Cisco Systems, Inc., commonly known as Cisco, is an American-based multinational technology conglomerate corporation headquartered in San Jose, California. Cisco develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products. Cisco specializes in specific tech markets, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), domain security, videoconferencing, and energy management with leading products including Webex, OpenDNS, Jabber, Duo Security, and Jasper. Cisco is one of the largest technology companies in the world ranking 74 on the Fortune 100 with over $51 billion in revenue and nearly 80,000 employees.Cisco Systems was founded in December 1984 by Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner, two Stanford University computer scientists who had been instrumental in connecting computers at Stanford. They pioneered the concept of a local area network (LAN) being used to connect distant computers over a multiprotocol router system. By the time the company went public in 1990, Cisco had a market capitalization of $224 million; by the end of the dot-com bubble in the year 2000, this had increased to $500 billion, surpassing Microsoft as the world's most valuable company. As of December 2021, Cisco had a market capitalization of around $267 billion.Cisco stock (CSCO) was added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average on June 8, 2009, and is also included in the S&P 500 Index, the Russell 1000 Index, NASDAQ-100 Index and the Russell 1000 Growth Stock Index.In 2021, Fortune ranked Cisco number one for the second year on their annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For based on employee satisfaction surveying. LinkedIn and Glassdoor also ranked Cisco as a top place to work in 2021 and recent years.

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    Course and Ebook Collection - Bug Bounty, Cisco, Cybersecurity, IT, etc.

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    Help Cisco Skills For All Answers

    sino may answers sa Skills For All Certification ni Cisco?
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    Help Packet Tracer - Configuring Wireless LAN Access (SOLVED)

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    Tutorial Cisco CCNA Spanning Tree Basics ( Part 2 )

    Hidden content What You'll Learn ✅ Learn the Basics of Spanning Tree from Scratch ✅ Learn how Time-To-Live Works ✅ Learn What a Loop is ✅ Learn what a Single Point of Failure is ✅ Learn what Redunancy means ✅ Learn Why we need Spanning Tree ✅ Learn Why it is Called Spanning Tree ✅...
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    Tutorial Cisco CCNA Getting Started ( Part 1 )

    Hidden content What You'll Learn ✅ Start getting started on their CCNA studies Course Content Requirements There is nothing that you need to do before getting started Description This is a course that covers the steps that are needed for those who want to get started studying for their...
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    Tutorial Cisco CCNA Network Fundamentals Final Chapters

    Hidden content What You'll Learn ✅ Learn TCP/IP ✅ Learn about the Three-Way Handshake ✅ Learn what UDP and TCP communication is ✅ Learn what Windowing is ✅ Learn what Sequence and Port Numbers are ✅ Learn how one device communicates with another ✅ Learn what LAN Devices that are used...
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    Python Video Games Basics(Python)

    Udemy Free Course (Limited Time Only) Hidden content
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    Free Cisco Courses from Netacad

    Guys, sa mga interested mag aral ng Cisco Courses, heto na You Just need to Create a new Netacad account for a chance to avail the Discount exam Voucher. Just let me know guys if naka pag register na kayu. Goodluck!!:) Free Cisco Networking Academy for three months for all over the world :)...
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    Tutorial Cisco 4300

    Good day mga sir need help how to configure Cisco 4300 willing to pay po salamat...
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    Help Enterprise network CISCO

    Sino may idea pano gumawa ng enterprise network sa packet tracer? O yung may mairerecommend na tutorial sa YøùTùbé ..
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    Wireless Distribution System using Cisco Packet Tracer

    Yung mga master sa networking dito, paano ba gagawin itong Wireless Distribution System gamit ang Cisco Packet Tracer? Kahit yung devices lang na gagamitin ang ibigay, wala akong mahanap sa google. Connect Multiple Access Points Together through Wireless Distribution System (WDS)
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    Help Udemy Course for Cisco

    Mga sir/mam baka po meron kayong Udemy Course for Cisco gusto ko lang po sana pag aralan salamat po
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    UDEMY Archive - Part 3

    Mixed-up UDEMY lessons!!! Snipe nalang sa preview if andito mga interest niyo na tutorials and lessons. Part 3 na to!!! Preview: Hidden content React and comment nalang mga kaPHC SHARING IS CARING STAY TUNED FOR MORE Udemy Series <3
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    Help Cisci packet tracing | Willing to Pày

    Sinong pong mabait dyan . pahelp naman about packet tracing willing to pày po for assignments lang po
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    Help Cisco Certificate?

    Hi guys, ask ko lang sana if meron napo nakapag try rito sa group na mag apply ng cisco certificate. If meron pa share naman ng overview and how?
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    Tutorial CCNA 1-4 Review Guide

    Share ko lang to, lumipat na ko sa Database Management, baka makatulong to sa inyo kung nagbabalak kayo matuto ng Computer Networking. Hidden content Hidden content Hidden content Hidden content
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    Help Subnetting! I can only understand basic ones. Paki-Explain! Nakakalito, pano sagutan tong sample activity na to?

    Format of the Network: Then how to do subnetting????? Help! IP Address: Prefix: /25
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    Help Ano tamang IP address gateway sa table?

    Pa tulong naman lods sa magaling dyan sa network engineering. Hindi ko alam anong tamang IP/gateway nahihirapan ako mag configure dahil dyan. Sana may makatulong po salamat.
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    hello po pwede po makahingi ng mga review materials for CCNP Enterprise? specially ENARSI and WIRELESS. Any types of materials are much appreciated po Thank you in advance!!
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    Hi mga LODI. Kailangan ba magaling sa programming para matuto ng CCNA/CCENT ? From 1-10 kaya ko ba matuto nang CCNA if no/basic knowledge?
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    Tutorial Ccna cybersecurity operations (version 1.1)chapter 4

    version 1.1 cyber ops 85% rate
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    Closed Cisco - office setup

    good day mga ka PHC anyone here na network analyst / administrator ang job? kung kukunin kitang member mag kano prof. fee mo? thanks
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    Contest Load 100php price. cisco challenge scaling networks.

    Sa mga master po jan. patulong naman po. Pasagot po ako netong cisco. kahit 85% lang po. Profile name: Adrian Quitalig
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    Closed Network engineer

    Hello mga sir! currently bago lng po ako sa forum na to. tanong ko po san ung thread ng mga network engineers dito?
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    Closed CISCO

    pa help sa CISCO ano gamit ng gigabit ethernet configuratiion para saan at ano ang resulta sa pag configure ng port
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    internet blocked by cisco

    pahelp nmn mga master... wifi connection gamit ko... pano ba ibypass toh...