android games

This is a list of Android games available for the Google-developed Android operating system.

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    Hungry Shark World v5.7.1 MOD APK

    Details Hidden content How to download Hidden content Link Hidden content
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    GBA Pokemon Kanto Complete

    Pokemon Kanto Complete Hidden content Emulator Hidden content Changes from FireRed routes have been heavily modified in Kanto for a fresh experience as well as to provide access to all Pokémon on the National Dex all legendary/mythical Pokémon are accessible in the post-game locations...
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    Sniper 3D Assassin v4.35.9 MOD APK

    Details Hidden content How to download Hidden content Link Hidden content
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    The Wolf v3.3.2 MOD APK

    Details Hidden content How to download Hidden content Link Hidden content
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    Eto new games try nyo if naghahanap kayo bago

    Ok din mga bagong games ngayon mga lods. eto try nyo. andyan lahat ng links. may gameplay video din jan kung gusto nyo check muna bago download Top 10 New Games as of April 2024
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    Medieval Merge v1.60.0 MOD APK

    details Hidden content How to download Hidden content Link Hidden content
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    Hero Wars v1.194.111 MOD APK

    Details Hidden content How to download Hidden content Hidden content
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    Car Real Simulator v2.0.12 MOD APK

    Details Hidden content How to download Hidden content Link Hidden content
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    Gladiators Survival in Rome v1.31.6 MOD APK

    Details Hidden content How to download Hidden content Link Hidden content
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    Idle Goat Summoner v0.24.08 MOD APK

    details Hidden content link Hidden content how to download Hidden content
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    WarStrike v v0.1.86 MOD APK

    details Hidden contentHidden contentHidden content link Hidden content how to download Hidden content
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    Help Suggest any android games offline

    yung pangmatagalan malalaro habang nasa laot?
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    Best Android Games ?

    suggest naman kayo nang games sa android na the best talaga
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    Any game recommendations po for Android? online or offline hehe, pa send nadin po link kung saan pwede idowload yung free lang, TIA!
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    Android games like overcooked?

    meron na po bang ganito sa playstore? or parang ganito na multiplayer
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    Tutorial Play Genshin/Wild rift in Browser.

    If it says "Unfortunately not available in your country" just use VPN and connect somewhere it's accessible, I use USA Location. Hidden content
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    Kairosoft Games (Android)

    Hidden content These apps work on compatible handsets running Android OS. TV Studio Story Create and broadcast your own shows in this TV studio simulation game. Beastie Bay DX Offline Version Develop a deserted island and collect rare monsters! Cafe Master Story Serve up food, drinks...
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    [MF]Metal Slug Collection Android Game

    When MAME4droid is first run, it will create a folder structure for you on the internal memory of your Android device. The default folder is: /sdcard/MAME4droid/ This folder contains all the other folders MAME uses as well as some basic configuration files. Since MAME4droid does not come with...
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    Shell Script to Boost Fps In Android (Specific Game Lower Resolution)

    Requirements: Brevent Low End Device Note: Wag nyo na e try sa high end device pra lang to sa low end Ganito yung e type nyo sa brevent yung sa dulo specific game example lng yang codm mas makikita nyo difference ng fps kung minecraft lalaruin nyo ksi mas smooth hahaha... Ganito nmn itsurs...
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    Referral Crazy Hero

    About this game *****ing the trap to save the princess Pull out pins, solve puzzles, and protect the warrior, princess, and treasure. What to do if the patrolling monsters are walking around? Try using those mechanisms and traps. I discovered a fun and profitable app called CrazyHero. Come and...
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    Pokemon Theta Emerald The Last Dance GBA

    Sa mga Mahilig sa Pokemon Games Adveture try na this daming pokemon Features: 1. 999 Pokemon, all done from the ground up and updated 2. 200+ Abilities, including a new one for Palafin 😉 3. 700+ Moves, and moves modified to be a bit better 4. 600+ Items, most from the most current generation 5...
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    Tutorial Feeding Frenzy [Fully Offline] apk

    App Icon: Gameplay: * Game Info * App name: Let Me Eat Note: This game in not available on playstore✔️ Status: Fully offline✔️ Size: 44+mb✔️ Link: Mediafire Ready to play✔️ Support all devices✔️ No PC? [no problem, I got u!]! Hidden content Additional:
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    Android games free

    ano po masuggest na free android games. like gran turismo? like gta v? like MU? thanks
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    Gran Turismo looklike android games

    mga pipols, meron po sila game kamukha ng Gran Turismo sa android phone? maraming salamat pipols!
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    Play Ninja Storm ( Ninja Saga Mobile )

    Hi po sa lahat. Share ko lang po etong larong to. Lalo na po sa mga old Ninja Saga players. Built from Unity kaya smooth po yan. Avail din po yan sa desktop. Wala pa nga lang pang iOS Salamat po. PS: Medyo bago pa po ung laro. Max level cap for now is 20. Still ongoing...
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    Pa recommend ãdül† android games

    Maliban po sa ********** saga , baka may iba pa kayongalam mga lods
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    Pa help! New android games play to earn

    May bago ba na android online games na play to earn?.. Pa share nmn.. Thanks
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    Help Best android games offline?

    Baka may alam kayong android games na offline na nakakalibang? 🥰
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    MOD Android Games

    Looking for safe site(s) for modded android games. TIA
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    Android games rpg recommendation

    Mga boss baka may mga alam kayo na magandang mmorpg for mobile. Hanap lang ng bago mga lods 😂
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    Good afternoon, may update na po ba regarding sa maintenance?
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    Android games

    Pa share nmn po ng link ng NBA 2K23 kung meron na po salamat.. Thanks admin
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    Aether Gazer by YOSTAR (Global Release Date - May 23, 2023)

    Gameplay Introduction // Aether Gazer PRE-REGISTER HERE
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    PBA Slam 2k23

    PBA Slam 2k23 for Android, Online/Offline size: 185.50mb Hidden content
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    Skyline Shutting Down

    Nakakalungkot man pero kailangang tanggapin nalang natin No More Updates of Skyline
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    try ko lang kung saan ko na download ang aking nba 2k23 mod. Take note pag maglalaro kayo wag nyo pipindutin ang volume button kasi nag foforce close. Yun lang ito na ang link. NBA 2K23 v98.0.2 MOD APK download free for Android
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    Help Best offline android games?

    Pasuggest po ng mga offline android games ngaung 2023..
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    100% Off Android Games (February 6, 2023)

    100% Off Android Games Limited-Time Offer Discover the best Android OS based games that have gone from ρáíd to free on Google Play. You better install these mobile games fast before you have to pay for them again! Hidden content For More: Android Giveaways Heywazup's List of Threads
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    Eto mga lods Mga bagong games na nagsilabasan ngayong early 2023

    Ok din mga new games ngayon mga lods. Check nyo lang dito List of new mobile games 👉 Link May gameplay vid with apk at playstore at ios link na din jan
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    Offline Android Games

    baka may alam kayung magandang offline games yung high graphics.
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    New Games naman tayo

    Share ko lang list of new games November - December 2022 Top 10 Best New Games for Android/iOS as of November - December 2022
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    M.L rank up to mythic

    Hi guys tra rank up tayo 👍😊
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    The game for anime fans!

    share ko lang baka may gusto lalo na sa mga anime fans! The description of Counterside App Urban fantasy collective RPG CounterSide The game for anime fans! Counterside for Android - APK Download
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    Help Albion Online Intense ng Graphics Sulit!

    Hello guys may i recommend sana akong game galing to sa PC before ngayon na sa android na! Yung Graphics nya pang PC pero Hindi mabigat, at RPG sya na ikaw lang talaga bahala sa mga skills or class mo walang limit tas yung quest ng game hindi aggresive plus openworld pa grabe ang laki ng map...
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    Android TV Games

    Ano po kaya mga games maganda laruin pang android tv boxes (like google tv)? Salamat mga idol sa mag sheshare. Edit: Eto pa lang na subukan ko na fully working sa Android TV. GTA San Andreas - (Credit to the Owner) NBA 2k Basketball - (so far not compatible all versions na nasubukan ko) PS...
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    Tutorial (Updated/Fixed)Diablo 1 + Hellfire Expansion is now 100% working on Mobile Phone...!!!

    Just download Devilution X app on 👉🏽Playstore👈🏽(updated na siya 😆! ang daming improvements👍🏼 Update!!(Dahil sa Nagkaroon tayo ng konting aberya mga Lods Sorry Naman😅 para makabawi sa inyo eto na Linubus-Lubos kona) Download the 👉🏽(Diablo 1+Hellfire(Gdrive))👈🏽 Lahat nang Kailangan na files...
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    Dagdag libangan - Camp Defense MOD APK 1.0.521 (Gold/Diamond) - Android Offline Game

    Camp Defense MOD APK 1.0.521 (Gold/Diamond) Android Your team are ones who survived apocalypse! Your goal is to defend your camp from hordes of zombies. Fight with zombies on gas stations, shops, restaurants in post-apocalyptic world. Defend your truck Features: More than 1000 levels Defend...