In metal typesetting, a font is a particular size, weight and style of a typeface. Each font is a matched set of type, with a piece (a "sort") for each glyph. A typeface consists of a range of such fonts that shared an overall design.
In modern usage, with the advent of computer fonts, the term "font" has come to be used as a synonym for "typeface", although a typical typeface (or "font family") consists of a number of fonts. For instance, the typeface "Bauer Bodoni" (sample shown here) includes fonts "Roman" (or "Regular"), "Bold" and "Italic"; each of these exists in a variety of sizes. The term "font" is correctly applied to any one of these alone but may be seen used loosely to refer to the whole typeface. When used in computers, each style is in a separate digital "font file".
In both traditional typesetting and modern usage, the word "font" refers to the delivery mechanism of the typeface. In traditional typesetting, the font would be made from metal or wood type: to compose a page may require multiple fonts or even multiple typefaces.

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  1. A

    Help Font size

    Good day mga ka PHC pa help naman pano ko mapapalaki yung size ng font ng mga label sa visual basic editor command sya ng excel . thanks po
  2. B

    Help Receipt font

    pa help naman po mga master,, Receipt font lang sana.. salamat po
  3. S

    Letterpress font by Edignwn Type ρrémíùm

    LINK: Letterpress-42001903
  4. S

    McMenamin's Brewery custom font

    link: Poorfarm_v5_2015
  5. T

    Help: Ano pong font neto?

    Baka po may nakakaalam. Salamat po
  6. J

    Anong font po ito ?

    anong font po ito at paano po po ito nagawa yung sa taas baba transparent naging parang transparent di tulag ng nasagitna na solid white ano mag kabigang font po ba to or settings lang to sa photoshop para maging transparent yung font
  7. M

    Help LG G3 Coffee font

    Hello po. Ask lang baka alam nyo po saan pwd ma Download ung Coffee font ng LG G3. nahihirapan po kasi ako maghanap. Thank you poin advance. :)
  8. I

    Help Kakaibang font

    Patulong nmn po paano to mabalik...salamat po
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    Get Free Fonts/Typefaces on this Websites! (Compilation)

    For Aspiring Graphics Designers, Illustrators, and/or just Font Addicts who are looking for new Fonts/Typefaces to use. Because who wants to use Times New Roman Forever? Listed here are the compilation of Websites that provides/offers Free Fonts. Free ρrémíùm Fonts Every Week (Check them out...
  10. N

    UMID font style for ID layout

    Mga ka-phc alam nyo ba yung font style or font family na gamit sa UMID card?
  11. K

    TOTD Share Thread

    Before anything, check out this lovely font bundle 👇🏼 Hidden content Typeface of the Day Epica A contemporary interpretation of the Venetian Renaissance types. Vendor link: Hidden content Hidden content
  12. P

    Font name

    may nakagamit na ba dito ng font na 'to ano po name niya sa theme store ng realme ?
  13. R

    Help Help po sa font

    mga boss ask ko lang po sana, anong font po kaya ginamit dito, .sana po may makapansin,thanks po in advance.
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    Help Pano lagyan ng color

    Pano ba dito lagyan ng color yung font kapag magtatype ng decription
  15. A

    Tutorial Ano po kayang font ito ?

    Mga ka PHC ano po kayang point itong Miami na word sa jersey or yun kahit malapit lang dito. Need lang para sa design ng jersey namin thanks po
  16. P

    Android App 10 steps on how to change font for oppo and realme

    1. Open the browser -> type -> Please download the font as you like 2. Install the Ofont Indonesian Application -> Select Settings -> Next select Region & Language 3. Next Set the Time Zone according to your location 4. Open the APK Editor Application -> Select "Select Apk...
  17. J

    Help Paano po I download Yung fonts sa oppo a5s?

    Gusto ko Kasi Sana may font na iba bukod sa default font niya or Yung roboto neto papalitan ko ng ibang font..
  18. S

    Help Font

    Baka alam nyo kung anong font yan and kung anong app sa android na pwede gumawa ng genyang lyric video
  19. G

    Help Coins

    Guys pa share kung paano maka join sa coon newbie here
  20. X

    Tutorial Systemless TitilliumWeb Font with Unicode Support

    Systemless TitilliumWeb Font with Unicode Support Decompress the file first. It contains the Magisk module zip file and unicode text file. Directly flash the module file on Magisk Manager, then reboot. Lastly, check the unicode text file if working. Goodluck. 😀 Link...
  21. D

    Saan po kayo kumukuha ng mga font?

    Mga master may alam poba kayo kung saan maganda mag download ng mga font. at saan makaka download ng paid font ng libre? Salamat po.
  22. J

    Helvetica nueu flipfont

    Pahingi naman po kung meron kayo ng font na helvetica nueu for samsung j7 pro po. Thank you in advance
  23. C

    Add font samsung galaxy s4

    Pano po makadagdagan yung default fonts na andito na sa phone ko?
  24. A

    Car plate font

    Mga paps penge naman link kung saan makakadownload ng carplate font Salamat
  25. M

    Help Fonts changer

    Good Morning! Magtatanong lang po. Papano po ba magpalit ng fonts style sa oppo f9 na color OS 5.2. nanuod na po ako sa ytube, gumamit na ng hfonts at gAgent pero wala pa din po
  26. K

    Help Pano po ba mag font ng flower sa ml?

    Patulong po. Pano mag font ng flower. Di po kasi ako makaupload ng picture as example.
  27. P

    Tutorial Guide on getting paid fonts

    Today i encountered a problem... paid fonts! so here i am giving you my 30 min. search to seek knowledge and another power vested by the Internet boys, and RNG's in town. my basis on the paid fonts would be "myfonts" ================================================================...
  28. M

    [help]font style

    Meron po bang font style na parang sulat kamay? Yung hindi magkakaparehas mga letters para hindi obvious na printed. Baka lang matulungan ninyo mga katulad kong tamad magsulat. Hahaha TIA
  29. L

    Help Font for thesis

    mga boss, ano dapat gamitin na font sa thesis? salamat po sa sasagot
  30. J

    Font for android

    Download if you want to change you font.
  31. P

    Need help! for product design

    What font style is this? eto din po What font style is this? Maraming salamat po! Mga Idol!
  32. J

    Pa help po mga boss kung anong font ung sa norsu pls see attached.thanks ng marami

    need ko pong malaman kung anong ang font style po nito.
  33. C

    Font na malupet..psd

    just remove the spaces.. https:// userscloud . com / 16ucwfo9yyhb sample styles
  34. J

    Samsung j5 fonts w/out rooting!!

    Eto po ay para sa nahihirapan mag apply ng fonts without rooting at di na kailangan mag bayad sa samsung app . Step 1 Punta kayo sa Settings-display-fonts Makikita niu ung sa baba ng mga fonts niu May download fonts dun The click the download other font . Then mapupunta kau sa app ng samsung...
  35. Z

    Closed Anung font po ito?

    (maiba naman haha)
  36. D

    Closed Ano po name ng best font para sa inyo?

    Suggest po kayo..
  37. D

    Closed Change font without rooting? sino po may alam

    Mga kapatid may paraan ba para mag change ng font kahit dina iroot?
  38. R

    Closed How to change font on Android 5.0

    Requirements: Rooted phone (punta sa Rom toolbox (lite/pro) 1st: Kapag rooted ka na, i-open si rom toolbox. 2nd: Punta sa Interface panel. 3rd: Tap "Font Installer" (I-deny lang pag may ipapa-download sayo. 4th: Pumili ng font na gusto. 5th: Install. Wait 'til finished. 6th...
  39. H

    Closed Fonts for your Symbian S60v3 phone!

    Share ko lang itong Font na ito. Ang lupit e ASTIG 'to! Tested on my Nokia N77 OK let's Start! What tools are we need to do this? 1. FontRouter 2. FontRouter Manager 3. X-plore Note: Dapat already h a c k e d na ang phone mo para magawa ang kabulastugang ito. Step 1: Install FontRouter...
  40. K

    Font remover

    for s60v2 remove your font and back to your default font(y)