Enclosed C or circled Latin C (Ⓒ or ⓒ) is a typographical symbol. As one of many enclosed alphanumerics, the symbol is a "C" within a circle.

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    C# monitoring system

    baka may suggestion po kayo pwedeng gawan ng monitoring system, database langg po ay textfile lang muna sample po ay employee attendance monitroingg system using c# windows forms
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    Help OEX app mission C

    Baka po pwedeng maka hingi ng core niyo jan pang mission C lang po kahit 0.4 - 0.4 Lang salamat 0xC4b5249FB803197A8F74Eba0674D7032b3D4b4dA
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    C++ Pointers cookbook Cheat Sheet

    by nimakarimian Hidden content
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    Pa openline po huawei E5785-92C

    Pa open Line Po Huawei E5785-92C imei -- 867044040224453 salamat po
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    IPTV AXN Asia m3u8

    tested Link: Hidden content Note: Copy And Pate Paste To VLC
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    New Programming Language Like Python but as Fast as C

    Good news sa mga game developer like me meron nang bagong programming language na python ang syntax pero kasing bilis C programming language. Visit this link. Mojo 🔥: Programming language for all of AI Watch this on YøùTùbé. https:// y o u t u .b e /V4gGJ7XXlC0?si=KTzvSqNQ1r-JCURc
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    Referral Nagpapahiwatig na c DYOR

    Kung di ka nakasali sa wait list ito na pag asa mo para makakuha ng airdrop DYORDEX Click or copy link sa dapp browser like trust wallet, metamask , etc...then connect wallet Do the task to get 10 DYOR token
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    Course Udemy | Learn Embarcadero Borland C++ Builder in 1 hour | Limited Time Only | April 08, 2024

    Create form-based apps similar to Visual Basic, where you drag and drop buttons, input boxes, labels etc onto forms. What you will learn: ✅Create rich GUI-based applications ✅Create form based programs similar to visual basic forms ✅Create standalone software ✅Using Forms, Labels and Buttons...
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    Help Curious about Shopee/Lazada/Tiktok pa checkout

    Hello PHC Fam Recently naka join ako sa Shopee Checkout na group tapos nagpa add nadin sa mga group chat. Okay lang ba yun na number ko gagamitin? tas provided naman nila yung address. Mga nababasa ako sa reddit nakakaban?
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    Course Udemy | 650+ C Interview Questions Practice Tests | Limited Time Only | April 04, 2024

    Master C Programming: Ace Interviews with Confidence – Comprehensive Practice Tests and Expert Insights. What you will learn: ✅ Engage in practice tests to sharpen problem-solving abilities and boost confidence in C-related interview scenarios. ✅Understand C’s data types, operators, and...
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    C / C++

    Hidden content
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    Course Udemy- 450+ C++ Interview Questions Practice Tests I | Limited Time Only | April 04, 2024

    Elevate Your C++ Interview Skills with Practice Tests – Conquer Common C++ Questions and Land Your Ideal Role! What you will learn: ✅ Master basic concepts of C++ programming language, laying a strong foundation for further learning and application. ✅Gain proficiency in C++ data manipulation...
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    Help Bigla bigla nwawala ang connection sa Type C cable ng Keyboard

    Guys bakit kaya gnun may alam ba kayo solution pwala wala minsan connection ng keyboard ko type c usb sya tapos wireless pero di ko ginagamit yung wireless. Salamat sa sasagot.
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    N E T F L I X __A C C O U NT

    Hidden content Hidden content
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    Help Scientific calculator casio fx-991es plus c emulator for pc

    create a python code for scientific calculator casio fx-991es plus c emulator for pc. Bot
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    Fiction Avatar, The Last Airbender: The Dawn of Yangchen by F. C. Yee

    Overview: From the New York Times bestselling author of Avatar, the Last Airbender: The Rise of Kyoshi and Avatar, the Last Airbender: The Shadow of Kyoshi comes a thrilling new chapter in the Chronicles of the Avatar series Yangchen’s inexperience may prove to be her greatest asset . . ...
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    Fiction Avatar, The Last Airbender: The Rise of Kyoshi by F. C. Yee, Michael Dante DiMartino

    Overview: The Rise of Kyoshi delves into the story of Kyoshi, the Earth Kingdom–born Avatar. The longest-living Avatar in this beloved world's history, Kyoshi established the brave and respected Kyoshi Warriors, but also founded the secretive Dai Li, which led to the corruption, decline, and...
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    Deployment of system C#

    Ha help naman po, my problem is deploying my system, na pupublish ko po siya pero pag sa ibang laptop ko na po ipapa install dipo siya working. ano po ba prob neto? visual studio 2022 gamit ko po, C#
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    Help Turbo C

    Baka Meron po kayong eBook sa Turbo C
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    [C++] ImGui Internal source [Ready to Build][Free]

    Create your own function its a pre build Internal source base ImGui Requirements: Visual Studio 2019 and 2022 [Any version] Knowledge of C++ Brain P.S. Still not accessible for Leacher and Non Established. Hidden content
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    Help Pahelp po for Capstone Topic for Data Science

    Hello po mga ka phc, papatulong sana po ako, hihingi lang ng recommendations or ideas regarding sa Capstone Topic na related sa Data Science na may systems na included po. Sana matulungan po, salamat!
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    Xtream codes with PH Channels (no expiry)

    #xtreamcodes - remove space on URL http:/ /et1.xyz:25461 username= Teresaj49 password= Brendaje12 username= Travmattic password= Chopper88 username= elamountain password= password username= dubber2426 password= dimple2426
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    Referral High tide x DRIP claim collection

    High tide x DRIP - community sweepstake Sa mga may drip Claim na Ang mavia tska pixel tapos na Hanggang feb. 26 lang to Hidden content
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    Help Caught in the Ex files

    Sino meron nito mga papi? Saan pwede mapanuod ng libre? Salamat guys.
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    C++ free online course

    Mga maam/sir baka may alam po kayong free online course para sa C++? Salamat po
  26. R


    Okay ba ang c++ gamiting para sa pag gawa ng game
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    Course [Udemy 2-6-24 Limited] Learn to Program with C# from Scratch | C# Immersive

    Introduction to coding with C#. C# working tools. Variables, Data Types, Conversions, Operators, and Doing Math. Strings and Working with text using C# Techniques. Making Different Decisions: if – else if – else, and switch – case. Loops, Repetitions, and Iterators: while, do while, for, and...
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    Course [Udemy 2-6-24 Limited] Master C++ Programming From Beginner To Advance 2023 Edition

    Content: C++ Programming , C++ Tutorial , C++ Lecture , C++ Course , C++ 11 , C++ 14 , C++ 17 Qt 5 C++ GUI Development For Beginners , QT GUI , Qt 5 , qt 5 , Qt C++ Concepts of C++ Programming are made very simple and easy. Hidden content
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    Course [Udemy 2-6-24 Limited] Java And C++ And Php Crash Course For Beginners

    C++ , Java And PHP Complete Crash Course 2022 Section 1: C++ Crash Course This course will help you learn C++ basics and give you hands-on experience to create your own projects and work with computer memory. With its adaptability and fast rendering, you’ll find the C++ programming language...
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    Help Error when entering *123#

    Yung bagong register na tnt sim ko eto lumalabas pag nag *123# ako "sorry you are not allowed to use this service thank you for using smart" any fix po ba dito?
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    Course [Udemy 2-5-24 Limited] The Complete C & C++ Programming Course - Mastering C & C++

    Description Welcome to the definitive resource for aspiring programmers and software developers! "The Complete C & C++ Programming Course" is your comprehensive roadmap to becoming a master of the C and C++ programming languages. Whether you're a novice seeking to learn the foundational...
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    Help C&C Generals zero hour window mode?

    sa mga naglalaro dyan dati ng command and conquer zero hour paano ba gawin window mode lang yung paglalaro yung pwede ko parin mapindot yung mga nasa taskbar ko kahit naka open yung games
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    DITO How can i get free load

    How can i get free load
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    Course [Udemy] Mastering C Language - C Programming For Beginners 2024 [Jan 30 2024]

    Learn mastering C programming language only for beginners. Join the Comprehensive C Masterclass! Udemy Link: Hidden content ✳ 🎀 𝐿𝒾𝓀𝑒 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝐹𝑒𝑒𝒹𝒷𝒶𝒸𝓀 𝓅🌞 🎀 ✳:02Hype:
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    Course [Udemy] C++ Training Crash Course [Jan 30 2024]

    Udemy Link: Hidden content ✳ 🎀 𝐿𝒾𝓀𝑒 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝐹𝑒𝑒𝒹𝒷𝒶𝒸𝓀 𝓅🌞 🎀 ✳:02Hype:
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    Course C# for Beginners

    Hidden content