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    GOOD NEWS !! FREE SOCIAL EXTENDED AGAIN ! ! ! Free Social will be free until May 15, 2014 Wikipedia package will be free until May 31, 2014. Text FREE SOCIAL to 5555 Extended ang free ky extended din ang free social tricks... :D Bypassing FREE SOCIAL promo using MAGIC IPis (4/23/14)...
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    Transfer Files Directly Pc To Pc Without Uploading to a third-party server.

    First Part (sender) 1. Go to 2. In the send portion click "choose file" then select the file you want to send. Any file / Any size will do. :D 3. Copy the URL/CODE given then send it to whom you want to send the file. 4. Click send file. (y) Done...
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    Tutorial Disable Advertising ads in uTorrent

    Disable Advertising ads in uTorrent Just Follow the Below Steps :- 1. Open uTorrent. 2. Go to Options >> Preferences. 3. Click Advanced Tab on the Left Plane. 4. Type in "offer" in the filter and double click sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled to set it to false. Select Apply and Press Ok...
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    Globe New Globe Unlitxt Promo (murang-mura)

    New Globe Unlitxt Promo Bagong unli ni globe na murang-mura , 2days + 30 minutes call Globe/TM + ALL NET txt + data For more details: Download the attachment! Proof included in the attachment. Hindi ko alam kung ng.send din sa inyo ang globe nito, pero sa akin nag.send. alam ko lang bago pa ito
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    Tutorial Viber offers free calls to non-Viber numbers

    GREAT NEWS! VIBER is offering a temporary service called “Viber Out” which lets Filipino users call regular (non Viber) numbers outside of the Philippines for FREE. Viber Out is the company’s effort to help Filipinos contact their families abroad and let them know about their current...
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    New Logo

    New logo na pala ang PHC ngayon, ayos ang style...Bagay ang color na red & Blue (y) :D Pwede ba palitan ang black na stroke color into white color? para malinaw tingnan dahil medyo darkblue kasi ang background, at para mas babagay sa logo (red, blue, & white). :) Babagay naman siguro ang...
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    Smart TNT Sun SMARTBRO : greyhoundz VPN -> OCT 30 ,2013

    SMARTBRO : greyhoundz VPN -> OCT 30 ,2013 Working VPN as of TODAY tested on SMARTBRO SIM This VPN is powered by ShadeYou Kung matagal mag.connect, disconnect nyo lang dashboard tapos reconnect ang vpn. :D (y) Based on the feedbacks. Working lang to sa Visayas at Mindanao. May iniba...
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    Closed UPDATED MAY: Bypass advertisement links: adf. ly ,linkbucks,, and many others

    Using this online Tool you can get original link without wait for 4-5 seconds. This trick is very useful for mobile users, because in mobile there is no option of javascript in browsers so you can not access the page behind these links from your mobile but with the help of this trick you can...