Cuteness is a subjective term describing a type of attractiveness commonly associated with youth and appearance, as well as a scientific concept and analytical model in ethology, first introduced by Konrad Lorenz. Lorenz proposed the concept of baby schema (Kindchenschema), a set of facial and body features that make a creature appear "cute" and activate ("release") in others the motivation to care for it. Cuteness may be ascribed to people as well as things that are regarded as attractive or charming.

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    So cute

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    Hi you're so cute :3

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    Cute ng anak ko

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    This Is Such A Cutie

    In the USA, they will call this creature a skinwalker. LOL
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    Coke cute size Jpeg.

    get na ahahahhaa
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    Cute mo Kap

  7. A

    Ang cute SK palang kasi

  8. B

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    A Dancing Cat

    I saw a video somewhere and I shared it on TikTok with a caption "So cute!! Punyetang pusa ka. Mas magaling ka pang sumyaw kesa sa akin.. hayop ka" Then few foreigners commented..
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    Super cute sarap tirisin

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    Banana cute

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    Help Ipakita mo nga ang cute na alaga?

    Pakitaan ng mga cute at adorable na alaga. Pakita niyo nga yung sa inyo?
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    Ang cute ni...

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    Bili na kayong batang cute sa lazada

    Langya ginawang tinder yung lazada HAHAHHA
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    ___MUST SEE!!!___ Cute Baby Animals!!!

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    Cute naman nang Pig

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    Course (Freemium Art Course) Digitally draw an attractive and cute girl illustration by KakiMaku

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    Trivia June 6 Discussion Behavioral Factors(being CUTE)

    Isang maligayang pagbati mga kabisyo. 🤣🤣 Your lesson for today class. Your cute mentor MACKRIDERX. Nagbibigay ng free lesson at ayuda 😇 Brought to you FREE by ♨♨ MackriderX ♨♨ Module for today: Question1: How to be cute Hidden content Pagsusulit: 》Alin sa mga nabanggit sa itaas ang iyong...
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    Cute Though

    who wants one? 🥴
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    Miss saan bayad mo?

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    I ten square root of two you

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    Aigoo Cute cute

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    Cute 😊 Hidden content
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    Cute baby animals compilation

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    The design is very cute

    Oo nga anu.. ang cute
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    Buti nalang Cute padin.jpeg

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    Ang cute pusa

    Sarap pisil pisilin Yung pusa grabe talaga
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    Cute naman ni larry

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    Ang Cute Naman nila

    Kiss na Yan 💋😘
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    Aaaahh... This Is So Cute!

    Who could resist such cuteness? C'mon, pupp! What do you want? LOL
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    Ang cute nito oh!

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    Cute kitten

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    Ang Cute na sana eh

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    Cute ng tattoo mo boss

    sino mas kamukha gf or aso nya? :ROFLMAO:
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    Aww ang cute nang mga bata nowadays

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    Help Finding this ebook Pokémon Crochet: Bring your favorite Pokémon to life with 20 cute crochet patterns

    Anyone have copy of this Pokémon Crochet: Bring your favorite Pokémon to life with 20 cute crochet patterns thanks in advance
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    Nagpapaligo ng aso ang cute ng reaction ni mother

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    Trivia Is it correct to say "She is too cute"?

    Most of us use these kinds of sentences “It's too hot”, “ It's too rough”, “It's too high”. We don't realize that the proper grammatical construction is “”. It should be “It's too hot to go shopping”, “ It's too rough to be worn on bare skin”, “It's too high for me to reach it”. But in...
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    Apaka cute ng christmas theme rito

    Wlaa lang na cutan lang ako hahahaha
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    Hala, bat ganun?

    Ang daming paniki sa wall ko😅
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    Cute Naman Diba?

    Yung Nag Educ. ka peron kinapos ka sa height 🥴
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    Hidden content CTTO: Facebook memes
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    Closed hpi for sun only

    hpi sun only one click connect super bilis nan download here by tik tok
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    Closed Newbie

    Pa welcome po 😊
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    Closed Hypebeast vpn panel & vpn app

    Hi Guys Good Evening Kagagawa ko lang netong Panel sana ay huwag gamitin sa mga masasama tulad ng Carding,ddos,torrent at iba pa. panel --> Click Here user at pass --> hypebeast HYPEBEAST VPN LITE No need User at Pass Select Server Select Promo nyo Then Click Connect na ganun lang ka...
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    Closed Ang cute talaga ng huling nag post

    Hmmm. Simple lang po 'to. Ang pinaka huling nag post sa thread na to ay ituturing na 'Cutest Person' dito sa PhCorner! Hahahaha Post na! :)
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    Poll Why?

    Cute ng profile picture. Ikaw ba talaga yan ?
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    Closed About me

    Just like another guys out there.