NCK (Newton Chambers Koehring), started as a subsidiary of Newton, Chambers & Company, a large engineering company based in Sheffield, England. They produced the range of agricultural equipment, skimmers, excavators, cranes and draglines that were renowned for high quality and long life, typically over 20 years. Many NCK machines continue to operate worldwide.

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  1. K

    Pa help naman po, hingi po ako ng NCK code for Smart Bro Alcatel One Touch

    Model: smartbro pocket wifi alcatel onetouch ID: Y580Y-2CSAPH3-1 IMEI: 868102000207329
  2. K

    Closed NCK Box rémíùm / NCK Pro iOSTool v0.1 Update Released - [22/10/2023]

    This iOS Tool is For Checkm8 Vulnerable iDevices ! Requirements: - PWNDFU For (Mac or Windows) using Winra1n or gaster etc... - Win7-X64 / Win8-X64 / Win10-X64 / Win11-X64 - Microsoft NetFramework 4.7.2 - iTunes Installed Supported iOS Versions: Up to 16.X Supported Models list as...
  3. T

    Closed Alcatel one touch 8000a

    guys, I'm looking / need for rom/firmware for ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 8000A status: "Network Sim Locked" Baseband "Unknown" kung pwede nalang po makahingi ng "NCK" code mas ok po iyon imei: 013488002078733 thank you po...
  4. S

    Closed Nck for huawei fc312e.. un 16 digits

    nck for huawei fc312e ime. 860462024057524 tnx
  5. K

    Closed Unlock code for wm66a broadband

    Good Day! :) Pahelp naman po. Patry po kunin ng nck code ng smart broadband ko para maopen yung line for all networks. ito po IMEI: 352226024314325 yung model po ng broadband WM66A. Please help naman po. Dami ko na po natry ayaw padin po. Big Thanks po sa tutulong! :)
  6. P

    Closed Want to unlock Alcatel X090S for free

    Hi, All is in the title. Please, I just want to know how to get NCK code for free for my Alcatel X090S modem, Thanks
  7. A

    Closed Pa help po sa pag unlock ng Huawei E357 please....

    Mga ka PHC, pa help naman po sa pag unlock ng E357s-2 na dongle... Ang hirap po mag hanap ng new algo unlock code eh... :( :) Please???:) :(

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