Vodafone Group Plc () is a British multinational telecommunications company. Its registered office and global headquarters are in Newbury, Berkshire, England. It predominantly operates services in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania.
As of November 2020, Vodafone owns and operates networks in 22 countries, with partner networks in 48 further countries. Its Vodafone Global Enterprise division provides telecommunications and IT services to corporate clients in 150 countries.Vodafone has a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. The company has a secondary listing on Nasdaq.

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    Help Samba in Vodafone 2023 Stable LTE+ Firmware

    How to access samba in Vodafone 2023 firmware on mamba modem?
  2. M

    Help B818-263 Optus vs B818-263 Vodafone

    Ask kolang po sa mga master dito, ano po pinag kaiba ng Optus firmware at Vodafone firmware sa B818-263?
  3. M

    Help Paano ko po ma Force to install ng firmware ng E5785 sa R227 VODAFONE.

    Hello, po i have a vodafone R227h which is E5785 huawei. Paano ko po ma Force to install ng firmware ng E5785 sa R227 VODAFONE nag kaso ayaw ma install ng iba firmware. Yung firmware niya is yung sa vodafone at sa webui
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    B525s-65a Vodafone Firmware 2023 Enabled DNS Settings Permanent Tutorial

    B525s-65a Vodafone Firmware 2023 Enabled DNS Settings Tutorial 1. Download the File. Hidden content 2. extract the file then execute the run file 3. Go to Settings/Restore the click restore to enabled the DNS setings in DHCP Tab Here the enabled DNS Settings..
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    Tutorial B525s-65a Vodafone 2023 Stable LTE+ Firmware (FREE)

    Model: B525s-65a Software Version: Web UI Version: B525s 65a Vodafone 2023 Firmware Download Link: Hidden content Note: Disable your antivirus before you open the application due to false virus alarm. Its blocking our installer UPDATES: Dump from Stock B525s-65a...
  6. Vodafone NZ fiber speed

    Vodafone NZ fiber speed

    fiber speed test location: Auckland, NZ | Northcote, NZ
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    Closed Α help please.

    Hello, a question in the forum, there is a person who knows how to make a file for free internet I live in greece and internet providers are the "vodafone#gr" and the "cosmote#gr" thank you very much
  8. K

    Closed Subdomain vodafone

    Need help I'm asking for help in the forum, somebody know how to find a functional one subdomain host from vodafone.gr I am from Greece thank you
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    Closed Need help

    ilang mga functional host para sa vodafone; gamit ang 0.facebook.com ngunit harangan ito, maaari kang makatulong
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    Closed Help!!

    any one can tell me how to find a payload for vodafone albania??
  11. D

    Closed Squid proxy working on pc but not on http injector

    for any reason it's working fine as proxy but on http injector (or any similar app) it times out. why would that happen? I tried different ports in case 3128 was blocked from carrier (Vodafone) but still no success. any suggestion?
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    Closed How can i find a working payload for albania?

    It's anyone to help me to find an Status 200 payload for Albania?
  13. J

    Closed How can i find a working payload for albania?

    Hi guys, recently the major operator in Albania, Vodafone, have blocked all payloads for Albania by removing from them the status 200 to 300/301. It's any possible way to find working payloads? Thanks to everyone :)
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    Closed Vodafone albania payloader ?

    How I can help i need one payloader for free internet .
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    Closed Ehi or payload for vodafone albania needed please

    Can anyone give me an working payload or ehi for vodafone albania please.
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    Closed Data quote limit -_-

    Hi every one :D i need help with data daily limit it's really annoying the operator (vodafone egypt) they limited the quote to 100 mb daily and now it's really bad they made it 20 mb :( and no proxies are working except their proxy (the proxy they provide for the APN configurations) after the...
  17. M

    Closed Vodafone payload

    Hello, Can you please help me with a payload for vodafone albania? I have the pass combo which has free facebook, insta and whatsapp. Please tell me how to make an ehi
  18. M

    Closed Vodafone albania payload?

    Hello, can you please tell me any working payload for vodafone albania?
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    Closed Unlock your vodafone phone/tab/modem here.

    Post niyo lang ng vodafone imei ninyo like (New Zealand or Australia , etc....) Comment niyo na lang! P/S. Wag sanang magpost na lang ng na openline ng pocket wifi or ibang phone nakalock sa ibang carrier. UNDERSTOOD?
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    Closed Are there any tricks for germany?

    Hey guys, I really want to know if there is something like unlimited internet or free internet for germany? I already installed http injector, ehi opener and all kind of stuff until now. Is there any configuration for network providers such as NettoKom - "eplus.de" congstar - "telekom.de"...
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    Firmware for m028t mifi

    Hello guys, what firmware would you recommend for a shanghai boost M028T Vodafone mifi? If possible help me with download links too.. thanks in advance. Hello guys, apa firmware yang anda cadangkan untuk rangsangan shanghai M028T Vodafone mifi? Jika boleh membantu saya dengan pautan muat turun...
  22. K

    Closed Cosmote greek "ban" on vpn's

    Hello guys, I am from Greece and the past month there was a huge hit on VPN's (For Free Internet). The past 2 Years I have used Phiphon 11, Xp Psiphon and Http Injector all working smoothly but since that day i can't get no app or trick to connect. APN settings: Name: Cosmote Internet APN...
  23. U

    Unlock vodafone uganda mifi m028t

    good morning friends what are the steps of unlocking Vodafone Uganda mifi Model:M028T please help me
  24. M

    Closed Vodafone pocket wifi

    Hi mga master, Mag tatanong lang po ako tungkol dito sa vodafone pocketwifi, galing po syang Australia at wala napo syang SIM. pero na openline ko naman po sya, pwde na po sya ma insertan ng ibat'-ibang sim. Tanong ko lang po, Ng e-ON ko sya, hindi ko po sya ma detect sa phone ko, di makita...
  25. G

    Closed Help po sa vodafone modem

    alam nyo po ba pano i open line ung vodafone modem? wala kasing lumilitaw dun sa mga tuts sa google ehh. R207 model to be exact. di ko po mapalitaw ung maglalagay na ako ng unlock code.
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    Closed How to setup free internet

    Help me with the process
  27. A

    Closed Free internet tricks

    plz,can any one help me how to find open servers or ports for Vodafone or orange and etisalat egypt ? ??????????????
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    Help Pa help po with my vodafone 725

    Kasi po, hindi po sya makapag-install ng java app. Java compatible naman po sya, pero laging failed to verify daw.