Fiction is any creative work, chiefly any narrative work, portraying individuals, events, or places in ways that are imaginary or inconsistent with history, fact, or plausibility. In a narrow sense, "fiction" refers to written narratives in prose – often referring specifically to novels, novellas, and short stories. More broadly, however, fiction encompasses imaginary narratives expressed in any medium, including not just writings but also live theatrical performances, films, television programs, radio dramas, comics, role-playing games, and video games.

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    Fiction This Summer Will Be Different by Carley Fortune [epub]

    This summer they’ll keep their promise. This summer they won’t give into temptation. This summer will be different. Lucy is the tourist vacationing at a beach house on Prince Edward Island. Felix is the local who shows her a very good time. The only problem: Lucy doesn’t know he’s her best...
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    Fiction The Three-Body Problem

    Bitin yung episode neto sa Netflix kaya hinanap ko yung Book nya. If in case you guys want. Hidden content
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    Fiction [EPUB] The Flowers of Buffoonery by Osamu Dazai

    The Flowers of Buffoonery by Osamu Dazai Hidden content
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    [Direct Link] [EPUB] Call It What You Want | Alissa DeRogatis (2023)

    Call It What You Want Alissa DeRogatis (2023) Call It What You Want is a nostalgic ode to all ‘almost love’ stories— the ones with no label, no title but an undeniable intensity. Call it what you want, was it love? Sloane Hart is a hopeless romantic who always believed her great love story was...
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    Fiction The Scarlet Alchemist by Kylie Lee Baker

    A dark YA fantasy duology set in an alternate Tang Dynasty China, where alchemy has led to income inequality as the rich eat gold to achieve eternal youth, and a poor biracial girl with the ability to raise the dead gets caught up in the dangerous political games of the royal family. You cannot...
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    Fiction The Hunters (Tales of the Plains #1) by David Wragg

    She’s on the run. They’re out to kill. But what happens when you catch a hunter? Ree is a woman with a violent past – a past she thought she’d left behind. After years of wandering, she and her niece Javani have finally built a small life for themselves at the edge of the known world. But...
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    Fiction The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment Books 1-17 by xianxiaengine

    Bai Lian, the eldest martial sister of the Duxian sect's Qiongming peak, possesses an impeccable poise, akin to a piece of flawless jade, and unparalleled beauty. Revered as a Natural Saint, she is adored and coveted by multitudes. One day, she was struck with a sudden recollection of her past...
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    Trivia If you believe the Bible is fiction, then where do you believe it got its origin?

    The bible is based on older myths. And that is a very interesting rabbithole do go down. Just gonna give three examples: Adam and Eve: The story of the first man is based on a myth that is about 800 years older than the bible! It has it’s origins in the story of El & Asherah. Asherah -...
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    Anime webnovels

    If you wanna download webnovels Hidden content
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    Fiction Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches ebook

    epub format, The Mayfair Witches Series The Mayfair Witches is a wondrous journey through the centuries, across the globe and between the human and demonic worlds. ebook bundle: the witching hour; lasher; taltos An enchanting, hypnotic trilogy of witchcraft, adventure and romance.
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    Fiction English Fiction Books (Granting Request)

    Request your english fiction books here and I will try to find it for you.
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    Vendetta in Death (In Death #49) by J.D. Robb The predator becomes the prey in the newest thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling series featuring homicide detective Eve Dallas. She calls herself Lady Justice. And once she has chosen a man as her target, she turns herself into a tall...
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    Golden in Death by J.D. ROBB (IN DEATH SERIES BOOK #50)

    GOLDEN IN DEATH (IN DEATH #50) BY J.D. ROBB – FREE EBOOKS DOWNLOAD Description: Pediatrician Kent Abner received the package on a beautiful April morning. Inside was a cheap trinket, a golden egg that could be opened into two halves. When he pried it apart, highly toxic airborne fumes entered...
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    Fiction Tempest

    Tempest By MGL Emvie Franco, the richest man in the Vale, decides to settle down. He wishes Freya, his niece to keep his business but the lady declines. So, he sold his life's worth of treasures and travel to the Moniyan country. Days later, their vessel is finally crossing the great sea...
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    Stories The Wrath of Nature

    The Wrath of Nature By MGL Emvie "This is a short story that is dedicated to the nature and human interaction to it. Mother Nature will be represented by heroes in the Land of Dawn. Please take care of nature and do not destroy it or it will punish us in horrible ways." Belerick lives in a...
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    Fiction Looking for Rose Gardner Investigations

    Baka naman po may mabait na mag-share ng Rose Gardner Investigations series ni Denise Grover Swank. :love:
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    Fiction To All the Boys Ive Loved Before Trilogy (.EPUB)

    To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Trilogy Book 1: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before What if all the crushes you ever had found out how you felt about them…all at once? Sixteen-year-old Lara Jean Song keeps her love letters in a hatbox her mother gave her. They aren’t love letters that...
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    Fiction Stormlight Archive #4 by Brandon Sanderson

    Rhythm of War (The Stormlight Archive #4) by Brandon Sanderson After forming a coalition of human resistance against the enemy invasion, Dalinar Kholin and his Knights Radiant have spent a year fighting a protracted, brutal war. Neither side has gained an advantage, and the threat of a...
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    Non-Fiction [Request Here for FREE] Ebooks, Documents, etc..

    HI guyz. Request kayo ng documents [except sa google books. di ko pa kaya yun] Format Title: Author: Link: Beginner lang din po ako pero gagawin ko yung best ko na maiprovide yung request nyo sa tulong ng mga natutunan ko dito sa PHC. Encouraging mga estudyante dyan. láρág nyo mga references...
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    Closed UNWELL - a Midwestern Gothic Mystery [Audio Drama Podcast]

    Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic Mystery is a new audio drama from HartLife NFP. Releases every other week during season. Lillian Harper moves to the small town of Mt. Absalom, Ohio, to care for her estranged mother Dorothy after an injury. Living in the town's boarding house which has been run by...
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    Closed [Audiobook] Mistborn Series - Brandon Sanderson

    Mistborn Series - Brandon Sanderson (GraphicAudio) Mistborn is an epic fantasy trilogy and a heist story of political intrigue, surprises and magical martial-arts action. The saga dares to turn a genre on its head by asking a simple question: What if the hero of prophecy fails? What kind of...
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    Closed [Audiobook]Robert Jordan - The Wheel of Time Complete Collection

    The Complete Wheel of Time Series (1-14) [Audiobook] Written by Robert Jordan and completed posthumously by Brandon Sanderson, The Wheel of Time is one of the greatest epics of fantasy and a #1 internationally bestselling series. Taking place both in our past and our future, the saga tells the...
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    Closed Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover

    Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover Life and a dismal last name are the only two things Beyah Grim's parents ever gave her. After carving her path all on her own, Beyah is well on her way to bigger and better things, thanks to no one but herself. With only two short months separating her from the...
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    Closed 『Re:ZERO - Starting Life From another World S2(2020)』 (SUB, DIRECT LINK, ONGOING)

    『Re:ZERO - Starting Life From another World S2(2020)』 Shortly after being summoned to a new world, Subaru Natsuki and his new female companion are brutally murdered. But then he awakes to find himself in the same alley, with the same thugs, the same girl, and the day begins to repeat...
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    Closed Tokyo Ghoul LN volume 1-3

    Share ko lang favorite ko to eihhh volume 1 Hidden content volume 2 Hidden content volume 3 Hidden content
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    Closed Dan Brown E-books | Paestablish

    This is my first time sharing. I hope you guys like it. Here's my collection on some of Dan Brown's books in .mobi. Wla po akong .pdf, .epub o kahit anong file format maliban sa .mobi. Pasensya na 😁 Recommended ebook readers are Calibre for pc users and moon reader for Android. Angels &...
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    Closed Blinded By Yellow Lights (Original Filipino Novel)

    CHAPTER 2 Hi everyone. Yes opo this is my original Filipino Novel. I decided to start a thread about this. This is on-going. Please tell me if posting this kind of content is prohibited here in PHCORNER. I just want to hear some feedbacks coming from you guys. CHAPTER 1 WILL BE POSTED HERE and...
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    Closed Ebooks Request by Author [Fiction and Non Fiction only]

    Post your request here. Please follow the format below. Fiction and Non fiction only. I don't have academic ebooks available. Ex. Author: Alexandra Monir Title: Suspicion Updated: Here's the screenshot and link of my collection. Google Drive: Ebook Collection Password: thecatnonymous
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    Closed The Prenup by Lauren Layne (epub)

    The Prenup by Lauren Layne My name is Charlotte Spencer and, ten years ago, I married my brother's best friend. I haven't seen him since. Charlotte Spencer grew up on the blue-blooded Upper East Side of Manhattan but she never wanted the sit-still-look-pretty future her parents dictated for...
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    Closed Writer Friends Series by Rachel Gibson (EPUB)

    S*x, Lies, and Online Dating (Writer Friends #1) S*X... What is it about men anyway? Bad cars, bad jobs, even bad teeth -- nothing convinces them that they can't snare a Size Two Babe with a D-cup chest. And after way too many internet dates with men named "luvstick" and "bigdaddy182," Lucy...
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    Closed Sir/Madam parequest po ng book pls.

    EVERMORE by Sara Holland. Kung sino pong meron jan, pashare naman po pretty pls. Need it badly. 🙏 God bless 😇
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    Closed ebooks

    Mga paps...suggest naman kayo wbsite na pwede maka pag basa ng ebooks.bawal mag d L dito sa office namin kaya basa basa lan o L. Thank you in advance. books like nicholas sparks / dan brown etc
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    My Assorted Ebook Collection

    On this thread, I will share my humble ebook collection. A mixed of non-fiction and fiction. I'm a fan of Epic Fantasy novels so don't be surprised if there will be tons of fantasy genre ebooks here. Best regards
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    Closed Requested: you by caroline kepnes Here you go. Enjoy Reading Ayan po yung sa netflix
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    80gb all audiobooks & books shared by gaiashakes (gdrive)

    Hello mga ka-PHC! Pasensya ang tagal ko nawala. May mga requests pa ako sa PM kailangan ko replyan. Madami akong na-share sa forum na dead na ang links kasi dini-delete ng Opencloud ang file if inactive for more than 60 days. Inupload ko lahat ulit ung files sa Google Drive para sa lahat...
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    Closed Ebook sites

    hindi ko magaguarantee na nandito yung hinahanap nyong book: *vk (search niyo sa google title ng book tapos vk epub or kung anong format ang bet nyo) nasa isang thread ko yan * * kung fanfic naman hanap nyo * *ao3...
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    Closed Timeline

    my first story i've written. in-attached ko nalang medyo tinatamad ako mag copy & paste e any advice sa mga pro na or any ideas para ma-inspire pa ako gumawa sa susunod enjoy.
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    Closed Request grant: still me(me before you 3) by jojo moyes

    Requested by armedandfab I take ebooks request restricted to fiction only And it may take a week to be granted due to my busy schedule(student shs). Pm me if you want
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    Closed Need to share my ideas to a writer

    hello po, saan po pwede magshare ng ideas sa isang writer, ayaw ko po magsulat eh. gusto ko lang ishare yung idea ko tapos yung writer na mag interpret. Or if interested kayo, reply lng. haha .thank you. hehe
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    Closed (epub) tell me three things + what to say next (julie buxbaum)

    Not sure if anyone needs this, but nagustuhan ko sila ❤ so here they are~ Tell Me Three Things - What To Say Next -
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    Closed What if its us - becky albertalli/adam silvera (epub) Hit like at mag thank you na rin kayo hehehe!
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    Closed Sharing my e-library & taking requests too

    While thinking of a way na ma-estab. and re-living my interest in reading. Eto pa lang uli yung mga epub collection ko. Pag tumagal dadami din yan. Suggest din kayo nang magandang basahin. Mostly Young ãdül†, Suspense Thriller ang genre nito. Scroll Down na lang kayo jan
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    Closed Ebook download service

    Hi everyone! This will be simple. Give me the title and author of a book (non-Filipino only, sorry), can be fiction or non-fiction, and I'll try my best to give you a copy. There is only 1 rule: 1 request per person at a time. Once you're given your copy, or I wasn't able to find your book...
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    Closed Kerri maniscalco trilogy

    Stalking Jack The Ripper Presented by James Patterson's new children's imprint, this deliciously creepy horror novel has a storyline inspired by the Ripper murders and an unexpected, blood-chilling conclusion... Seventeen-year-old Audrey Rose Wadsworth was born a lord's daughter, with a life...
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    Closed Serena valentino - mother knows best: a tale of the old witch (villains)

    Mother Knows Best: A Tale of the Old Witch (Villains) ABOUT The tale of the legendary golden flower is widely known. The story has been told many times and in many ways. But always the flower is coveted by an old witch to keep herself young and beautiful. And always the flower is used to save...
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    Fiction E-book request thread

    Request format: Title of the Book/E-book/Magazine Author (bullets are a must! ) Unfollowed request format will be ignored.
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    Closed Ny times bestseller aug. 2018

    Dahil wala naman ako masabi, eto na ang link.
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    Closed (requested) kyra davis - just one night books 1, 2 and 3

    Requested by wency04 via PM The Stranger Kasie knows who she’s supposed to be. But one passionate night with a mysterious stranger will teach her who she wants to be. You should sleep with a stranger, her best friend whispers in her ear as they take to Vegas for one last pre-wedding fling...
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    Closed (requested) audiobook - mary higgins clark - a cry in the night

    Requested by jquane here: When Jenny MacPartland meets the man of her dreams while working in a New York art gallery, she's ecstatic. Painter Erich Krueger -- whose exquisite landscapes are making him a huge success -- is handsome...