Linux ( (listen) LEE-nuuks or LIN-uuks) is an open-source Unix-like operating system based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds. Linux is typically packaged as a Linux distribution.
Distributions include the Linux kernel and supporting system software and libraries, many of which are provided by the GNU Project. Many Linux distributions use the word "Linux" in their name, but the Free Software Foundation uses the name "GNU/Linux" to emphasize the importance of GNU software, causing some controversy.Popular Linux distributions include Debian, Fedora Linux, and Ubuntu, which in itself has many different distributions and modifications, including Lubuntu and Xubuntu. Commercial distributions include Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise. Desktop Linux distributions include a windowing system such as X11 or Wayland, and a desktop environment such as GNOME or KDE Plasma. Distributions intended for servers may omit graphics altogether, or include a solution stack such as LAMP. Because Linux is freely redistributable, anyone may create a distribution for any purpose.Linux was originally developed for personal computers based on the Intel x86 architecture, but has since been ported to more platforms than any other operating system. Because of the dominance of the Linux-based Android on smartphones, Linux, including Android, has the largest installed base of all general-purpose operating systems, as of May 2022. Although Linux is, as of May 2022, used by only around 2.3 percent of desktop computers, the Chromebook, which runs the Linux kernel-based Chrome OS, dominates the US K–12 education market and represents nearly 20 percent of sub-$300 notebook sales in the US. Linux is the leading operating system on servers (over 96.4% of the top 1 million web servers' operating systems are Linux), leads other big iron systems such as mainframe computers, and is the only OS used on TOP500 supercomputers (since November 2017, having gradually eliminated all competitors).Linux also runs on embedded systems, i.e. devices whose operating system is typically built into the firmware and is highly tailored to the system. This includes routers, automation controls, smart home devices, video game consoles, televisions (Samsung and LG Smart TVs use Tizen and WebOS, respectively), automobiles (Tesla, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, and Toyota all rely on Linux), spacecraft (Falcon 9's and Dragon 2's avionics use a customized version of Linux), and rovers (the Mars 2020 mission).
Linux is one of the most prominent examples of free and open-source software collaboration. The source code may be used, modified and distributed commercially or non-commercially by anyone under the terms of its respective licenses, such as the GNU General Public License (GPL). The Linux kernel, for example, is licensed under the GPLv2, with a special exception for system calls, as without the system call exception any program calling on the kernel would be considered a derivative and therefore the GPL would have to apply to that program.

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    Help Linux for noobs

    kaka install o ng linux ubuntu mga paps sa luma kong laptop and wala pa masyadong knowledge sa full potential ni linux, hoping na matuto sa mga veterans na sa linux. advance salamat mga paps
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    Poll May alam ba kayo free exam dumps

    May ma rerecommend ba kayo site na may free exam dumps
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    Help Batocera Linux

    Hellow po mga master ang lodi natin dito... gandang araw po sa inyo Mga master lodi nati baka meron kayong batocera image jan na pwede magamit para dito sa i3 pc na naka stock sakin.. gusto ko sana sya magamit sa mga nababasa ko mga batocera na merong mga game noong 80's 90's games.. sana po...
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    Course [UDEMY] - Linux Antivirus Essentials

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    Course Learn Ethical häçking Using Kali Linux Red Team Tactics [UDEMY FEB 3 2024 LIMITED]

    Learn Ethical häçking Using Kali Linux Red Team Tactics Ethical häçking Essentials The Ethical häçking Process Linux Basics Web App Basics Networking Essentials + Wireshark Nmap Port Scanner Python Basics Black Hat Techniques Mr Robot TV Show in Real life Hidden content
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    Course [Udemy] CompTIA Linux+ XK0-005 Practice Exams and Tests [Feb 1 2024]

    Udemy Link: Hidden content ✳ 🎀 𝐿𝒾𝓀𝑒 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝐹𝑒𝑒𝒹𝒷𝒶𝒸𝓀 𝓅🌞 🎀 ✳:02Hype:
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    Help What is the best linux distro this 2024

    mga boss, ano ba maganda linux distro na gamitin this 2024. currently I am using Manjaro. salamat
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    Course Linux Command Line

    Description The Linux Command Line show is designed to introduce viewers to working on Linux based computers using only the command line interface. This is considered the first step in learning BASH scripting as most scripts are made up of a series of CLI commands. This Linux Command Line...
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    Course [Udemy] Free Courses | Linux Shell Scripting Beginner Course

    What you'll learn Understanding Shell Scripting Fundamentals Mastery of Control Structures and Looping Automation and Scripting for System Administration Integration with External Tools and Systems Hidden content
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    Course UDEMY - Learn Linux administration and Linux command line skills (Active Code) 01/14/2024

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    Course [UDEMY] Mastering Linux: The Complete Guide to Becoming a Linux Pro

    What you'll learn Understanding Linux commands and *****. Exploring different Linux commands and their usage with *****. Introduction to the Linux terminal and its key concepts. Finding helpful manuals and resources for Linux. Understanding Linux directories and their organization...
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    Help Linux distro for old netbook

    Ano kayang magandang linux distro ang pede gamitin sa netbook with 2gb ram. ?
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    Course UDEMY - Linux Command-Line & Shell Scripting for Absolute Beginners (Active Code) 01/02/2023

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    Help LF Linux Cloud VPS

    Baka meron po kayo at least 6 or 8 vcpu with 32gb ram at atleast 350GB storage for AOSP building. Willing to pay
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    Portforwarding kali linux

    mga bossing baka may alam kayo na paraan para maka portforwarding kasi naman ang telco natin diba cgnat sya kasi isang pag aaralan ako sa kali linux na kailangan ng portforwarding ehh....sabi nila sa purevpn daw di ko alam kung may nakapagtry na po dun
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    Course [UDEMY] - The Basics of Linux Command Line

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    Course [UDEMY] - LPI Linux Essentials 010-160 Certification Exam Practice

    ⏰: ASAP (999 Enrolls Left) ⭐️: 4.8/5 👨‍🎓: 13,623 students 🎭: IT & Software > IT Certifications 👄: English (US) 💬 Want to pass LPI 010-160 exam? You need practice, not just watching entertaining videos! ENROLL NOW
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    Tutorial Free Linux RDP using Google Cloud (Root)

    I have tested it and I think It only lasts for 6 hours. But It's enough to experiment on it. Hidden content
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    Help Kali linux

    Mga idol patulong nman po ifix to im using Virtual box latest and latest kali iso + latest extension pack Error: Can't attach USB device
  20. F

    Help Kali linux

    ask lang ako guys ano affordable na wifi adapter na pwede airgeddon at wifite??
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    Course UDEMY - Master Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting from Scratch 12/05/2023

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    Course Udemy - Mastering Linux: The Complete Guide to Becoming a Linux Pro (Active Links)

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    Tutorial How to Get Google Cloud Linux Server

    Pasok mga di estab hahaha... try nyo na🫶 Hidden content
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    This course includes: 4 hours on-demand video 1 downloadable resource Access on mobile and TV Full lifetime access Certificate of completion What you'll learn Quickly Learn the Linux Command Line from Scratch! Become an Independent User of the Linux Operating System! Operate a Linux Computer...
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    Course Udemy Course | Linux Tmux

    Udemy Course 📌Linux Tmux ⏳17hours Left Hidden content
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    Course 100% Free Udemy Course - Cloud Computing Essentials: Linode, Linux, and LAMP Stack

    From Beginner to Pro: A Comprehensive Guide to Cloud Computing with Linode, Linux, and LAMP Stack What you'll learn The fundamental concepts of cloud computing, including the differences between cloud computing and traditional computing models. The major cloud computing service models...
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    PC App [MEGA] Linux Ubuntu System Administration Tutorials [2.54 GB]

    Description This course is designed carefully to be the perfect first footsteps with Linux system, to take you from a fresh knowledge of Linux to complete power managing the system and understanding each and every small detail running onto it. Based on years of experience this course isn’t...
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    Help Arch linux wine

    meron po nkakaka alam sa inyo paano paganahin yung lib32 gstreamer plugins ayaw kasi po maginstall ng galing sa aur
  29. 3

    Help How to use openvpn configs in linux?

    pa help po ma papi wala kasing gui na katulad sa may windows yung ovp eh
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    Course 100% OFF UDEMY COURSE! Ethical häçking: häçk Linux Systems

    Ethical häçking: häçk Linux Systems Get Root on Linux systems This course includes: 36 mins on-demand video 2 articles 1 downloadable resource Access on mobile and TV Full lifetime access Certificate of completion Course content 2 sections • 11 lectures • 36m total length Hidden content
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    Help Question about Linux Admin Job Description?

    Ano po yung very common scenario or basically daily ginagawa ng isang linux admin bukod po sa pag sesecure ng realtime firewall at pag hahandle neto? is there anything na ano ano po yung mga ginagawa nila? please enlighten me. Thanks mga master
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    Help What is the best Linux Distro for anonymity this 2023?

    Hi guys, ask ko lang anong pinaka the best na distro ngayon para sa anonymity? I'm using parrot before pero baka may maisusuggest kayo na mas ok. Thanks
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    Course 100% OFF UDEMY COURSE! Ubuntu Linux for beginners

    Ubuntu Linux for beginners Introduction to Ubuntu Linux This course includes: 1 hour on-demand video 2 articles Access on mobile and TV Full lifetime access Certificate of completion Course content 5 sections • 24 lectures • 51m total length Hidden content
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    Recommend distro w/ preferred de na din

    Talon lang saglet from fedora gnome, recommend po sa baba thanks 😘
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    Course Start Kali Linux, Ethical häçking and Penetration Testing! (FREE UDEMY COURSE)

    Learn the basics of ethical häçking, penetration testing, web testing and wifi häçking in kali linux! ------------------------------------ What you'll learn: Step by step instructions for insulation VirtualBox and creating your virtual environment on Windows, Mac, and Linux. An introduction to...
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    Kali linux enjoy pala kahit gamit virtual machine

    nag install ako kali linux gamit virtual box ung simpleng cloning lang sana mas madami pa pala pede malaman or matutunan
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    Help HELP: MITM Attack using Kali Linux

    Sino marunong mag MITM Attack using kali linux? Begginer lang po ako. Tools Used: 1. Wireshark 2. Ettercap 3. Nmap Pa drop ng mga process nyo kung paano nyo ginagawa.
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    Check out these top 10 Linux distros and their features!

    🐧 Check out these top 10 Linux distros! 🚀 Hidden content
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    PLEASE po. pa link ng inyong Live CDs Linux same sa WINPE please.. for corrupt windows copy files purposes. please salamat

    PLEASE po. pa link ng inyong Live CDs Linux yung parang WINPE please.. for corrupt windows, copy files purposes. Puppy linux if meron po salamat
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    Help Linux OS Mint not working properly

    Hello mga ka-PHC I am trying to migrate sa Linux Os as my main daily driver especially sa work. I just installed it and I stumbled lots of problem. This is my first time using Linux OS so plese bear with me. I hope you can help me with my issues. This is my current flavor and specs My main...