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A toll-free telephone number or freephone number is a telephone number that is billed for all arriving calls. For the calling party, a call to a toll-free number from a landline is free of charge. A toll-free number is identified by a dialing prefix similar to a geographic area code. The specific service access numbers vary by country.

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    Help Smart Magic Data+ 749 all goods po ba, Free call and text pwede rin po ba magamit sa ibang network?

    Need advise lang po ka phc sa mga nakatry po ng promo ask lang po of di po ba mabilis maubos data in normal use (not for gaming use) and if iyong call munites and free text magamit din po ba sa ibang networks like globe and dito or need pa may regular load para dun. Thanks a lot po.
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    Ohhh, sino may pa ganito?
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    Help Free Call to Landline

    Good day mga lods. May app ba or paraan na makatawag tayo sa landline for free using internet?
  4. E

    Help Free call international

    mga boss may alm kayo apps or software na pwde pangtawag sa ibang bansa na free lang?
  5. J

    Free call & text app

    mga boss may alam po ba kayung app n may free call and text s local or international number..?? sayang kasi kung dalwang beses kpa bbli ng ng panglod para s data at s call/text ei.. may alam po ba kayong apps or tricks..??
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    Viber Free 30-Minute Calls

    Viber is giving away free 30-Minute calls to almost anywhere and any phone number in the world. Go ahead and check your Viber app right now. This offer might be on select viber users only.
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    Closed Free Call for all network

    Eto yung link: Free tutorial on how to use search lj freenet sa YøùTùbé. SALAMAT!
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    Closed Free Call || in any country||

    Download you nalang po sa play store. Link:
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    Closed Apps mga boss na pwedeng tumawag local and international

    Download lang sa playstore: Pag install ko nyan may load na agad na agad na $ 0.30... para magkaload ay manonood lang ng video or ads tapos maloload ito kinabukasan... Dapat pala may net ka dito para makatawag... Sa may...
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    Closed Free call,text and data

    Magandang hapon PHCitizens! Try no to,napulot ko lang sa FB, syempre nagcheck muna ako ng feedbacks, at yun marami nagsabi na working daw.Hindi ko naman matest kasi Globe at TM ako kaya share ko na. Free text and call: Feedback pag gumana para pakinabangan ng iba. Yan lang muna. Babosh! -...
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    Closed Smart freenet default apn free call (may 25 2018)

    hi mga kaphc share ko lang naranasan ko kanina mula 10:40am nawala data indicator ko . Tapos bumalik di ko sinasadyang mag browse nag load sya kahit walang injector . Hehe . Naisip ko baka free call and txt din sa lahat ng network . At boom ! Tama nga iniisip ko . Haha . Hanggang ngayon freenet...
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    Closed Free text call at internet sa gtm

    Guys bakit po ngayong araw free lahat ni globe?? Internet, text, at call. Visayas area ko.
  13. H

    Closed Bakit kaya?

    Bakit kaya may free call, net at txt ngayong araw na to? :) #respect
  14. K

    G·TM Free data free text and call

    Guys Free data/text/call ang tm/globe ngayun...sakin meron tsaka sa mga kapatid kung tm/globr user...silitin na natin hangga't may free Gamit ko na po yung no load ngayun pam post sa thread nato Ask na din po,paano po nag ka free ang globe/tm ngayun? /:
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    Closed Mga bro totoo bayung free call at net ngayon?

    Smart ako ngayon at ngayon din nagbukas busy kasi. To too bayun? Paano? Salamat PS:try ko bumalik sa globe para makasulit Thanks sa mga sasagot :)
  16. W

    Free call

    Libe ang TAWAG at TXT ni TM ngayon Ka PHC... Ignore nalang kung alam nyo na.. ENJOY CALLING TO TOUR LOVE ONES ☺☺
  17. A

    G·TM Free call and text si globe and tm try nyo guys

    Free call and txt po ang globe and tm ngayon paki try sa inyo guys luzon area here just sharing pati pala net guys..
  18. N

    Closed Free text free call! limited! idk

    Try nyu, po Tumawag or Mag text sa iba? kasi Samin mga kaibigan> working free text at free call po! iwan ko kung ano to or Kelan? to tatagal! bastat try nyu nalang po tested 100% wala akong Screenshot pero try! nyu working yan! #EDITED Credits sa naka una! nalang
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    Closed Free call

    Mga boss baka meron kayong alam na Apps na my pang Free Call ? Salamat sa makakapagbigay :)
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    Closed Need help

    Mga boss meron ba kayo alam na Apps for free Call sa Smart at Globe po ? Thanks
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    Closed Free call international online

    Patulong po kjng sino may alam tricks about free call online to international mobile number! Salamat po
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    Closed Sun free call/video call

    Mga ka-phc free call at video call ngayon si araw.. Try niyo w/out vpn puwedeng puwede..just use your facebook messanger app! Goodluck!!
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    Closed Free text links

    link #1: new unlimited free text worldwide link #2: link #3: link #4: link #5: Link #6 LINK #7 Link #8 Link #9...
  24. R

    Closed *free call-to allnetworks via online*

    goto Select the country to which the call has to be made. The country code gets auto populated. Enter the mobile number to which free call has to be given. Click on the button with phone icon. The call starts getting connected.
  25. C

    Closed Unli call/text smart

    Hello PHC. Im actually new here. Tried the psiphon and its working great. Meron ba kau alam na free call and text ng smart or talkntxt,? Thanks big time
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    Closed Free viber-out call

    Sa mga viber users dito. may good news. Free po ang viber-out calls sa lahat ng gusto mo na tatawagan. Just make sure na smart o talk n text ang na e-register mo sa viber account mo. SORRY GUYS BUT THE PROMO HAS ENDED. Stay tuned for more promos to come.
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    Closed Free call and text

    mga master pa update for para sa free call and free text kay talino at globobo.. pa update nalang po.... salamat
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    Closed Query on Free Call

    Mga ka TS meron ba na paraan para magkaroon tayo ng free call sa android phone? Nagkaroon kasi ako dati ng FREE call at text accidental lang. Ngayon free text na lang. TIA
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    Tutorial Viber offers free calls to non-Viber numbers

    GREAT NEWS! VIBER is offering a temporary service called “Viber Out” which lets Filipino users call regular (non Viber) numbers outside of the Philippines for FREE. Viber Out is the company’s effort to help Filipinos contact their families abroad and let them know about their current...

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