A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that hosts websites for clients, i.e. it offers the facilities required for them to create and maintain a site and makes it accessible on the World Wide Web. Companies providing web hosting services are sometimes called web hosts.
Typically, web hosting requires the following:

one or more servers to act as the host(s) for the sites; servers may be physical or virtual
colocation for the server(s), providing physical space, electricity, and Internet connectivity;
Domain Name System configuration to define name(s) for the sites and point them to the hosting server(s);
a web server running on the host;
for each site hosted on the server:
space on the server(s) to hold the files making up the site
site-specific configuration
often, a database;
software and credentials allowing the client to access these, enabling them to create, configure, and modify the site;
email connectivity allowing the host and site to send email to the client.

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    Help LF web hosting service for PHP and mysql

    Any suggestions po for web hosting na applicable for php and mysql maliban po sa hostinger. Yung budget friendly po sana at good for first timer. Thank youu❤️
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    List of Video Hosting Sites

    Hidden content
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    Web hosting applicable for laravel

    Hello mga lods, uhm meron bang murang host para sa laravel. Atsaka SQLite gamit namin sa database. For capstone purposes lang namin kasi need namin next week. One more question IoT gamit namin at kailangan ba eh upload din yung code sa Arduino sa web host? Thank you.
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    Help Cpanel / WHM hosting

    Pa help po mga sir. Balak ko sana gumawa ng sariling email provider from Cpanel/WHM. Hindi ko masyado kabisado ano bibilhin. Pa hinge naman ng advice. Thank you
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    Free Website Hosting aside Infinityfree?

    Free Website Hosting aside Infinityfree?
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    FREE 256mb PostgreSQL Database Hosting

    If you are looking for a FREE pgsql server with a decently large capacity (256mb), this guide is for you. This is particularly useful for students or small projects. Instructions: 1. Create an account at → Clever Cloud 2. Once you have an account (and verified via email), you may now login →...
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    Baka po may alam kayo mag pang upload ko po Ng project ko po na dynamic php po.. Yun mura lang po maganda sana po kung .com Yun domain po
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    sa github ba kahit di student nakaka gawa ng domain na free
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    Help Looking for Cheap Web Hosting, for phpmyadmin and mysql or laravel only

    Hello po, for school purposes lang po. Kahit 'di na po free basta cheap po. I'm willing to pay po. Marami na kasing issues sa InfinityFree saka ilang free web hosting provider. -Sa mga gusto pong magpatulong or magpagawa ng systems, meron po ako. Need lang po ng finance for school project...
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    Help lng po need lng ma host ung system namen salamat sana may makatulong
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    baka po may maka tulong sakin ma host ung system namen pang capstone po kasi lagi nag error pag naka upload na sa hosting na natryan ko sana may makatulog need lng po thankyou
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    Ask lng po san meron na makakapg host ng asp.netcore with sql server na free lng po salamat
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    Help Best Hosting For Open Source?

    Yung libre lang tsaka mura yung yearly tapos madali lang mag github fork
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    Tutorial Free File Hosting Site [Large files can be shared without registration]

    Easy of Use: Multiple files can be uploaded at once Download each file or batch download in ZIP. No need to sign up! No software required Hidden content
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    Web Hosting for Laravel

    Hello po, meron po ba dito naka bili or nag subscribe na ng hosting for laravel na my sqlsrv module? Ito po yng mga list ng hosting na natry ko at hindi supported pa comment naman po ng suggestion na supported for laravel 10 (php8.2 - sqlsrv module)
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    Help Saan tayo makakahanap ng hosting reselling?

    I am looking for hosting reselling na may free website na.
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    anu po kaya hosting na libre po at medyo mahaba haba po storage nya po...kahit one month lang po
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    Databases Help choosing the right laravel hosting plan in Hostinger

    Master ask ko lang ano po bang dapat hosting plan para sa laravel project(vite) saan kaya dito pwede kahit yung ρrémíùm plan pwede naba yan sa laravel project mga master or need ko talaga sa cloud hosting ung 499? THANKS!
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    Tutorial Free Directadmin Web Hosting (No Ads)

    Giving away free Directadmin Web Hosting Bandwidth: 100 GB Storage: 1GB Domain: 1 Subdomains: Unlimited Email Accounts: 10 MySQL: 10 NVME STORAGE ASIA Optimized Route Daily Backups Immunify360 Cloudlinux Jetbackup ENSURE your EMAIL is ACTIVE, as you will receive credentials there. SIGN UP...
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    Web Hosting Basics

    Everything you Need to know about Web Hosting Basics Free Original PriceCA$27.99 Discount100% off 4 days left at this price! Hidden content 830 redemptions remaining out of 1000 What you'll learn Web Hosting Options GoDaddy Web Hosting Plans Namecheap Web Hosting Plans HostGator Web...
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    Help Free hosting na may free database

    any suggestion po ? gagawa sana ako ng project. kaso need ko ng free hosting site at pwede mag gawa ng database within it. im laravel programmer. kung supported ni laravel much better but pwede akong mag go sa. native php at js. kung hindi kaya ng laravel yung hosting. thanks much mga papi...
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    Help Baka may alam kayong hosting for free bukod sa webhost salamat

    baka may alam kayong hosting for free bukod sa webhost salamat
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    Create A Website For Free. Free Domain|Free hosting

    This is a free course Hidden content A Beginner’s Guide To Create A Free Website In Wordpress Without Any Coding Experience. Free Domain and Free Hosting. Anyone looking to create a free website. Anyone who wants to learn how to create a free websites on Wordpress Anyone who wants to...
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    1. Magrehistro mula sa link sa ibaba 2. Mag-scroll pababa sa page hanggang sa makakita ka ng FREE FOREVER PLAN (Cloud Free) 3. Mag-click sa Buuin ang Iyong Site na FREE 4. Mag-sign-Up gamit ang iyong EMAIL 5. I-verify ang iyong account mula sa iyong EMAIL INBOX 6. Ngayon mula sa iyong...
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    Web Design| Wix vs WordPress

    hi po, Curious lang ako at sobrang nalilito haha. I often use Wix kase super efficient nya gamitin, pero i have a client na Wordpress ang gusto, ngayon pano ba ako magistart? hahhaa Una: pano yung hosting part? may domain na sya. pangalawa: Anong Plug in ba ang need, elementor? need ko pa...
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    Help Hosting cons and pros?

    Hello guys, meron ba kayong experience sa web hosting gamit yung, ano ba yung pros and cons na encounter nyo? salamat po sa advice
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    File Hosting & Storage

    Discover top websites for file storage, hosting and quick temporary sharing in our curated directory. Find the right solution, whether you need cloud-based storage or dedicated file hosting services. Hidden content
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    Free cPanel Web Hosting

    ALC Hosting Free Hosting Service ALC Hosting provides you with an massive free, and ad-free load balanced free web hosting service including PHP, MySQL, FTP, cPanel & more!.. ALC Hosting Networks: ALC Hosting own, manage and maintain our own ‘load balanced’ clustered hosting network. Consisting...
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    Looking For Hostinger Hosting

    Hi, may nagoffer ba dito discounted 48 month plan, shared hosting?
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    Hosting recommendation?

    any recommendation na cheap hosting ng windows server vps na walang problema sa pag add ng roles and features? purpose: game server
  31. Y

    Web hosting PHP project

    I cant view my Helpp!! project upon creation of website. (I haven't upload my files in File manager)
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    Help Anu po Maganda hosting pede gamitin sa React native

    Mga master ma tulong nman po anu maganda hosting sa app na pg Reacnative ung gamet
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    FREE DOMAINS. Hidden content FREE WEB HOSTING. Hidden content FREE SSL. Hidden content
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    Help Unlimited Lifetime Hosting

    Hello mga master. Meron na ba nakapag-try magpa-host dito sa website na to? Hidden content Need ko lang sana ng muna feedback ng nakapaghost na dito para if ever goods, makapagpa-host na din ako dito. Sulit naman ee. Eto kasi yung offers nila :
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    Pa suggest po ng free web hosting for Laravel

    Pa suggest po please, or yung kahit may bayad pero di gaanong mahal. Budget 100 kahit 1 month po. Thanks in advance
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    Help Zcom vs Namecheap Hosting, Which is better?

    Hello mga kuys, baka may Idea kayo kung anong much better sa dalawang hosting na ito, Zcom and Namechep. I'm planning to get middle plan for Blogging. nakita ko sa namecheap merong Free CDN ang hosting nila iwan ko if tama ba ako. please help (see images below) thanks in advance. Zcom Plan...
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    Tutorial 10 Free Domain & Hosting Providers [ Domain ] [ Web ]

    Free webhosting sites para sa mga beginners na want mag start ng website hosting Hidden content
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    Free web hosting?

    baguhan lang po, ano po pala magandang gamitin na free web hosting website mga lods?
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    Help Hosting

    San po may free hosting para lang po sa system namin.
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    Python Suggest a good python hosting site

    Gamit ko now is replit, baka may maisuggest kayo na mas maganda, tas may murang ρáíd plans.. thank you.
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    Laravel Hosting

    Good Day mga ka PHC. ano po magandang hosting na updated yung php ? o meron pa bang way na ma downgrade yung configuration ko sa page.? thanks po.
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    Help Pa suggest ng free hosting site with php mysql

    Pa suggest po ng free hosting site yung supported yung php mysql, pang school project lang
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    What is web hosting?

    Help me ph bot.
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    Help Lf Web hosting

    panandaliang gamit lang po for deployment lang ng capstone maraming salamat
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    Help Looking for Web Hosting

    Hello mga paps, meron napo akong finish laravel project tas gusto ko napo eh deploy live. Meron po ba kayong suggestions kung ano yung magandang gamitin na hosting service? Thank you in advance
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    Help Server hosting question

    Ilang araw yung free trial na 250$ ng Vultr or any suggestion na server hosting na matagal yung free trial like linode na 3 months free trial
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    Help Pwde po ba maka hingi ng tulong sa Hosting :(

    Hello po mga boss at masters, Sana po matulongan ninyu ako baka may mga hosting kayu na pamimigay pwde po ba maka hingi for shool purposes lang po pang project tska pang thesis wala na kasi po akong budget dahil sa mga gastusin sa school. Sana po matulongan ninyu ako, kung may free hosting man...