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The Fast Local Internet Protocol (FLIP) is a suite of internet protocols, which provide Security transparency, security and network management. FLIP was designed at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to support remote procedure calling in the Amoeba distributed operating system.
In the OSI model, FLIP occupies layer 3, thus replacing IP, but it also obviates the need for a transport-level protocol like TCP.
FLIP is a connectionless protocol designed to support transparency, group communication, secure communication and easy network management. The following FLIP properties helps to achieve the efficiency requirements:

FLIP identifies entities called network service access points (NSAPs).
FLIP uses a one way mapping between the “private” address, used to register an endpoint of a network connection, and the “public” address used to advertise the endpoint.
FLIP routes messages based on NSAP.
FLIP uses a bit in the message header to request transmission of sensitive messages across trusted networks.

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    Help DITO sim on wifi

    May way po kaya pra maging stable ung internet signal ng dito sim sa globe wifi router ?? Unstable kase sya pag online games paturo naman po ng tricks pra maging stable kung meron man thanksss
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    Termux root and non rooted android

    marunong na kayo paanu magpabilis ng network see my results using termux app and not rooted ako see how fast my internet using that app try nyo lang... godbless and gudeve po
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    TNT Tnt no load 3g only

    Hi guys. Base po sa exp ko sa pag gamit ng tnt no load. Hindi po ako na block pag 3g connection lang gagamitin ko at dahil lumang sim din gamit(3g sim). Malakas signal pag madaling araw hanggang 8 ng umaga 😀 Buwisit my blog para may visitors naman thanks...
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    Sun Help po.

    Pwede po patulong, I need a ehi link po for fast browsing and YøùTùbé .Need ko po. Please thanks po
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    Http injector ehi files 100% legit, low ping, fast internet, supports mobile gaming, watch movies

    Non rooted/rooted 5 days Singapore
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    Closed Eproxy for pc hataw mabilis pa kay injector

    Ang HINIHINTAY nyu nandito na kelangan po may java runtime environment ang pc nyu para gumana disable antivirus nagkakaroon po siya ng false detection use plink click view tas IDE log ng makita ang status NEED PROMO Tm COC5 AT SULITXT5 para no capping unli 3server inside the file wag hit and...
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    Closed Tnt.ehi (promo)5 payloads inside boomshakalaka!

    3g ka lang ba? H+? Okay lang yan.. Mabilis naman tong ehi ko mainit init pa. Try mo lang. Register to any promo. Viber10 COC10 WATTPAD10 Expiry date nasa loob po :) Kahit like lang po ayos na <3
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    Smart TNT Sun Ultra fast internet/free net no load need

    Hellow ito share ko For Smart lte and SmartPrepaid or Smart Buddy Users Visayas Mindanao Patry nalang sa Luzon Tested viz and min Pink or white Green or Polka dot Dual cut or Triple cut Use Http injector v4.0(55) Expires:Nov.13 Open For wifi/data Link SMARTBRO Smart...
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    Closed New working proxy 100%

    Ito po Pang Facebook10. tas lagay mo this sa payload generate Don't forget to add letter "s" after magenerate. Nawawala kasi yung "s" sa https after mag generate.
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    Closed Mas mabilis na internet?

    Ano po mas mabilis na free internet psophon o injector sa province?
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    Closed Lakas nito mga ka phc

    Pm kung sino my gusto first 25 lang po.
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    Closed May ibubulong ako...

    Comment your email at ibubulong ko sayo...
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    Speed up your globe tattoo broadband internet connection with internet cyclone

    :drink: Internet Cyclone is a powerful easy-to-use Internet (TCP/IP) optimizer for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP/7 and 8 designed to configure and personalize Internet secret settings in Windows which will boost your Internet connection speed up to 200%. Internet Cyclone is compatible with all...