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Tips & Tricks was a monthly video game magazine devoted to the subjects of video game cheat codes, strategy guides and lifestyle content. Unlike most video game magazines, it did not include critical reviews of video games and was not a primary source of video game industry news. Instead, it focused on gameplay instructions and hidden "Easter eggs" relating to games that its readers might have already purchased.

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    Referral Legit: I Earned 7K Pesos with Proof of wíhdráwal [ with Tips and Tricks]

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    Referral Legit: I Earned almost 7K Pesos with Proof of wíhdráwal [Updated Tips and Tricks]

    Welcome Visitors Status: Still Active and Paying Kung mahilig ka mag post at share sa F B , dito ka nalang mag post at share may INCOME kapa. Hidden contentHidden content
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    Help Dito Tips and Tricks

    Hello po. I am one of those na nasaktan nung nawala na ng tuluyan c todo 10. I would like to ask if meron po bang tricks for Dito Internet? 😊 Thanks
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    Referral Extra Income in Dollar with Proof of wíhdráwal Payment [with bonus Tips and Tricks]

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    Help Crazy Bird + Tasker Tips and Tricks!

    Paturo naman po ng tricks sa crazy bird baka alam nyo po yung tricks
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    Tutorial IPVanish tips and tricks

    Hello po. Baka po meron kayong tips and tricks para sa pagpili ng maayos na country servers sa IPVanish, hehe.
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    TNT Any Tips and Tricks kay TnT

    any Tips and tricks / Suggestion kay TnT? Salamat in advance
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    Course [UDEMY] Advanced Excel Course With Shortcuts Tips and Tricks for JOB

    Advanced Excel Course With Shortcuts Tips and Tricks for JOB ( 4 Days Left ) This course includes: 4 hours on-demand video 1 article 1 downloadable resource Access on mobile and TV Full lifetime access Certificate of completion Hidden content
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    Magic chess tips and tricks

    tips and tricks naman jan mga utol
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    Hello graduated as a comp eng here, and planning to get an industrial certificate and I was thinking AWS would be help? Is there any tips and tricks or learning paths should I watch/read? thanks
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    Course UDEMY - Advanced Excel Course With Shortcuts Tips and Tricks for JOB

    🩷Para sa mga hindi naka enroll last time🩷 ✨️(Limit: 1000 Enrollment)✨ 🌻Please enroll ASAP or the coupon will expire🌻 Hidden content
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    Magazine Adobe Photoshop Tips and Tricks (15th Ed)

    Adobe Photoshop Tricks and Tips (15th Edition, 2023) ✨Adobe Photoshop Tricks and Tips is the perfect digital publication for the user that wants to take their skill set to the next level. Do you want to enhance your user experience? Or wish to gain insider knowledge? Do you want to learn...
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    Tutorial STOP using Pastepeso

    Landslide Drop ng CPM. Update: Wag nyo na suportahan ang Pastepeso, switch to Adsterra nalang. Nag try ako i-contact admin ng pastepeso; nag email at nag message ako through website nila pero walang sagot. Simula 2nd week of july, bumaba na bigay nila. Siguro mga 8%-10% lang binibigay sa CPM ng...
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    Tutorial Revo Uninstaller Pro any version Tips and Tricks. Easy Exploits

    Hi, I've found a perfect execution and exploits for Revo Uninstaller Pro latest version. Usually, license now have expiration date ( even crcked ones ) but this exploit makes expiration infinitive. All you have to do is: Hope this also works for other trial programs. Thank you.
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    Time Doctor v2 ( Asking for tips and tricks)

    Hi, everything! Im currently employed po as a virtual assistant sa isang agency. In order to track hours of work and productivity, we are using Time Doctor v2. Are there any legally permissible tips and tricks regarding the use of it? Or are there any software you have used na pwede nyo ma...
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    Feedback Salamat PHCorner!

    16 years old palang ako pero nakakaipon na ako ng malaki laki, simula nung nag join ako dito natuto ng mga tricks tips farmings sa sugal (sadly nawala na yun) sobrang thankful parin ako madami ako natutunan dito sa mga forums na to! Solid PHC!
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    Tutorial Tips And Tricks Make Your Own PC

    Magazine for PC building Dropden - Free File Hosting
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    Referral Namimigay ng Strategy si Eureka sa TG tara!

    Strategy ng one click one tap panuorin.! Depende sa inyo kung gusto niyo sundin.. Sumali na sa libreng pattern na binabagsak sa telegram ni dev. TARA na gatasan na natin to.! 70% win rate🔥 200 min. cash in 300 min. cash out Register here: Eureka Online ****** #eureka #easyplay #70%winrate
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    iOS Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks to Make You an iOS Pro

    Hidden content Oh bago ka umalis, simple thank you naman dyan munting pasasalamat sa aking effort sa paggawa ng thread na ito, iyan lang sobrang saya ko na, para ganahan din akong magshare pa ng mga useful threads. If you want to be updated sa mga latest môviê/tv series download links...
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    Referral How to Play and Win Super Ace Slot Game: 7XM Tips and Tricks

    7XM Super Ace Slot Game by Jili In Super Ace Slot Game, original illustrations of cards are used as icons, short but fun animations are present, and the background is abstract. This card-themed slot is designed and published by JILI Slots. Getting to the free spin bonus is easier in Super Ace...
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    Any suggestions what to start with a Toshiba i5 Laptop?

    I just got this device tapos need ko lang suggestions maybe from people din na may tricks for enhancing this device or maybe games na din na goods for this device. I know it's low pero mga suggestion lang naman or maybe tricks for laptops since I am not trained for these devices lang. Kakakuha...
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    Tutorial How To Make Phone Faster

    HOW TO MAKE PHONE FASTER 16 Tips and tricks to make Android Faster 1. Delete Unwanted Apps Well, would you look at that! We bet you’ve seen this tip in every “make your Android phone faster” article, and that’s because it is one of the most common reasons why Android devices lag and...
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    Closed Wi-Fi häçking - From Zero to Hero (All Methods Explained + BONUS) (18 drop) #3rdanniv

    Hello ! For over years now, I'm testing Wifi and got a large of knowledge. So today I want to share with you my experience and all methods that you can use for cr@cking Wifi passwords. In order I will skip some details that you can found on google. This tutorial included screenshot, Tips...
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    [LEAK]Mega häçking Courses (Video Tutorials With All Tools + Ebooks) (11th drop) #3rdanniv

    11th drop #3rdanniv Enjoy! 60+ Rats 80+ Tools 3+ Courses 100+ Ebooks PS: Almost 1gb per file PSS: Available sa bulag LINK: Hidden content
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    Tutorial LEAK Tokenomics FE (10th drop) #3rd anniv

    10th drop #3rdanniv enjoy! SALES PAGE: Rediculously simple steps to crypto success Hands-off strategies – no trading required Discover the same system an 11 year old uses Learn how to pick winning coins Avoid mistakes most newbies make...
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    HäçkPACK | ρrémíùm STUFF'S | MASSIVE COLLECTION WORTH $6999 (7th drop) #3rdanniv

    7th drop #3rdanniv from (darknet) sana makatulong hehe This häçk Pack Includes 13 GB Of häçking Tutorials ,Tools ,BlackHat Guides , Accounts ,Bombers ,BotNet Etc.. LINK: Hidden content
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    4th drop malupitang bigayan hehe #3rdanniv The author does not hold any responsibility for the bad use of this tool, remember this is only for educational purpose. Things you need: A linux machine ( if you dont have this, I think you better should. Totally recommended) All other...
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    [LEAK] häçkers Underground Resources Collection [15GB] (2nd drop) #3rdanniv

    2nd drop SAMA SAMA TAYO MAG CELEBRATE ENJOY NYO MUNA TO BAGO AKO MAGLAPAG FROM(DARKSITES) sana makatulong hehe #3rdanniv [LEAK] häçkers Underground Resources Collection [15GB] Here's what you'll find: Learn Ethical häçking From Scratch Learn Python & Ethical häçking From Scratch Website...
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    Pa advise

    Sa wakas may sarili na din laptop na magagamit 😌 Mga lods ano po dapat ko e expect dito sa specs nya? pahinge na din po ng advise tips and tricks nyo sa pag gamit mga lods kung pwede hehe
  30. V

    Closed POGI?

    Paanu ba maging pogi sa mata ng mga tao?
  31. M

    (help) tips and tricks sa genshin impact

    mga boss share nio naman mga tips and tricks nio sa nag lalaro ng genshin impact..salamats
  32. X

    Trivia closed

    Hidden content Feedback if working yung i-nadvice ko
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    G·TM closed

  34. S


    BEST GUN IN COD MOBILE SEASON 9 TIER LIST Call of Duty Mobile best guns tier list in Season 9: Conquest is out now. Find the best guns to use in COD Mobile Season 9 here: COD Mobile Season 9 Best Gun Tier List: Hidden content
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    Closed How to share you internet connection in http injector in (CP).....via hotspot...(no root)

    how to share your internet connection in http injector via other device like PC/LAPTOP/CP.... kahit hindi rooted ang devices mo.....pwedi nah.... all you need is 1)http injector (android) 2)wifi connection (for hotspot) 3)data cable (if walang wifi hotspot pc/laptop mo)...
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    Closed Share your blessings

    Pahingi naman paying apps at paturo na rin ng tips and tricks
  37. T

    Closed Tnt no load 3g only

    Hi guys. Base po sa exp ko sa pag gamit ng tnt no load. Hindi po ako na block pag 3g connection lang gagamitin ko at dahil lumang sim din gamit(3g sim). Malakas signal pag madaling araw hanggang 8 ng umaga 😀 Buwisit my blog para may visitors naman thanks...
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    Closed Grand chase M

    Mga paps may naglalaro ba nito sa inyo? Any tips sa game na to? Tumal ng SR sakin dito e. Hahahaha. Salamat!
  39. P

    Closed Advanced Tips ng Mga Master!!!!

    Extra: Mga master Tanong ko lng saan ba kayu nakakabasa/nakakaupdated para sa mga app o site na walang data charge na news nila yung article para maging updated din ako..Para sa No Load Payload.. -Sa ngayung kase puro no Capping Payload na kikita/ na huhunt ko.. I have 7 no capping Payload 3...
  40. J

    Closed How to Iwas Blocking Tips

    Direct TU Promo from store Set data to 3g Only Mag stream kanalang wag mona idownload para to sa mahilig manood nang 4rn...or movies Before 12 am airplanemode after 12:01 am open data... Hope it helps.....
  41. D

    Closed Privacy tips

    Some privacy tips Kung ikaw ay nangangamba para sa iyong privacy, makakatulong sa iyo ang mga tips na ito. Ayaw mo ba na sinusundan ka ng mga "targeted ads"? Nangangamba ka ba na gumagana ang front camera ng phone mo sa ilang mga websites? Ayaw mo ba na dinedetect ang iyong location? Maaring...

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