Windows XP, which is the next version of Windows NT after Windows 2000 and the successor to the consumer-oriented Windows Me, has been released in several editions since its original release in 2001.
Windows XP is available in many languages. In addition, add-ons translating the user interface are also available for certain languages.

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  1. J

    WINDOWS XP Ac†ïvâ†ør 1.0

    LINK: Windows_XP_Ac†ïvâ†ør_1.0.zip
  2. P

    Tutorial How to get Windows XP Mode in Win 10/11

    Open Windows PowerShell / terminal then run as admin and enter the command below Hidden content
  3. B

    Ang inet XP

    ayos siling fan talaga 😂😅 CTTO
  4. Z

    Referral Earn XP for future reward NODO Airdrop

    Don't forget to do earn the Daily Check-In 💎 You can see the needed task when you click the check in Its Gems Season! 💎 NODO's Daily Check-in Challenge is now LIVE! It's your daily dose of Gems! Simply check in daily and complete the assigned task on NODO for 7 days consecutively to get your...
  5. A

    PHC Error Page could not be loaded in Windows XP style

    Just bored sa workplace kaya i decided to look back in time kung ang PHCorner existed in early 2000s. (or late 90s.) Typical "Page could not be loaded error". What it would looked like if that error page is from the late 90s? Yep. That's a very old OG internet explorer 6! On a very old OG...
  6. B

    Sign na Sign XP

    uy hindi nag fixer sige ano ito ?? hahahaha ✌️ CTTO
  7. H

    Referral Confirmed Airdrop Ipon XP

    Airdrop kay CVEX 🪂 🔗 Register +10 XP Hidden content submit email connect wallet code 5IHV9ZPQEU 🔗 Zealy Hidden content 🔗 Join Guild Hidden content
  8. S

    Avakin Life MOD APK v1.089.00 (Skins Unlock, XP Boost)

    Mod Info: After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the Menu MOD with the following options: Unlock All Items In The Style – Customization section (Tu on after loading the game. Only you see them wo on yourself!); Passive Experience Gain (you can’t get more...
  9. B

    Guardian of the Philippines XP

    ito yung alam kong guardian of the Galaxy XD CTTO
  10. A

    Referral XPet (FREE NFT TWITTER BASED) free 3.8k PHP

    CODE KO : xpet_7ebc6aee OPPORTUNITY ALERT: XPET ( https://twitter.com/xpet_tech ) xPet.Tech is an innovative platform that combines the joy of virtual pet ownership with the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology. EARN BPET NOW! BPET...
  11. 1

    Direct Link Windows XP SP3 Full

    Description: The assembly is made on the basis of the original images, using the XP2ESD tool. The installation process of this assembly has been modified and uses the bootloader from Windows 7 with elements of the installer from Windows 10. The assembly installation time may take about the same...
  12. G

    Crypto $1M Kyoto Airdrop Rewards! (1500 XP Points to be eligible) (Q1 2024 Launch ng Blockchain)

    Yes po tama po anng nabsa nyo, mamimigay sila ng $1Million Airdrop for the early community! Actually no need invite na, kasi via Daily quest ang pamimigay nila, gusto ko lang na aware kayo na may ganto. Di nako mag explain mga tropa medyo busy me sa capstone, anyways sali lang kayo zealy at...
  13. M

    Referral TALENT PROTOCOL *Convert xp to $TAL Token )

    Talent Protocol Airdrop 👀 Earn XP and convert to $TAL tokens soon! Complete quests to get more XP points ✅ register link:👇 Hidden content After registration do KYC for 1000 XP ✅ You can can also mint to their NFT ✅️ Subs to Sub Tayo eto link ko: Talent Protocol - Beta láρág niyo link niyo...
  14. S

    Help Windows xp?

    pa request naman po ng windows xp very badly needed. Thank you
  15. S

    Referral Arcana Xp points convert into Tokens???

    Sa mga wala pang arcana dyan drop email na invite ko kayo agad live na sa august 8 pwedi pa humabol!!
  16. S

    Referral Arcana Xp points convert into Token??

    Drop Email Invite ko agad kayo live sila sa august 8 habol na!!
  17. O

    OJT xp

    Considerd po ba na experience ang OJT ?
  18. I

    The Battle Cats v12.4.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, XP, Cat Food)

    The Battle Cats Mod APK features weird yet satisfying gameplay where players have a worldwide conquest with their battle cat armies filled with abominations that are crazed for battles. MOD 1 A lot of cat food, xp, and props; All cats are upgraded, most of them are Tier 3 NOTE: When you enter...
  19. P

    Crypto Omega Network nasa Zealy Airdrop na din / 100% legit / Ipon xp then convert to OMN token

    Invitation: Zealy - Join the movement How to: 1. Connect Metamask wallet or Disc0rd 2. Do the task everyday 3. Yun lang Then wait for the update kung kailan ang distribution ng token. I will give some update here from time to time. For more legit Airdrop visit my other thread. Crypto -...
  20. P

    Direct Link Like nyo ba mag Windows XP ulit mga lods? Here's your chance to try :)

    Perfect Windows XP Interface in a windows 10 OS Modification By Travis Windows EXPERIENCE | Freestyle Update Your way in Re-EXPERIENCING the Best of the Digital Age! Please note that this mod is very well complete and this may be the last update this mod will get. Unless there are new...
  21. W

    Win10 XP Environment Edition

    Windows EXPERIENCE | Freestyle Update Your way in Re-Experiencing the Best of the Digital Age! Please note that this mod is very well complete and this may be the last update this mod will get. Unless there are new discoveries in making Windows 10 more faithful to Windows XP, the mod is done...
  22. B

    Kalabow XP

    For sale ulit : Kalabaw Issue: nakalowered CTTO
  23. I

    Android App Survivor.io v1.8.1 MOD APK (Defense Multiplier, XP Boost, No Reload)

    Mod 1 MENU MOD Defense Multiplier XP Boost Multiplier Unlimited Ammo No Reload Mod 2 MENU MOD No Reload. High Fire Rate. Note: – To avoid match result error or ban, you need to upgrade your character or only use mods for part of the entire match time. – The mod works great on chapter 1 and 2...
  24. M

    Survivor.io v1.12.2 MOD APK (Defense Multiplier, XP Boost, No Reload)

    Survivor.io is a top-down action RPG that defeats over 1000 zombies. Choose from various skills, evolve your talents, and defeat your enemies! Set in a devastated world infested with zombies, challenge the stage where more than 1000 enemies appear on one screen while building characters and...
  25. P

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional RTM-SP1-SP2-SP3 Untouched ISO + K3ys (LaCe12)

    Microsoft Windows XP Info: Windows XP is an operating system that lets you use different types of applications or software. For example, it allows you to use a word processing application to write a letter and a spreadsheet application to track your financial information. Windows XP is a...
  26. B

    Closed patanong po

    ano po ba ang payload for coc at ml10 ni tnt??....TIA po
  27. D

    Direct Link Download windows 7, vista, xp original/untouched iso

    Windows 7 Link: https://the-eye.eu/public/MSDN/Windows 7/ Windows Vista Link: https://the-eye.eu/public/MSDN/Windows Vista/ Windows XP Link: https://the-eye.eu/public/MSDN/Windows XP/ Other Windows Product/ISO: https://the-eye.eu/public/MSDN/
  28. X

    Closed Wvc

    SUN TUp Share ko lang guys gawa ko! https://dropmb.com/download/f2682b57d926c6562e86b8d7084df7f6.html https://dropmb.com/download/0d38c5d31dea07ba3b9fc13099980e9c.html
  29. C

    Closed Giveaway. league of legends xp boost voucher code

    sino naglalaro dyan ng league of legends pamimigay ko XP BOOST voucher code ko. DALAWA po ang ibibigay ko ngayon. comment nyo lang favorite character nyo at mamimili ako at random. proof: attachement pix
  30. M

    Closed Lifetime for globe & tm xp psiphon file

    Need Promo Gosurf/Gowatch Try nyo na lang if gagana sa no load at GS for no CAP.. DOWNLOAD LINK https://www.datafilehost.com/d/b50553b5
  31. L

    Closed Windows xp install gone wrong help

    Something wrong here? Anyone with knowledge about it? Pahelp naman po.
  32. J

    Closed Globe no load expermental

    Xp psiphon V7 kau na bhala mag hanap ng xp psiphon v7 feedback na lng sir
  33. L

    Closed Activate your windows xp to become genuine.

    For ***** Download Here For Manual How to Activate Windows XP Without a Genuine Product Key: Follow the steps below to activate Windows XP make your windows XP genuine without using the product key. STEP 1: click the start button and find Run STEP 2: type Regedit STEP 3: click the plus...
  34. E

    Closed Tnt ig10 promo user

    PROMO NEEDED IG10 TO 4545 +GAANSURF5 TO 4545 https://dropmb.com/download/a6fc5607b339e62a4f340f45dc620f95.html
  35. 6

    Closed ❤⭐lifetime xp psiphon config(fast connect)⭐❤

    Para sa Xp psiphon users jan! Lifetime xp! Valid forever hahaha Paki ingatan. Good for All! Good for Heavy Downloaders (Cdc trick) Good for fb/social media apps 100% fast connection (depends on location :)) like and feedback is a must! Hahaha
  36. P

    Closed Xp psiphon (gtm)

    Globe and TM with any promo or gswitch password : villalon choose SINGAPORE COUNTRY
  37. P

    Closed Xp psiphon (tnt)

    Xp file for TNT users with IG10 promo needed password : villalon choose SINGAPORE COUNTRY
  38. U

    Closed For xp users

    May xp users pa ba dito? try niyo tong bagong cofig ko no expiration... https://dropmb.com/download/6c03ed69e7b661b91928927d55448c55.html
  39. D

    Closed Tired making ssh account?[psiphon v.6] xp at your service..

    Xp psiphon v.6 Sa mga wala pang apps nito >>>Download Here<<< Madami na ding tamad gumawa ng ehi parang ako haha dito muna tayo pansamantala. Globe and tm Tried and tested with promo and gs Download Config Here: Bahalanaxp.xp >>Click me to Download<< Best of ilumina.xp >>Click me to...
  40. S

    Closed Tulong mga katropa ehi at xp tnt

    Mga master, meron na po bang promo na hindi 200 MB cap? maski 2.5 GB cap okay na po... maraming salamat mga paps.
  41. J

    Closed Xp psiphone config

    Update para sa xp psiphone user All in one config folder na sa loob na lahat. Open for all Download link https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7l755hogkb2lh/xp config
  42. L

    Closed [[the unknowns]]30 days all⚡⚡super fast config⚡⚡plus xp config||no load||

    Good day mga boss:) ......Advance merry christmas..... Sana maraming mag feedback haha Joke lang nga lodi.. Ito para sa lahat!!for gtm Need gs/selected area no load/gs pero try pa din,minsan kase working sakin ang xp kahit walang gs or load Pero dc din pag lumipas na ilang minuto haha...
  43. P

    Closed No load no gs=freenet config

    eto na ilalapag kona walang kung anu anu pa ibibigay ko na Xp Config https://www.datafilehost.com/d/458db0e1 DL nyo nalang ung Xp psiphon marami dito nan Password:PHC-Gob Open to all na Open din sa mga runner Enjoy!!!!
  44. R

    Closed Xp psiphon: free noload nogs lte connection

    Freenet using Globe or TM Sim without using GS and Load.
  45. J

    Closed Freenet

    Wala na ba talagang no load freenet ngayun kahit anong sim? Huhuhu
  46. I

    Closed Ask lang po

    Pwede pa kaya bumalik sa ios 10.3.3 my current update e 11.2?

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