Absolute Radiometer for Cosmology, Astrophysics, and Diffuse Emission (ARCADE) is a program which utilizes high-altitude balloon instrument package intended to measure the heating of the universe by the first stars and galaxies after the big bang and search for the signal of relic decay or annihilation. In July 2006 a strong residual radio source was found using the radiometer, approximately six times what is predicted by theory. This phenomenon is known as "space roar" and remains an unsolved problem in astrophysics.

ARCADE has been funded by the NASA's Science Mission Directorate under the Astronomy and Physics Research and Analysis Suborbital Investigation program. The program is composed of a team led by Alan Kogut of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. ARCADE was launched from NASA's Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility in Palestine, Texas, conducted under the auspices of the Balloon Program Office at Wallops Flight Facility. The balloon flew to an altitude of 120,000 feet (37 km), viewing about 7% of the sky during its observations.The instrument is designed to detect radiation at centimeter wavelengths. The craft contained seven radiometers which were cooled to 2.7 K (−270.45 °C; −454.81 °F) using liquid helium, with the intent to measure temperature differences as small as 1/1000 of a degree against a background which is only 3 K (−270.15 °C; −454.27 °F). The optics in the instrument package were placed near the top of the dewar flask which cooled them in order to prevent the instruments from seeing the walls of the container, thereby simplifying the processing of the observational data. This design choice necessitated the use of superfluid pumps in order to drench the radiometers in liquid helium. The design also utilized heaters in order to create a cloud of helium gas, in place of using a (relatively warm) window, which also simplified processing of the observational data.

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    Help Arcade Assemble

    Hello ka PHC! Patulong nman po balak ko kasi mag assemble ng arcade gamit rasberry pi.. Baka po meron may alam ano kailangan at mga procedure? Patulong nman po 🙏
  2. 1

    SlamDunk Arcade! for Android

    (Slamdunk Rom) download link: From TV Animation Slam Dunk - Super Slams - MAME 0.139u1 (MAME4droid) rom download | (Arcade Emulator) download link: MAME4droid (0.139u1) - Apps on Google Play
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    Meron po kaya dito nakakaalam yung madaming retro and arcade games na iniinstall sa External drive?
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    Tutorial Arcade games online versus ... street fighter... marvel vs Capcom, mamy more

    Arcade versus GAMING GGPOZ apk Follow guide 1. Install GGPOz apk 2. Sign up 3. Add this rom link 4. Click any game and it will auto download rom
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    Arcade versus online with rom autolinker

    Arcade versus GAMING GGPOZ apk Follow guide 1. Install GGPOz 2. Add this rom link
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    Baka naman po huhu
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    Help What are good replacements for Omlet Arcade? [Bot]

    What are good replacements for Omlet Arcade?
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    Help Ano magandang pamalit sa omlet arcade

    nakakaburyong kasi prism ambilis magdrain ng battery 😂
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    Tutorial Nba2k24 arcade ios tut paano yumaman no jailbreak

    Kailangan mo ng Trollstore na ma download mo sa github, para ma gamit mo si iMemScan na makikita mo din sa github hanapin mo lang.
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    Help May alam po kayo diy Arcade Machine na hinde retro games. Meron ba nun?

    Gagawa po sana ako arcade machine pero mga nakikita ko tutorial mga pang retro games lang. Baka may alam po kayo. Handa po ako magbayad sa makakaturo po. Salamat
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    Anu kaya emulator or software gamit nito sa kanyang pc arcade machine?

    Anu kayang emulator ito. Latest games na kasi. Mga nakikita ko sa YøùTùbé mga retro games lang.
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    Help NBA2k23 Arcade Edition

    Mga boss, baka may nakakaalam sa inyo kung pwede ba to sa android at kung paano i-download. Nakita ko lang yan sa fb, legit ba na may ganyan? Gusto ko sana i-download if legit.
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    iOS Games Apple id for arcade

    Baka pede po pabulong ng apple id naka sub sa arcade may ddl lang po salamat poo
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    Help Alternative live gaming like omlet arcade

    Baka may mga alam kayo na apps for live gaming lods kasi nag hahanap ako sa yt lahat ang nag lalag cp ko compared sa omlet huhu
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    iOS Games Arcade Games 3months(not for free)

    Avail na kayo arcade games sa IOS good for 3months- 150php original price- 250 per month sana kapa dito kana
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    Referral 1 app 20,000 Arcade Games

    1 App 20,000 Arcade Games Android DOWNLOAD AND PLAY Link appHidden content
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    Android App Omlet Arcade MOD APK v1.105.29 (ρrémíùm Unlocked)

    Omlet Arcade is a powerful application that allows you to record screen, host, tournament, And so many other things. This is an alternate variant of the original. It is the streaming application for creating an authentic gaming environment where you can play all of your favorite games from your...
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    Arcade with Friends🤣
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    Mga kapwa players ko diyan baka gusto niyo maglaro ng arcade meron bonus ang PHILGo e check niyo nalang sa kanilang website. Enjoy!!!
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    Trivia 1990's Arcade Video Game (Family Computer)

    The best sakin, Battle City or Tank 2. kalaro ko pa minsan si mama or si papa tsaka mga kapatid ko 😊 nakakamiss lang mga Lods. Tsaka yung Twinbee at Ruslin Attack. kayo ano namiss nyong Laro sa arcade game? which is bihira na ngayon.
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    Tutorial UNLIMITED 90s GAME ARCADE & more

    WeB apk- ✨we must build 💕 Join us as we build Pinoy tambayan app. Tip: swipe up para makita ang zoom option. Free all Movie Kdrama Book Music Live TV Chat user & More update soon. Download here👇 WeB.apk | Powered by Box
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    Free Game Namiss nyo ba lods ang legendary StreetFighter 2? Enjoy playing with other Arcade Games

    Introducing Final Burn Alpha (Bundled with other arcade Games) Set the rom directory and map your selective game inputs (joystick applied) You were now good to play :) Hidden content
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    Tools Output Arcade 2 ρrémíùm account

    Dowload Os version Windows Quickstart Guide - Output Arcade Quickstart Guide - Output Hidden content Hidden content
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    DOTA 2 arcade

    Puro Arcade nalang nilalaro ko sa DOTA 2 looking kasama sa mga trip drop ID
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    This Thread contains complete street fighter lll saga arcade games, which you can play on your mobile phones using MAME4DROID app. STREET FIGHTER lll: NEW GENERATION STREET FIGHTER lll: 2ND IMPACT STREET FIGHTER lll: 3RD STRIKE STREET FIGHTER lll: NEW GENERATION STREET FIGHTER lll: 2ND...
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    Subway Surfers

    DASH as fast as you can! DODGE the oncoming trains! Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog. ★ Grind trains with your cool crew! ★ Colorful and vivid HD graphics! ★ Hoverboard Surfing! ★ Paint powered jetpack! ★ Lightning fast swipe acrobatics! ★ Challenge and...
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    Sa kakahanap ko nang larong Suepr Mario World ke pareng Google, napadaan ako sa website na ito. Share ko lang baka bet nyo din. So far mga nasearch kong retro games dito eh yung nasa mga hulog piso net arcade. Browser game lang din kaya no need na idownload. Pwede din mag save lang game file. Di...
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    Payback 2 - The Battle Sandbox

    "[Payback 2] manages to create a sense of overblown fun that permeates everything from straightforward races to capture the flag-inspired heists ... an immensely entertaining experience" - Featured as one of the best games of the week by The Guardian "There’s a ton of stuff...
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    Geometry Dash Lite

    Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer! Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. Simple one touch game play that...
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    Free Game RetroArc [Ready to Play] - With Arcade/Retro Games (ROMS) and Cores

    Share ko lang itong RetroArc (64-bit) na may downloaded cores na at Games. Installed yan sa System ko: Windows10 64-bit may settings, Cores at Games na sa download folder. Download link: Hidden contentHidden content Extract and play, launch retroarch.exe Sa mga 32-bit lang ang PC, dito yung...
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    Free Game Metal Slug Collection (PC)

    Metal Slug Collection for PC How to play? 1. Extract file (Password below) (Extract twice). Before extracting, disable nyo muna antivirus nyo baka idelete kasi nya files ng game. (May mga antivirus software na ganon) 2. Read the notes before trying to open the game. 3. Open the folder...
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    Free Game Winkawaks: Marvel vs Capcom - Clash of Superheroes

    Note: Share ko lang yung game na nakuha ko din dati. If you encounter any problems, baka di ko din masagot dahil share ko lang to and I'm using it as it is without any problems. Marvel vs Capcom - Clash of Superheroes File size: 29mb How to play? 1. Extract file (Rar file password...
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    Closed Retro/childhood games in android

    Namimiss nio na ba ang kabataan nio guys eto ang mga nostalgic games nung mga bata pa tayo. Nais ko lang po ishare sainyo at sama sama nating balikan ang mga ala alang nkalipas. Tayo nat mag balik tanaw. Metal warios: Gun Force...
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    Closed Rooms of Doom – Minion Madness v1.3.2 (Mod Apk Money)

    Rooms of Doom – Minion Madness v1.3.2 (Mod Apk Money) The most exciting collection of mini games known to Man! Crafted by the evil scientist Dr. Doom: Welcome to my LAB! In my quest to take over the world, I am working to create the perfect minion! Soon Dr. Doom will be name feared by ALL...
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    Closed Bubblegum Hero v1.0.7 Mod Apk

    Bubblegum Hero v1.0.7 Mod Apk A hipster walking down the street chewing a gum is a rather normal view, but a sumo fighter during the Olympics or a granny at the gym chewing a Protein Gum? That’s something new! The beginning is basically ‘How to blow a bubblegum balloon 101’, in case you somehow...
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    Closed Motor Parkour v1.3 (Mod Apk)

    Motor Parkour v1.3 (Mod Apk) Jump & Duck as you race through obstacles and perform Parkour with your cars! – Tap Right to Jump – Tap & Hold Left to Duck Simple controls & Easy to Learn. Challenge yourself and get to the top of Global & Country Rankings to win free coins! MOD: Unlimited...
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    Closed Anime: The Last Battle of The Cosmos v1.03 (Mod Apk Money)

    Anime: The Last Battle of The Cosmos v1.03 (Mod Apk Money) Anime: The last Battle of the Cosmos is a real time 2D fighting game with over than 30 heroes and villains from anime and manga who are ready to fight as you wish. Are you an anime fan or an otaku? Did you always want to be able to fight...
  39. A

    Closed Angry birds star wars 2 for xp/vista/7/8/8.1

    Angry Birds Star Wars II PC Game 2013 Overview Angry Birds Star Wars II is developed and published under the banner of Rovio Entertainment. This crossover of Star Wars and Angry Birds have been released on 18th September, 2013. This is the seventh edition of Angry Birds and is sequel to Angry...
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    Closed Angry birds star wars for xp/vista/7/8/8.1

    Angry Birds Star Wars Overview Welcome to Angry Birds Star Wars is the most exciting puzzle Video game for all game lovers which has been developed under the banner of Rovio Entertainment for Microsoft Windows. It was release on 8th November 2012. You may also like to download Sky Ball. This...
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    Closed Swimming winner

    Pano po nalalaman kung sino na ang mananalo kapag nag start ang karera ?
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    Closed Marvel contest of champions mod apk 20.0.0

    Marvel contest of Champions MOD APK is an action Android game from Kabam. MOD APK is all about gathering their heroes to take down the evil Thanos and more. special events as the movies come out so that’s kind of pretty cool. the update as the actual movies come out and add to the game. Marvel...
  43. B

    Closed Sunset riders rom

    Sa mga hilig mag laro ng arcade games noong araw. dl nio nalang baka gusto nio to.!4AYiBb6S!o9c_wUNYBSY2xw8bxX8UFHYhoNFTfuZ2OOkfl_a_KJI
  44. S

    Closed Swimming winner hcks

    Hello, Sino po may alam ng pattern ng Swimming Winner/Competition, pashare naman po, TIA po sa makakasagot mga master :)
  45. S

    Help Tom's world, quantum

    Baka po may alam kayong pattern sa Swimming Winner sa mga adik jan sa Arcade Games... Pa share naman po. Lagi nalang kaming talo ng tropa ko eh. Tricks and Tips po sa Mga Master ng Tom's World at Quantum ._.
  46. H

    Closed Arcade vpn

    Hi Guys, My marunong ba dito kung pano ayusin/solusyonan 'to. kahit ano kasing VPN ang ini-install ko, hybrid, Arcade, etc. e 'di ako maka-pili ng network. 'di lumalabas yung options niya kahit anong click ko (unclickable). 'Di ko alam ano prob. Sana may alam kung pano 'to ayusin. Thanks.
  47. J

    Closed Kung fury: street ragev1.26


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