Avatar (Sanskrit: अवतार, avatāra; pronounced [ɐʋɐtaːrɐ]), is a concept within Hinduism that in Sanskrit literally means "descent". It signifies the material appearance or incarnation of a powerful deity, goddess or spirit on Earth. The relative verb to "alight, to make one's appearance" is sometimes used to refer to any guru or revered human being.The word avatar does not appear in the Vedic literature; however, it appears in developed forms in post-Vedic literature, and as a noun particularly in the Puranic literature after the 6th century CE. Despite that, the concept of an avatar is compatible with the content of the Vedic literature like the Upanishads as it is symbolic imagery of the Saguna Brahman concept in the philosophy of Hinduism. The Rigveda describes Indra as endowed with a mysterious power of assuming any form at will. The Bhagavad Gita expounds the doctrine of Avatara but with terms other than avatar.Theologically, the term is most often associated with the Hindu god Vishnu, though the idea has been applied to other deities. Varying lists of avatars of Vishnu appear in Hindu scriptures, including the ten Dashavatara of the Garuda Purana and the twenty-two avatars in the Bhagavata Purana, though the latter adds that the incarnations of Vishnu are innumerable. The avatars of Vishnu are important in Vaishnavism theology. In the goddess-based Shaktism tradition of Hinduism, avatars of the Devi in different appearances such as Tripura Sundari, Durga and Kali are commonly found. While avatars of other deities such as Ganesha and Shiva are also mentioned in medieval Hindu texts, this is minor and occasional. The incarnation doctrine is one of the important differences between Vaishnavism and Shaivism traditions of Hinduism.Incarnation concepts that are in some aspects similar to avatar are also found in Buddhism, Christianity, and other religions.The scriptures of Sikhism include the names of numerous Hindu gods and goddesses, but it rejected the doctrine of savior incarnation and endorsed the view of Hindu Bhakti movement saints such as Namdev, that formless eternal god is within the human heart, and man is his own savior.

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    Netflix avatar

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    Avatar: The way of my water.

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    Cute Anime for Avatar

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    Tutorial Free Avatar Generator

    A ρrémíùm service that creates an interesting avatar for you. Supported by GPT-4 Vision and DALL-E 3. You just need to upload a photo and choose a style. A high quality avatar will be ready. Ideal for social networks Hidden content
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    Avatar auth tool credit

    pabili po salamat
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    AI Avatar Pa edit po

    I have po image here in my gallery, pa make po ako ng AI avatar. Thank you!
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    Help Baka gusto niyo pagawa ng banner sa ml,genshin,hsr,codm, Roblox and farlight pang avatar nyo

    Ito mga examples,note customize po kayo po mag suggest kung anong gusto ipalagay nyo or kung anong design gusto nyo. Price? 10-15 pesos lng depende sa design. If interested ka comment kalang or pm ka sa fb ko suzuki aki.
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    Help Remini app with avatar maker?

    Baka may mod kayo Ng Remini ai na may avatar maker Wala na Kasi mga post Dito. Salamat
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    Avatar Reckoning

    Guys baka may aapp kayo neto. Not available kasi saken. Wala akong mahanap sa browser.
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    Anyare kay PHC-QUALCOMM?

    anyare kay qualcomm? naging guest na lang siya. if banned then mag pupula yung avatar at yung pangalan niya. ?
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    Mobile Legends Epic and Up HD Avatar Free Download

    Mga Lods, sa mga naghahanap ng HD Avatar ng ML pasok! Pasensya na at yan ang nakayanan ko na iedit. pero kahawig naman.
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    Avatar auth tool account

    sino po yung may account sa avatar auth tool yung may credits po bilhin ko nalang salamat
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    Nalipat na yung Avatar 3 (2024)

    Nilipat ko sa Movie section dahil nasa wrong section po kasi. Ito na po ang bagong link sa thread: https://phcorner.net/threads/2024-avatar-3-way-of-the-water-2-sequel.1664275/ Enjoy! ;)
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    Avatar Auth Tool

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    Help Moving Avatar Photo

    Good day mga paps! How po maglagay ng moving photo sa avatar? Pag GIF kase hindi rin nagalaw eh. Salamat❤️
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    Avatar 2018 Malinaw na Malinaw (Stream)

    click this ------> plss support :) Director : James Cameron Stars : Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy Release : 2009-12-18 Rating : 7.8 from imd Story : When his brother is killed in a robbery...
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    Dec 25 code (reward gfl mg36 frame and avatar)

    cidezbzp7r cidfzbzhmb
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    Avatar Rice

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    Help Pagingi po ng movie na avatar 2

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    Direct Link Complete | Avatar: The Last Airbender - Complete Series

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    monkey wrench .. fan sign
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    Tutorial PHCorner Avatar (Elite Style) With PSD File

    At dahil bored ako, share ko lang itong ginawa kong avatar for PHCorner with Elite Style. Open for Photoshop users with PSD file. (Editable Name) PSD file: https://dropmb.com/96ZQs Font Used: Montserrat Regular https://dropmb.com/oCZZX Enjoy!
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    Avatar: The Last Airbender san po kaya makaka download nito? Thanks
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    Poll GIF Avatar

    I just want to know how many of you are in favor of bringing back the GIF avatar option in this forum.
  33. FB Avatar

    FB Avatar

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    Closed Sa mga gusto ng Forum AVATAR

    wala kabang makitang avatar.. try mo rito.. https://avatars.alphacoders.com/ https://www.avatarist.com/ http://www.tiptopglobe.com/free-forum-avatars
  35. Avatar


    Aang The Last Fishball Vendor😂
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    Closed tadbalik :D

    Akala ko may nakahäçk na ng account ko at bago ang avatar. ung pala balikatad hahaha :)
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    Closed Baliktad

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    Closed The legend of korra season 1 to 4

    AVATAR (Direct Link) The Legend of Korra Season 1 Season 1 Episode 1&2 http://dl1.irani-dl.com/serial/The%20Legend%20of%20Korra/Season%201/The%20Legend%20of%20Korra-S01E01E02.720p.WEB-DL.x264(www.irani-dl.ir).mkv Episode 3...
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    Closed Funny avatar

    san po pwede magdownload ng mga mgaganda at funny na avatar ?? maglalagay na sana ako ng avatar ko :-D thanks guys.
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    Closed Gif profile pic

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    Closed Avatar

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