Symbian is a discontinued mobile operating system (OS) and computing platform designed for smartphones. Symbian was originally developed as a proprietary software OS for PDAs in 1998 by the Symbian Ltd. consortium. Symbian OS is a descendant of Psion's EPOC, and was released exclusively on ARM processors, although an unreleased x86 port existed. Symbian was used by many major mobile phone brands, like Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and above all by Nokia. It was also prevalent in Japan by brands including Fujitsu, Sharp and Mitsubishi. As a pioneer that established the smartphone industry, it was the most popular smartphone OS on a worldwide average until the end of 2010, at a time when smartphones were in limited use, when it was overtaken by iOS and Android. It was notably less popular in North America.
The Symbian OS platform is formed of two components: one being the microkernel-based operating system with its associated libraries, and the other being the user interface (as middleware), which provides the graphical shell atop the OS. The most prominent user interface was the S60 (formerly Series 60) platform built by Nokia, first released in 2002 and powering most Nokia Symbian devices. UIQ was a competing user interface mostly used by Motorola and Sony Ericsson that focused on pen-based devices, rather than a traditional keyboard interface from S60. Another interface was the MOAP(S) platform from carrier NTT DoCoMo in the Japanese market. Applications of these different interfaces were not compatible with each other, despite each being built atop Symbian OS. Nokia became the largest shareholder of Symbian Ltd. in 2004 and purchased the entire company in 2008. The non-profit Symbian Foundation was then created to make a royalty-free successor to Symbian OS. Seeking to unify the platform, S60 became the Foundation's favoured interface and UIQ stopped development. The touchscreen-focused Symbian^1 (or S60 5th Edition) was created as a result in 2009. Symbian^2 (based on MOAP) was used by NTT DoCoMo, one of the members of the Foundation, for the Japanese market. Symbian^3 was released in 2010 as the successor to S60 5th Edition, by which time it became fully free software. The transition from a proprietary operating system to a free software project is believed to be one of the largest in history. Symbian^3 received the Anna and Belle updates in 2011.The Symbian Foundation disintegrated in late 2010 and Nokia took back control of the OS development. In February 2011, Nokia, by now the only remaining company still supporting Symbian outside Japan, announced that it would use Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 as its primary smartphone platform, while Symbian would be gradually wound down. Two months later, Nokia moved the OS to proprietary licensing, only collaborating with the Japanese OEMs and later outsourced Symbian development to Accenture. Although support was promised until 2016, including two major planned updates, by 2012 Nokia had mostly abandoned development and most Symbian developers had already left Accenture, and in January 2014 Nokia stopped accepting new or changed Symbian software from developers. The Nokia 808 PureView in 2012 was officially the last Symbian smartphone from Nokia. NTT DoCoMo continued releasing OPP(S) (Operator Pack Symbian, successor of MOAP) devices in Japan, which still act as middleware on top of Symbian. Phones running this include the F-07F from Fujitsu and SH-07F from Sharp in 2014.

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  1. S

    Natatandaan Nyo Pa Ba?

    Yung hanggang alaala na lang ang java and symbian games/apps. LOL
  2. 7

    Closed Nokia symbian phone häçk nokia 6120

    Guys sino sa inyo nakasymbian pa.. Kasi bago lang ako nagkasymbian phone eh .nais ko lang malaman kung paano maglagay ng ngage games.. At kailangan po ba häçk muna ang nokia? Wala lang po gusto ko lang kasi matry ang mga natatagong features ng nokia symbian.. Marami p kasi ako di alam sa...
  3. Z

    Closed Newbie

    paano po magreply sa mga thread. salamat. . bago lang kasi, galing ng .
  4. D

    Closed Survey : saan ka nag'umpisa ( symbiane phone or android phone)

    legends knows the symbian phone :) ako nag umpisa ako pumasok sa internet world (freenet,etc) since symbian time pa wala pang android. N70,N95,N-E63 user ako before at ngayon android user na :) kayo mga kaibigan symbian din ba kayo nung nagstart or android na ?? comments and hit like nlang guys. ;)
  5. C

    Closed Opera mini for symbian

    Hi guys csktwyr here. Ngayon lang nagka-time magregister sa PHC matagal na ding member ng dalawang site sa kabila. Ask ko lang kung meron pa sa atin ang may natatagong settings para sa symbian device natin. Sobrang tagal ko nang naghahanap but unfortunately wala talaga pero di parin ako...
  6. M

    Closed Injector problem

    guys,good eve,yung injector ko kasi,laging nag didisconect every minute,natural lang ba to?
  7. E

    Closed Nokia N71 Questions

    Hello po! Gusto ko po sana humingi ng tulong about sa N71 ko. Meron po bang free internet tricks para sa phone na to? Pwede po pa-tut? At papa-ano rin po maka-internet dito? Globe nga pala network ko. Pasensya na lang po if duplicate po ito. Pakidelete narin kung bawal.
  8. S


    May Alam po ba kayo na free internet sa symbian phones ...kung meron po pakisabi naman po...thanks
  9. Y

    Closed Free Internet for Globe and TM - S60v3 symbian phone

    Eto yung gamit ko for almost 3 years at sobrang ok pa naman. I'd like to share para naman sa ibang naghahanap ng free internet jan wanna try this download nyo yung attachment may instruction na jan simple very easy naman yan!!! Take Note: expect nyo na mabagal ang browsing pag tanghali hindi...
  10. D

    Help Blackberry 9700

    First time blackberry user po ako,saan po kabilang ang blackberry and ano pong pwede kong gawin para maupgrade cp ko?salamat po
  11. H


    gustong madagdagan ang kaalaman sa mga tricks ng om.
  12. R

    Closed NXB15 works in all apps in Nokia 6120C

    Just txt NBX15 to 211 Parang unlisurf 50 lng ang nbx15.correction palá! NXB15 to 211
  13. C

    Help rpg hd symbian games

    parequest ng rpg hd s60v3 games. . .
  14. O

    Help help needed here please

    hello po sa lahat sino po nakakaalam panu mag-install ng opera mini sa n500, newbie po ako dito. operating system ko po symbian^3 .nakalagay.
  15. H

    Help How i can send marked SMS automatilcly in symbian phones?

    Hello, How i can send marked SMS automatilcly in symbian phones? i wanna send a lot of jokes to my friend but it will take very long time. is a program can do it and send marked sms automaticly to my friends?
  16. K

    Font remover

    for s60v2 remove your font and back to your default font(y)
  17. E

    Closed Vbag s60v2 w/ ****** +save files...

    WHAT IS VBAG EMULATOR? vBag is a GameBoy Advance emulator that can play GBA games on your mobile phone. s60v2(nokia6630,6680,6681,n70,n72,n90) s60v3(tried and tested ko na sya sa n73, try nyo na lang on other s60v3 kung applicable naman) Instant gameboy advance sa cp nyo,dun sa...
  18. L

    Closed Unlock me app

    UnlockMe! is a software that will allow you to recover the Unlock Code actually configured in your mobile phone. You have to install and run the software on the phone and after some minutes it will communicate you the Unlock Code actually configured in the Phone This program it's usefull only...

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