Open source is source code that is made freely available for possible modification and redistribution. Products include permission to use the source code, design documents, or content of the product. The open-source model is a decentralized software development model that encourages open collaboration.
A main principle of open-source software development is peer production, with products such as source code, blueprints, and documentation freely available to the public. The open-source movement in software began as a response to the limitations of proprietary code. The model is used for projects such as in open-source appropriate technology, and open-source drug discovery.Open source promotes universal access via an open-source or free license to a product's design or blueprint, and universal redistribution of that design or blueprint. Before the phrase open source became widely adopted, developers and producers have used a variety of other terms. Open source gained hold with the rise of the Internet. The open-source software movement arose to clarify copyright, licensing, domain, and consumer issues.
Generally, open source refers to a computer program in which the source code is available to the general public for use or modification from its original design. Code is released under the terms of a software license. Depending on the license terms, others may then download, modify, and publish their version (fork) back to the community.
Many large formal institutions have sprung up to support the development of the open-source movement, including the Apache Software Foundation, which supports community projects such as the open-source framework Apache Hadoop and the open-source HTTP server Apache HTTP.

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  1. J

    IPTV TV Stream Source : NickelodeonHD (PH Stream Same as Cignal but much better quality)

    patry nlang mga boss and bka may alam kayong source ng NBA TV at ung ibang channels ng cignal play pabulong nman
  2. S

    IPTV Source: SONY PIX HD

    Program Name: Sony Pix HD Origin: India via Sony Liv Genre: Movies Hidden content
  3. P

    IPTV TV STREAM SOURCE: One Sports HD (Cignal Play)

    Channel Name: One Sports HD (Cignal Play Feed) Origin: Philippines Source: Hidden content Leave a feedback if working.
  4. P


    Channel Name: RPTV HD (Cignal Play Feed) Origin: Philippines Source: Hidden content Leave a feedback if working.
  5. P


    Channel Name: TV5 HD (Cignal Play Feed) Origin: Philippines Source: Hidden content Leave a feedback if working.
  6. P

    IPTV TV STREAM SOURCE: Discovery Asia (Mongolian Feed)

    Channel Name: Discovery Asia Origin: Asia (Mongolian Feed) Source: Hidden content Leave a feedback if working.
  7. P


    Channel Name: HBO HD Origin: Taiwan Source: Hidden content Leave a feedback if working.
  8. S

    Source: WION

    Program Name: WION (No Buffering) ;) Origin: India Genre: News Source: Hidden content
  9. P

    IPTV TV STREAM SOURCE: Lotus Macau (Mongolian Feed)

    Channel Name: Lotus Macau Origin: Macau (Mongolian Feed) Source: Hidden content Leave a feedback if working.
  10. S

    Source: STADIUM

    Program Name: Stadium (No Buffering);) Origin: US Genre: Sports ?? Hidden content Comment nalang if working
  11. L

    Course Udemy | LATEST | Learn Advanced Python Programming | SOURCE CODE | Limited Time Only | April 08, 2024

    100% Advanced Python Bootcamp | Learn Advanced Python Programming | with Python Programming Examples with Source Code What you will learn: ✅Understand the fundamentals of functional programming, including lambda functions, map, filter, reduce, decorators, generators, and iterators. ✅Basic...
  12. P

    IPTV TV STREAM SOURCE: Cartoon Network Asia (Mongolian Feed)

    Channel Name: Cartoon Network Origin: Asia (Mongolian Feed) Language: English Source: Hidden content Leave a feedback if working.
  13. P

    Help Meron po bang Virtual Machine na pang Kali Linux

    Meron po bang Virtual Machine na pang Kali Linux na pde irun sa Windows 11 ko, pa share nmn po ng source niu salamat
  14. C

    Counter Strike Source Offline Lan

    Counter Strike Source pang Offline lan sa naghahanap. Download lang ang File "Counter Strike Source.daa" at extract gamit ang power .iso" Hidden content Counter Strike Source Fixs Lag PowerIso
  15. C

    Help May link or source po ba kayo ng episode ng Maalaala mo kaya title is Kopita

    May link or source po ba kayo ng episode ng Maalaala mo kaya title is Kopita
  16. S


    Program Name: BRITBOX MYSTERIES Origin: US Network: PlutoTV Hidden content Comment if working add niyo sa playlist niyo
  17. C

    Counter Strike Source Lag fixs

    Counter Strike Source Lag Fixs sa low end pc tested sa offline lan. Follow lang ang step 1. Download mo ang file "CSS Tweak" at extract ito 2. Hanapin kung saang Location na ka save ang Counter Strike Source. Sa akin, "D:\Games\Counter Srike Source\" 3. Sa dinanload mo na file hanapin si...
  18. S

    Source: BEANO TV

    Program Name: BEANOTV Origin: UK Source: Hidden content Comment nalang if working
  19. H

    [C++] ImGui Internal source [Ready to Build][Free]

    Create your own function its a pre build Internal source base ImGui Requirements: Visual Studio 2019 and 2022 [Any version] Knowledge of C++ Brain P.S. Still not accessible for Leacher and Non Established. Hidden content
  20. M

    8 Ball Pool Cheto | Source Code

    Hello mga lodz, eto na yung source code ng cheto 8 ball pool. Run nyo sa Visual Studio, then start in Release (x64) C++ language po yan. Di ko alam ano gagawin nyan, kayo na bahala. Sa pagkakatanda ko mga "Offsets at D2DOverlay" lang daw e-update nyan. Dropden - Free File Hosting Kung may...
  21. P

    Cheat 8 Ball Pool Source Code

    Sino may source code po dyan na parang VVIP MODS rin po at sino ang original author ng VVIP MODS 8 ball pool na may Normal button, Trickshot Button, 9 Ball at Hide button, handa ako magbayad for source code po, hirap makakuha ng source pero may own Menu na po ako sa 8 ball pool, need ko na lang...
  22. T

    Looking For: Earthquake Alerter with SMS Notification (with source code)

    Mga bosing, I'm looking for "Earthquake Alarm/Detector with SMS Notification (with source code)", project po ng anak ko ^_^....
  23. J

    Referral Source Network Airdrop

    Still on early stage. Better to get in now and earn xp to level up. Use my link below. Thanks! Open Quest Initiative: Embarking on a Journey with Source Network
  24. I

    Saan po pwede i-upload yung source code?

    Hello po. Gusto ko po sana ipa-critic sa mga expert dito yung system na ginawa ko, kaso di ko alam kung saan ko i-uupload yung source code. Di pa rin po kasi ako marunong gumamit ng Github, inaaral ko pa lang. Baka may alam po kayong way kung paano mashare yung code?
  25. A

    Help Need another source of income

    Sino dyan meron alam na legit earning app? Badly needed lang kapos ang sweldo eh baka meron kayo dyan? Baka pwede pasabit. Thanks sa mag rereply.
  26. X

    Help Hello Guys Single Landing Page Source for Online Games.

    Hello Guys Single Landing Page Source for Online Games, pasilip naman po, hehehe :)
  27. M

    Suggest po source of income for incoming college student?

    Graduating senior high na po ako this year and gusto ko mag side hustle. Para may sariling pera kahit papaano. Any suggestion po? Kahit ano basta pass po sa sugal. Thanks po
  28. Y

    Help Help po any system source code na gawa sa at naoopen sa 2010 version

    baka meron po kayong system na gawa sa at mysql database kahit simple lang po pashare ng source code po need lang salamt
  29. I

    For Sale Hadan Source Code

    Hadan A powerful proxies checker & scraper exclusive to PHCorner Due to little to no use (Not a lot of people using it) of Hadan I decided to sell It's source-code.
  30. B

    Televizo New Update

    Televizo New Update Update Info: 86 Channels Good Source Fully Enhance Enjoy!
  31. H

    Tutorial Game Cheat Trainer Source Code (Developed in C# Language)

    The purpose of this is to guide every new "coder" (as we call it) to the basic to have at least a foundation on learning häçking. Requirements: ✅Visual Studio 2017/2019/2022 ✅Any Hex Reader Ex. Cheat Engine/WPE/ArtMoney/BitSlicer etc. (this is needed for getting Addresses of a specific Memory)...
  32. F

    Open source app for creating ERD

    Happy new year po! Gusto ko sana i-share 'yung open source project ko sa community ng phcorner. Bali, ito ay 'tool' lamang para makagawa ka ng Entity Relationship Diagram—para ma-visualize mo 'yung structure ng database mo. Kaso, need ko pa ng official logo kaya hindi ko pa siya ma-release pero...
  33. S

    Looking for Lotus Macau Source

    Good day po sa lahat baka may source kayo diyan ng Lotus Macau guys nawala na pala yung anren na source baka pwedi pabulong salamat
  34. O

    Help Best laptop for open source LLMs and gaming?

    lods best laptop po para sa opensource llms tsaka gaming tsaka video editing penge huggingface rtx 4060, a must? thank you
  35. N

    Gcash Hide Developer Options detection using Geto in Android(Open source)

    Open Source🫨 Available na sa GitHub at F-Droid: Gusto ko sana i-share tong app na gawa ko last month. Sa mga naka-Developer options diyan, alam naman natin na pag-turn off ng Developer Options sa settings, lahat ng settings eh marereset gaya ng Animations etc. Meron naman way para i-turn off...
  36. J

    IPTV IPTV Source

    Para lahat tayo masaya ikaw na bahala humanap sa makakasama mo sa future iba dyan kahit expired na nag auto renew 😂😁🤣 Hidden content
  37. A

    Referral Join Source Network Now!

    Confirmed Airdrop👀💥🪂 Raised $11M👀 Followed by OKX VENTURES💥 (Take note Arkham Raised $11m g Profit 4000$) Note: Only 10 Referrals🙌 Link and Instructions Here: Hidden content
  38. M

    Help Selling system for capstone, kasama ba ang source code?

    Ask lang po, sinasama nyo po ba yung source code or yung build project lang? Any tips din sa pag benta ng capstone system. Thanks you.
  39. S

    IPTV Sino meron source ng CINEMACHI DOCU ?

    baka meron kayo jan cinemachi docu na source pa share naman
  40. J


    Gusto ko lahat masaya😁 Sana hndi hit & run marunong magpasalamat ito gawin mga papsi lahat ay mag comment ng "Salamat PhCorner" Hidden content
  41. O

    Help Best Hosting For Open Source?

    Yung libre lang tsaka mura yung yearly tapos madali lang mag github fork
  42. E

    Help Pano kaya ifix di ma build itong .exe source code from github

    sa mga batak mag visual studio pano po kaya fix to? link ng source code: GitHub - ProfessorJTJ/HISuite-Proxy: Modifying HiSuite and manipulating it's connection data to install Roms before they officially get released.
  43. S

    VIAPLAY XTRA - Source

    TV CHANNEL: VIAPLAY XTRA COUNTRY: UK GENRE: SPORTS Affiliated ata ng Premier Sports to check nyu nalang. Link: Hidden content
  44. C

    Crowd source: direct supplier

    Anyone po na may alam ng mga bodega/supplier ng mga OEM/Topgrade shoes? Direct supplier sana straight from bodega.
  45. R

    Help Source for fish bone/fish bone ashes

    bale need po nmen ng pagkukuhanan ng fish bones or kung pde diretso fish bone ashes na para sa research namin bka may ma suggest kau ty po