga nag uupload ng no load wag kayo upload ng upload kung di naman working 😅 at kayo namang mga nagcocomment puro thanks for sharing nagmumukha kayong mga bot nyan sa pinag...
  24. J

    Here is it android q

    If the usual cycle holds, it’s going to be a few months before Google is ready to share anything about Android Q. But XDA Developers apparently managed to spend some time with a very early version of Android’s next big update, and although it doesn’t offer the full view, it does provide a look...
  25. G

    Crypto Sweatcoin

    Nawala na yung 20$ ni sweatcoin. Sayang yung 15/40 invites ko.
  26. A

    Globe TM Freebrowse mga ka phc..

    As of 4:45pm Until now 12:55am freebrowse padin.. GTM.. Calabarzon area.. Share ulit.. haha :)) Biyaya ng freebrowse...
  27. D

    Archive Ban dahil sa assets at cheat/häçk

    Attention Survivors! We wanted to let everyone know that we are continuing to take the offensive on cheaters within Rules of Survival! It will not be tolerated. Beyond banning, we are further testing out new methods to prevent and identify cheaters/îllégâl gameplay before it harms your...
  28. C

    Dont trade to fb page rainbow payment & trading

    Dont trade sa Rainbow Payment & Trading FB page. bakit? nangongolekta na sila ng INFO about you at nahingi na din sila ng valid IDs. ONCE you say NO sa mga kailangan nila, bawal ka na magtrade. like isipin niyo, WHY do you need the ID? di naman sila legit business owners na nagbabayad ng...
  29. J

    Trivia Konting kaalaman lang po

    This type of anemia means that your body doesn't have enough healthy red blood cells because you're low in vitamin B12. These cells transport oxygen throughout your body. You need vitamins -- includingB12 -- to make them. Medical Definition of Vitamin B2. Vitamin B2: An essential nutrient...
  30. M

    Under observation no load for ehi for globe

    ilalapag ko mamaya observe ko muna no promo and zero balance ako pero ststus200 agad
  31. C

    Tutorial Web design vs web development

    Sa mga nalilito kung ano pinagkaiba ng web design sa web dev, check nyo to: Web Design vs Web Development: Understanding the Differences Source:
  32. J


    Common file extensions that are good to know, organized by file format. Text Files .DOC Microsoft Word Document .DOCX Microsoft Word Open XML Document .LOG Log File .MSG Outlook Mail Message .ODT OpenDocument Text Document .PAGES Pages Document .RTF Rich Text Format File .TEX LaTeX Source...
  33. J

    Trivia Are there really right-braine and left-brained people?

    — Dark Dreamer Ngayon araw ay sasagutin ko ang katanungan na matagal na ring gumugulo sa aking isipan. Ikaw ba ay Logical, precise thinker, o 'di kaya'y masasabi mong ikaw ay more free-spirited at artistic? Siguro'y may mga nakapagsabi na sa iniyo na kayo ay Left-brained person o 'di kaya'y...
  34. C

    Virtual reality vs augmented reality

    Kanina ko lang nalaman yung difference ng virtual reality at augmented reality. Mejj amazing. :D Check niyo dito, madami kayo mapupulot lalo na yung mga interested talaga sa programming at tech. The Trend of Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Gaming World May mga games o apps na ba kayo...
  35. M


    Newbie po
  36. F

    Sino naka tanggap na ng 100 rewards points sa brigada promo??

    Katitingin ko lang 100 points na rewards ko wala information na dumating kaya ang akala ko wala haha tignan din ninyo mga ka ph kung may dumating na
  37. M

    Help Skyvpn for tnt/smart

    wala na bang trick para dito? as of now di na ako maka konek nung isang araw pwede pa :( anyone?
  38. Z

    Slow dns & skyvpn info

    slowdns=no load for smart n tnt(try it) but slow connection(btw 3g lng area ko) skyvpn=connected but no browse w/surfalert version 1.5.42 (smart and tnt user) gtm user=move on na po dhil ndi na working SAO mliban nlng kung may gs or...
  39. J

    Tutorial People asking : ilan po cap ni ig,ml,fb,viber,tp,co10

    Always asking babads promo capo Answer: 200mb capping babads promo Ever seems. Into na lunch sa http injector About Kay araw I think yon ang unli And so far I know mula nong inalisan na ang promo unli ng mga telecom mb nlng sila luluge po sila Thx
  40. X

    Facebook lite modded, eto pala secret dun?

    Kaya pala nakakakita ng pictures and nakakapag play ng videos si modded Facebook Lite kahit wala kang load or promos ay dahil sa changes nito sa SOCKS Proxy using App Cloner. Correct me if im wrong. Salamat!
  41. J

    Paalam yahoo shutdown

    alam ko iba rito nakagamit na kay yahoo pero sad to say mag shshutdown na siya :(
  42. M

    May napansin lang po so siguro need ko ma share para dagdag narin sa kaalaman

    Hello po ka-phctizens eh pansin ko lng kasi sa mga new members ng phc eh nag tatanong tungkol sa pano maging established. Eh siguro po kung di po tayo nag mamadali eh have time to read po tayo kasi lahat ng ating katanungan about infos in this forum is nasa message ni sir draft. Kasi sa pag...
  43. S


    Guys? Info ko lng po sa aking nalalaman.. .Mukhang si httpinjector yata may problema hndi ung gswitch.. Ok na ok namn ung gswitch ngayon.. Respect kung may nka post na:)
  44. P

    Globe TM Wow nagtext si globe sa aking

    Dear customer, as we continue to bring you improved and advanced products and services, we also need to update our Privacy Policy. This is in compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (R.A. 10173) as well. We encourage you to review our updated Privacy Policy at...
  45. K

    Globe Globe notice

    Look mga ka phc ... mukhang matendi na talaga si globo ngayon :(
  46. K

    Globe Gs info

    base sa sarili kong observation. Yung problema sa mga Google Based na mga Payload totoo tlga... then yung case naman sa Gs ang malaking problema ... Even na ang i accept mo ay 20mb or above .. in less than 5 mins wala na agad (ps: nakatambay lang ako dito sa phc pero kung maubos para akong nag...
  47. K

    Globe TM Alternative ehi to google based ehi

    Try this Ehi everyone ... open for wifi and mobile *Block Rooted
  48. A


    ilan po ba data usage ng old sim nyo bago na block and naka 3g or 4g po ba kayo?
  49. D

    Does days with wings

    Hello my Name Is Scarlet Ehi maker 18 Years Old
  50. R

    Globe Hunt nyu tung ip nato

    hunt nyu tung ip nato ang bilis khit umaga. info lng kc npaka bagal ng globe dito samin hindi p stable yang signal na yan minsan nwawala pa. uploading pko taka ngdodownload nyan