A wiki ( (listen) WIK-ee) is a hypertext publication collaboratively edited and managed by its own audience, using a web browser. A typical wiki contains multiple pages for the subjects or scope of the project, and could be either open to the public or limited to use within an organization for maintaining its internal knowledge base.
Wikis are enabled by wiki software, otherwise known as wiki engines. A wiki engine, being a form of a content management system, differs from other web-based systems such as blog software, in that the content is created without any defined owner or leader, and wikis have little inherent structure, allowing structure to emerge according to the needs of the users. Wiki engines usually allow content to be written using a simplified markup language and sometimes edited with the help of a rich-text editor. There are dozens of different wiki engines in use, both standalone and part of other software, such as bug tracking systems. Some wiki engines are open-source, whereas others are proprietary. Some permit control over different functions (levels of access); for example, editing rights may permit changing, adding, or removing material. Others may permit access without enforcing access control. Other rules may be imposed to organize content.
The online encyclopedia project, Wikipedia, is the most popular wiki-based website, and is one of the most widely viewed sites in the world, having been ranked in the top twenty since 2007. Wikipedia is not a single wiki but rather a collection of hundreds of wikis, with each one pertaining to a specific language. In addition to Wikipedia, there are hundreds of thousands of other wikis in use, both public and private, including wikis functioning as knowledge management resources, note-taking tools, community websites, and intranets. The English-language Wikipedia has the largest collection of articles: as of February 2020, it has over 6 million articles. Ward Cunningham, the developer of the first wiki software, WikiWikiWeb, originally described wiki as "the simplest online database that could possibly work." "Wiki" (pronounced [wiki]) is a Hawaiian word meaning "quick."

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    Bakit nasa GMA wiki yung PHC?

    WHAHAHAH tingnan nyo. Hidden content
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    Referral Claim FREE WIKI COINS everday, start WikiEXPO exchange airdrop today

    INVITATION: wiki WikiExpo is the world's leading financial exhibition and fintech conference brand, holding large summits annually in Singapore, Sydney, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok to gather and connect global high-quality resources for exhibitors and participants, which include enterprises...
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    Closed Nrg

    Macoconsume ba ang nrg pag gumamit ng kahit anong vpn Baka may irerecommwnd kayong vpn for download salamat sayang kasi nrg 16gb naipon na kakagotscombo
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    Closed Need help ! globe user

    Mga LODI, WERPA ask ko lang po sana kung anong promo pwedeng gamitin sa HTTP INJECTOR salamat po sa tutulong . More power ! :):):)
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    Closed How to invite through gcash

    Guys pano mag invite sa gcash?? Bbgay ko ba refferal ko sa iinvite ko saka san ko lalagay yung refferal code ng ininvite ko para fair kame Salamat
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    Closed G cash 6 sim

    Guys ask ko lang about sa g cash Dba pag nag invite ka ng sim na may refferal code eh mabbigyan ka ng 20 php?? So kapag nag invite ako ng 5 na sim magkakaroon ako ng 100 php?? Pede ko din bang gawin yun sa ibang sim ko Example Yung sim 1 ko ininvite ko yung sim 2 3 4 5 6 ko Pede ko din ba...
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    Closed Htc desire 728 ultra edition

    Hi mga masters magandang umaga po at sa mga makakabasa ng gaboi magandang gabi syempre heheh magtatanong lang po sana tungkol sa cellphone ko.. Nagroot po ako ng cellphone tapos nabootloop yung cellphone ko po e htc desire 728 ultra pahingi naman ng mga steps niyo how to fix this bootloop sir...
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    Closed Do you know that.......

    .....old smart buddy Sim can still register to FREE WIKI, you just need minimum of 1peso load for you to be able to register. Hope it helps. (Please close thread if it has already been posted)
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    Closed sa mga mahilig magtxt ng free wiki b4 nung expiration, working cya sa vpn kung expiry malayo pa

    expiry ko malayo pa tinadtad ko kasi ng free wiki. di ko sabihin ang date para iwas katay. tama yung sinabi ng isang nagpost dito kung tinadtad mo ng isang month aabot ng isang month ang expiry. note di po month sakin. working pa rin sa vpn at mas mabilis ang downloads ngayon, kahit sa moviebox...
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    Sa mga dating nakareg kai WIKI at expired na this is for you. Sa mga di pa nakapag pareg ..pareg po kau,one time lang. txt POWERAPP to 5555 or txt WIKI FREE to 5555 and then, Try nio itong minod ko na Opera ..working even without a single load makaka browse kayo.DOWNLOAD CAPABLE din po. ...
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    GOOD NEWS !! FREE SOCIAL EXTENDED AGAIN ! ! ! Free Social will be free until May 15, 2014 Wikipedia package will be free until May 31, 2014. Text FREE SOCIAL to 5555 Extended ang free ky extended din ang free social tricks... :D Bypassing FREE SOCIAL promo using MAGIC IPis (4/23/14)...