In genetics, an enhancer is a short (50–1500 bp) region of DNA that can be bound by proteins (ac†ïvâ†ørs) to increase the likelihood that transcription of a particular gene will occur. These proteins are usually referred to as transcription factors. Enhancers are cis-acting. They can be located up to 1 Mbp (1,000,000 bp) away from the gene, upstream or downstream from the start site. There are hundreds of thousands of enhancers in the human genome. They are found in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes.The first discovery of a eukaryotic enhancer was in the immunoglobulin heavy chain gene in 1983. This enhancer, located in the large intron, provided an explanation for the transcriptional activation of rearranged Vh gene promoters while unrearranged Vh promoters remained inactive.

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    Help Memory Enhancer?

    Hi phc! Ano po maganadang memory enhancer na vitamins? Mag take kasi ako ng board exam tapos parang makalimotan ko agad yung formulas 😅 or any tips nlng po
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    Help Best Sound Enhancer for Android Recommendation

    Aside po sa Viper which required root, any sound enhancer na marerecommend nyo? Yong sakto lang po timpla ng bass at treble sana. Thanks.
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    Software para sa mga may malabo/madilim na webcam o kaya mga gustong iadjust ang brightness, contrast ,saturation etc. Ayos na ayos para sa mga naka work from home at mga nakaonline class. Try niyo to mga lods baka makatulong ,need lang nakaopen camera app bago iopen para makita adjustments...
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    Kung ang best photo enhancer ay Remini, ano naman po sa video enhancement?
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    LIBRENG EDIT Sa mga naghahanap ng work diyan na need ng picture pangresume

    Reply lang kayo dito. Edit natin pag di ako busy
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    Help Gloxi Height Enhancer

    May nakapag-try na ba dito gumamit ng gloxi? Legit ba na nakakadagdag sya ng height? 5'7 height ko, gusto ko sana madagdagan kahit mga 2 inches lang.
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    Tutorial AI Image Enlarger & Enhancer Tools

    All-in-one AI toolkits help you enhance and upscale images. Increases image resolution without losing quality. Hidden content
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    Tutorial Cr3ate Stunn1ng V1$uals in Your Photo!

    🍏🍎 𝐍𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚 𝐀𝐩𝐩𝐥𝐞 🍎🍏 Tools 1. Cleaup (people, object, text) 2. Remove Backgrounds 3. Relight 4. Image upscaler Hidden content ꧁▪️NESTEA TIMELINE ࿐ 🔔Unmute Notification & Follow Me ✅
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    Help Video quality enhancer

    Good day mga paps, may alam po ba kayong app or site po kung saan ma e-enhance po yung quality vid for free? Need lang po for school.
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    Food Brain enhancers!?

    Survey lang mga lods baka makatulong din sa ibang magtatake ng exams. Anong effective na brain supplement/enhancers na gamit nyo? Ito lang kse alam ko pero diko alam kung effective ba talaga: MemoPlus gold Glutaphos Suggest nadin yung iba ano experience nyo while taking your supplement
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    Closed Pampabilis ng net [Pwede din sa Globe]

    May nahalukay lang ako sa mga folders ko :D ewan ko kung repost na to hehehe paki comment lang kung repost na :)