The themes or thémata (Greek: θέματα, thémata, singular: θέμα, théma) were the main military/administrative divisions of the middle Byzantine Empire. They were established in the mid-7th century in the aftermath of the Slavic invasion of the Balkans and Muslim conquests of parts of Byzantine territory, and replaced the earlier provincial system established by Diocletian and Constantine the Great. In their origin, the first themes were created from the areas of encampment of the field armies of the East Roman army, and their names corresponded to the military units that had existed in those areas. The theme system reached its apogee in the 9th and 10th centuries, as older themes were split up and the conquest of territory resulted in the creation of new ones. The original theme system underwent significant changes in the 11th and 12th centuries, but the term remained in use as a provincial and financial circumscription until the very end of the Empire.

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  1. L

    Help Themes for hyperos na yung manga customize

    sino po may link yung themes for hyperos na customize?
  2. N

    Poco F5 pro hyperos themes

    Hello sa Inyo , ask ko lng kung ano themes apps na pwde sa foco f5 pro n naka hyperos na... Yung ibang karamihan sa themes sa apps Kasi d compatible..May I suggest b kayo..thanks sa mga sasagot 🫡
  3. U

    Help V27e themes

    Baka meron po kayong ios theme jan para sa vivo po, Maybayad po kasi
  4. P

    Tutorial Download Pr3mium WordPress Themes and Plugins for FREE! (FREE Request)

    Are you tired of spending a fortune on WordPress themes and plugins? Fear not, for I have the solution you've been searching for! I've stumbled upon a stash of freemium WordPress themes and plugins that will knock your socks off! And guess what? I'm giving them away for FREE! That's right, you...
  5. M

    Themes for poco X3 GT

    Baka may marecommend kayo na magandang themes para sa phone natin👌
  6. A

    Help PC *****/ρrémíùm themes free download?

    Websites to download ***** or ρrémíùm aesthetic themes for windows?
  7. M

    Help Saan makakahanap ng free Shopify Themes?

    Anyone know saan makakahanap ng free shopify themes? Need lang po for school project. Thanks po.
  8. 9

    Xiaomi Themes

    Sino may info about editing or installing ρáíd themes for Xiaomi? Xiaomi 11t Pro
  9. J

    Help Help! Themes ng Poco F3

    Sino po d2 nka poco f3 kung mag aapply ng ibang themes after 1 hour bumabalik sa stock themes. Ano po solution na gawa nyo? Salamat!
  10. C

    Help Bootstrap Themes

    Baka meron kayong bootstrap theme, or pwede magpakuha ng bootstrap 5 theme need lang for project! Salamat, any theme will do po need ko lang login and dashboard btw Stripe gateway si getbootstrap
  11. A

    Tutorial Realme/Oppo Themes Access All Free

    Hello mga paps... Im here again ALEKTIT to teach you some little bit tutorial about getting free themes from your realme/oppo phone. so let's start First and foremost paps this is so very easy no need vpn or something having you struggle. Just go to settings and scroll down then click regions...
  12. windows 10 themes.png

    windows 10 themes.png

    if gusto niyo nito eh isend ko link.
  13. P

    Closed Not Compatible themes help walang desplay na lumalabas win10 ko

    mga paps patulong naman. wala ng lumalabas sa screen ng windows 10 ko ano pwedi gawin. patulong mga paps kilangan ko pa to
  14. N

    Closed Themes for Realme

    any realme users here? eto po para themestore ni realme...
  15. M

    Closed Baka may themes kayo for Huawei Mate 20 Pro

    Hi guys. Pahingi naman themes for Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  16. J

    Closed May way ba para maka kuha ng ρáíd themes sa Huawei Store for free?

    May way ba para maka kuha ng ρáíd themes sa Huawei Store for free?
  17. J

    Closed Help! EMUI THEMES for Android 8.0+ please.

    Help! EMUI THEMES for Android 8.0+ please.
  18. W

    Closed Huawei B315-936s themes or webui

    Mga ka ts, pa request naman ng mga themes for huawei b315-936s. Deadlinks na po kasi ung mga nakikita ko sa ibang sites and YøùTùbé. Penge naman kahit ung acer or one piece themes lang.
  19. D

    Closed Help - suggest po ng best android themes

    Pa help po kung ano magandang theme :)
  20. V

    Closed Best mobile dark themes

    Hi! pa-open po. I'm newbie. Ano po ba ang magandang mobile-theme ngayon? Prefered theme style po elegant and dark
  21. P

    Closed Oppo a83 themes

    paano mag mod ng themes sa oppo a83. sa mga nakakaalam dyan patut po sana
  22. D

    Closed Themes by xenforo™ free download Forum themes free download By XenForo™. Three themes to choose,all in 1 Archon Krypton Flat Awesome
  23. D

    Closed Pahinge ng windows 10 themes

    mga boss pahinge naman ng windows 10 animated themes salamat :)
  24. J

    Closed Pc themes

    pa upload naman ng nice na themes pang pc o ...ty in advnce!!
  25. E

    Closed Install themed icons on ios
  26. B

    Closed Themes for asus zenfone max

    Need some help. Looking for nice themes for my asus zenfone max. Thanks
  27. B

    Closed Hi good evening

    Newbie here ask ko lng po kung saan maganda makadownload themes for my asus zenfone max
  28. C

    Closed Lumia theme for s60v5 full download

    Allam kong kahit makabago na ang panahon ngayun marami paring symbian user dito kaya share ko sa inyo tong napulot kong theme Download now
  29. T

    Help request pls...HTC cha cha A801

    pahingi naman po ng games and appz pwde sa HTC cha cha A801
  30. Z

    Link po for Chicago bulls Theme for XP

    guy pahinge po nang link para sa themes nang chicago...tY.
  31. Z

    Available themes for samsung star wifi

    :worthy:please. sinu po may alam san pede DL nang themes for my Samsung starwifi!
  32. M

    Themes for CM W7

    pahingi nmn po ng themes para sa cherry mobile w7 wla kasi si dmax nito.:worthy:
  33. F


    download iit here: > >
  34. L

    Editing themes s40 via your s40mobile

    Application needed >> BFTP (For Renaming, Extracting and Packing) Download here >> Existing theme to be edited (you can use THIS THEME (remove .zip) Note: before using the application make surethat you set the application access> add and edit user data to "always ask" (pag hindi naka set...
  35. L

    Free games, apps etc apks for android phones
  36. M

    2013's new s40 theme collection

    wla ako ss nito. pakidownload na lang sa mga interesado. konti lang naman to eh. kaya madali lang pagdownload. hope you like it. (y)
  37. O

    PlayStation Psp themes

    Download Link: VIPSLOT77 | Main Slot Online dan RTP Slot Gacor
  38. O

    Corby 2 themes