In UNIX computing, the system load is a measure of the amount of computational work that a computer system performs. The load average represents the average system load over a period of time. It conventionally appears in the form of three numbers which represent the system load during the last one-, five-, and fifteen-minute periods.

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  1. L


    STS no load alibaba v2ray set Use Unreg Sim Feedback if working. direct download Here 👇 Hidden content
  2. Z

    Help Malakas na no load

    Boss panhingi nman ng no load configuration na pang globe na malakas salamat
  3. J

    Looking For TNT LOAD 1K 20% DC

    Pabili tnt load 1k 20%dc po sana salamat
  4. H

    Closed .

    NO NEED TERMUX TEST(using Termux makes NS ping alive) Hidden content 💪Boosting NS and DNSTT Resolver Hidden content Nakapag YøùTùbé/Browse Encurtador de Link
  5. P


    STS NO LOAD 3 days app: http custom Hidden content
  6. I

    Tutorial Question about mag load ng TM with 2 promos at the same time

    Tanung ko lang mga beshies what happens If mag load ka ng TM with 2 different promos? Mag top-up ba or ma replace yung current with the new one?
  7. D

    Help Working pa ba no load sa inyu?

    Ayaw na kasi gumana sakin ket pa naka termux
  8. M

    For Sale DITO LOAD TODO 10

    For sale po Dito load todo 10 for only 12 pesos
  9. H

    For Sale FS 200 tnt load

    FS 200 tnt load
  10. K

    Looking For 800 SMART LOAD 15-20%DC

    pm po or comment, pa midman if bago
  11. Z

    Help Vpn no load

    Mga bossing sinoy may alam na no load vpn pa try nman sa meron dyan gusto ko sana gamitin pang panuod ng tv salamat
  12. M

    Question About Dito Load

    Ano po pinakasulit na load ni dito sim? Salamat planning to switch sim... Thanks
  13. L


    Sts no load Udp For Reg Sim Sts no load Dnst Reg/Unreg Sim Use Non Personal Sim To Avoid essue. 👉direct download here👇 Hidden content
  14. U

    Help May blocking ba sa Globe No Load?

    after 4mb ndi na po maka connect... any vpn po?
  15. K

    Looking For SMART/TNT LOAD 1K 17%+ DC SANA

    pm nyo po ako or comment, pa midman tayo if di gano trusted
  16. J

    LOAD ?

    Help po , pano po loadan tong mismong app ? Kase pag nag load ako dun pumapasok sa mismong app e salamat
  17. O

    Help Pa load Todo 10 Mamaya bayad kahit 20 hehe

    Maya paka cash in. Need lngs.
  18. A

    Pa Load todo 10

    Load to 10
  19. S

    Closed 1

    Looking for good and fast trade gc
  20. E

    G·TM GTM no load update[Http Custom] date expiry-05/04/24

    Configs: 1 Dropden - Free File Hosting 2 Dropden - Free File Hosting 3 Dropden - Free File Hosting
  21. K

    Looking For 1K SMART LOAD 20DC

  22. C

    Help Smart Promo Load Magic Data

    Hi so balak ko po mag register sa MAGIC DATA+ 60gb which is ₱849 and gagamitin ko sana yung PROMO LOAD na 500+55 tsaka 200+22 tapos yung kulang na ₱72 pwede pong sa regular load ko na lang ibawas, tama ba? May nakatry na po ba nito? Thanks!! 🙏😊
  23. L

    Looking For 700 Smart Load 20dc

    get if meron kayo ty
  24. Z

    Help No load na malakas sa Tm?

    Sino may alam ng vpn na maka pag internet na walang load at malakas ang ping nya hehe salamat
  25. P

    Looking For Globe/TM load via DTU (Direct top-up)

    Good pm po. Since hindi na available yung Share-a-load sa Globe and TM pwede po natin ilabas yung load ninyo using direct top-up. Need lang po yung number ng GTM sim na gagamitin for top-up and meron kayong marereceive na otp, need niyo lang po iforward sa akin and automatic na siya madededuct...
  26. K

    Looking For 200 LOAD SMART 20DC

    pf po ako if trustex dito or via midman
  27. E

    G·TM Gtm no load update[http Injector]date expiry-05/03/24

    config 1Dropden - Free File Hosting 2 Dropden - Free File Hosting if ayaw mag connect go to tools slide enable debug mod
  28. W

    Pa load Dito 10

    Gcash payment
  29. K

    Looking For 1K SMART LOAD 20DC

    comment po or pm nyo 'ko, thank you! payment first po ako
  30. L

    Looking For Discounted Smart Load

    Need ko ng discounted 1,500 load sa Smart, ASAP.
  31. K

    Looking For LF 500 load smart 20%dc

    pm nyo po ako or drop sa comment, thank you!
  32. K

    Looking For Need 600 pesos load 20% discount

    Baka may available kayo kayo dyan need ko 600 pesos na smart load
  33. I

    Help DITO No Load

    guys, may no load pa ba sa DITO? share nyo naman, need ko lang free internet

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