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The Toshiba T1100 is a laptop manufactured by Toshiba in 1985, and has subsequently been described by Toshiba as "the world's first mass-market laptop computer". Its technical specifications were comparable to the original IBM PC desktop, using floppy disks (it had no hard drive), a 4.77 MHz Intel 80C88 CPU (a lower-power variation of the Intel 8088), 256 KB of conventional RAM extendable to 512 KB, and a monochrome LCD capable of displaying 80x25 text and 640x200 CGA graphics. Its original price was 1899 USD.
The T1100 PLUS is a later model of this laptop, released to the market in 1986. Some significant differences to the T1100 are: 16-bit data bus 80C86 CPU, 7.16 MHz or 4.77 MHz operation, 256 KB of conventional RAM (16-bit) extendable to 640 KB, and two internal 720 KB 3.5" diskette drives.The T1100 was named an IEEE Milestone in 2009.

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    Toshiba laptop cpu cooling fan

    Naghahanap po ako mg cpu cooling fan for toshiba tecra z40-b... baka meron po kayo dyan yung budget meal lang po. Iyan po yung details ng cpu cooling fan... sorry po kung wrong post
  2. L

    Any suggestions what to start with a Toshiba i5 Laptop?

    I just got this device tapos need ko lang suggestions maybe from people din na may tricks for enhancing this device or maybe games na din na goods for this device. I know it's low pero mga suggestion lang naman or maybe tricks for laptops since I am not trained for these devices lang. Kakakuha...
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    Closed Laptop ram

    May toshiba satelite laptoo po ako I3 tapos 3gb lang ang RAM pwde naman po palitan ng 8GB ram po ito diba? gusto ko kasi mag install ng video editor and dota 2. Pag open ko po sa laptop ko may 2 ram doon ano po yun nakahato ba ang 3gb like for each ram ay 1.5? o isa lang gumagana doon
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    Closed Toshiba Satellite C-40A Concern

    Gusto ko po sana mag install ng bagong OS, kaso everytime po na mag start na yung installation, mag stop na po bigla tas lalabas ang prompt message na "Unable to install OS as disk is write protected". Sinubukan ko na po yung mag troubleshoot using DISKPART, pati na rin po mag convert from GPT...
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    Closed Disabling secure boot, uefi to legacy mode at downgrading from win10 to 7?

    Good pm guys. meron akong laptop dito windows 10 sya pwede pa tut sa complete steps in -DISABLING SECURE BOOT -UEFI TO LEGACY MODE -FROM WINDOWS 10 TO 7? Toshiba L50D-A yung laptop ko guys maraming salamat guys
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    Closed Toshiba blackscreen

    Pano po ba ayusin to? Kapag power-on ko lumalabas lang ang Toshiba then pagnadis-appear na black screen na po.. may nainstall po yata ako na SDK software.. patulong po.. Sa mga computer technician, magkano po paayos nito.? Salamat sa tutulong
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    Closed Toshiba

    Mga master patulong naman po SA laptop ko.,pag e chacharge ko po,ng biblink Lang Yong white LED.,tapos wlang power.,
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    Closed Toshiba Laptop (KEYBOARD PROBLEM)

    Hey Guys ! Sana may makasolved ng problem ko about sa laptop ko kasi yung Keyboard kapag pinress ko yung SHIFT + 2 ayaw lumabas ng Symbol na dapat ito "@" hindi ko alam kong paano nangyari yun tsk tsk sana may maktulong sa akin dito :) salamat in advance ^_^