A mouse (PL: mice) is a small rodent. Characteristically, mice are known to have a pointed snout, small rounded ears, a body-length scaly tail, and a high breeding rate. The best known mouse species is the common house mouse (Mus musculus). Mice are also popular as pets. In some places, certain kinds of field mice are locally common. They are known to invade homes for food and shelter.
Mice are typically distinguished from rats by their size. Generally, when a muroid rodent is discovered, its common name includes the term mouse if it is smaller, or rat if it is larger. The common terms rat and mouse are not taxonomically specific. Typical mice are classified in the genus Mus, but the term mouse is not confined to members of Mus and can also apply to species from other genera such as the deer mouse, Peromyscus.
Domestic mice sold as pets often differ substantially in size from the common house mouse. This is attributable to breeding and different conditions in the wild. The best-known strain of mouse is the white lab mouse. It has more uniform traits that are appropriate to its use in research.
Cats, wild dogs, foxes, birds of prey, snakes and even certain kinds of arthropods have been known to prey heavily upon mice. Despite this, mice populations remain plentiful. Due to its remarkable adaptability to almost any environment, the mouse is one of the most successful mammalian genera living on Earth today.
In certain contexts, mice can be considered vermin. Vermin are a major source of crop damage, as they are known to cause structural damage and spread disease. Mice spread disease through their feces and are often carriers of parasites. In North America, breathing dust that has come in contact with mouse excrement has been linked to hantavirus, which may lead to hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS).
Primarily nocturnal animals, mice compensate for their poor eyesight with a keen sense of hearing. They depend on their sense of smell to locate food and avoid predators.In the wild, mice are known to build intricate burrows. These burrows have long entrances and are equipped with escape tunnels. In at least one species, the architectural design of a burrow is a genetic trait.

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    Help Budget Gaming Mouse

    Pa suggest naman po ng budget gaming mouse na around at least 900 pesos budget Penge narin po ng link ng Shoppe or Lazada na Legit Thank You in Advance
  2. R

    Editable Template for Baby Milestone (Hello Kitty & Minnie Mouse Concept)

    Hi Guys! Editable Template Baby Milestone (Hello Kitty & Minnie Mouse Concept) Download na habang mainit pa hihihi. Share ko lang tong gawa kong Baby Milestone Construction Concept. Bagay to sa may mga printing business or mga DIY'ers natin jan. A3 Size(pwede nyo din resize sa gusto nyo) Goods...
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    Help sa mga gamer dyan

    Ano ba ang mas better gaming mouse, ano mga pros and cons kung may suggestion kayo mas better Hidden content
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    A mouse was put at the top of a jar filled with grains.

    A “mouse” was put at the top of a jar filled with grains. He was too happy to find so much food around him. Now he doesn’t need to run around searching for food and can happily lead his life. As he enjoyed the grains, he reached the bottom of the jar in a few days. Now he is trapped and he...
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    Mickey Mouse TSHIRT (Help)

    Baka po meron kayo natatago na Mickey Mouse Template for tshirt po Thank You Po
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    Help Best Mouse clicker replacement?

    may nag papalit ba sa inyo clicker ng mouse? ano brand magandang bilin? na ubos na stocks ko sa mga lumang mouse din galing. hahaha.
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    Help Keyboard and mouse not working

    Pa help po mga sir, kase yung keyboard at mouse ko di gumagana during sa 1st step ng installation ko ng windows 7. Pero sa bios is gumana naman siya. Salamat po sa sasagot
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    Recommend wireless mouse

    1k-2k Wireless mouse na mas maliit ng kunti sa standard mouse size.
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    Help Bluetooth mouse and keyboard

    mga sir pa suggest naman ng bluetooth mouse and keyboard yung pwede rin sa android tablet under 1k salamat
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    Tools SEND HELP: How to fix inverted wireless mouse?

    Sa mga naka wireless mouse jan, sa office kasi gumagana yung mouse naman nang maayos. Nung ginagamit ko na sa different laptop (lenovo), biglang naging inverted. Fully functional naman yung buttons, at hindi rin inverted yung scroll wheel. Talagang pag minomove ko papuntang right = left yung...
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    The first computer mouse was called X-Y Position Indicator for Display Systems

    The world’s first computer mouse was invented at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the 1960s. The equipment was called “X-Y position indicator for displays”. Douglas Engelbart and Bill English are credited with the invention of the mouse. The story that Xerox APAC invented the mouse is a...
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    Mouse Scroll Wheel Glitching

    May nakaexperience po ba sa inyo ng nagglitch yung scroll wheel, okay naman yung mouse. Akala ko nung una dahil lang medyo luma na yung mouse ko kaya bumili ako ng bago, then after 2 weeks nagloko nanaman yung scroll wheel ng mouse na bagong bili ko. Ano po kaya remedyo dito? TIA
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    Help me choose a mouse.

    Guys pa-tulong sa pagpili ng mouse. Logitech yung first choice ko talaga pero gusto kong malaman ang experience, advice, suggestions ng iba para na man effective ang decision making ko. I acknowledge critics or harsh comments basta may sense haha. THANK YOU! 😁
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    Help Rakk Talan Review

    I have been using the Rakk Talan for a month now, I can say that it really has the same OEM as the Pwnage Ultra Custom Symmetrical. Build quality is the same, you can even mix and match the covers, and also, you can actually use the pwnage software to customize your rakk talan. For my review for...
  15. school supplies

    school supplies

    Ang mahal talaga ng mga school supplies ngayon
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    Help mouse clicker replacement

    pwede po ba yung mga ordinary clickers gamitin as replacement sa isang gaming mouse?
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    Help Razer Lancehead Wired/Wireless Users

    May issue ba kayo na naencounter na hindi gumagana ang wireless niya? Even with Dongle? I had no problems with Wired connection.
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    Help tanong ko lang

    mura naba itong mouse na ito tinanong ko yung seller sagad na sa 1300 thanks ka phc
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    Help Mouse with separate dpi

    Hello guys tanong ko lang if may alam kayong mouse na may programmable buttons and may settings for separate dpi (x and y axis sensitivity). Nag give up na kasi Logitech300s ko di na makalaro ng FPS games ng maayos. May alam ba kayong similar na pwede?
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    Help Guys..patulong po..!! saklolo..!

    ung laptop ko kasi..kapag ginagamitan ko ng mga arrow keys.. bigla na lang nag dedelete...tapos nadadamay na ung mouse..kapag mag click ako ng mga icon..idedelete nya.. panu kaya to mga ka PHC.. sana matulungan nyu po ako...
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    Help Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

    Mga sir/ma'am gumagana po ba kahit saang android phone ang Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse? balak ko po kasi bumili sa cdr-king. salamat po sa makakapansin
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    Help Mouse

    suggest naman po kayo magandang mouse pang gaming below 1k po thanks
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    Tools Wireless rechargeable mouse

    Pahelp naman po. Anong wireless mouse ang ok gamitin. Yung compact lang , Pede pangtravel pero ok yung performance. Pede panglaro. Yung rechargeable din, para Di Kailangan bumili ng battery palagi.
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    Help Bluetooth mouse (android to android)

    Guys gumagamit kasi ako ng gimp sa phone yung inkscape eh mahirap mag edit kung baga kelangan sya ng mouse para sa left and right click and other functionalities, meron ba kayo alam na app na pwdeng gawin bluetooth mouse yung another phone? Wala kasing bluetooth mouse na tinda dito samin tska...
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    Help Computer mouse: what to do?

    I need your help ka-PHCorner. Cabled po siya na Computer Mouse. Kapag iconnect kopo siya sa computer, umiilaw naman po. The problem is hindi po gumagalaw yung cursor by the time I move yung mouse. Computer Brand: Neo Driver(s): Updated Operating System: Windows 7 How to fix it po kaya?
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    Ask lang po ako about sa mouse

    ask lang po ako about sa mouse.. ano po mas maganda yung cordless or may cord like cdr king na mouse? ngaun po kase naka cordless mouse po ako.. targus brand po sya.. mag 1 month na po sya.. problema po pag games ako like gta 5 parang tingin ko masisira sa clicking. any advice po
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    Closed Wireless mouse not working.

    Hi guys patulong sana si ako. Yung mouse ko kasi di gumagana for laptop po. Wireless siya, detected naman lahat lahat pero ayaw gumalaw ng cursor ko, even may ilaw siya malakas naman. Any Help
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    Closed Top 15 methods how häçkers can häçk facebook accounts & how to protect from them?

    . Top 15 Methods How häçkers Can häçk Facebook Accounts & How To Protect From Them? BY ARNAV PATEL · DECEMBER 18, 2016 Today we bring you a topic that is not so rare or new to all of you, but rather so common and I know most of you already know a thing or two about the topic but just don’t...
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    Closed Mouse and keyboard freezes

    Sa mga technician dyan help me! After an hour or two of usage bigla na lang may tutunog na "tut" "tut" ganon tas mag ffreeze for a while yung mouse then okay na again ganon lang ng ganon tas mamaya eh biglang di na talaga gagana. As in di na nagwwork ang mouse and keyboard. Pero parehong may...
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    Closed Mouse and keyboard freezes then stop

    Mga kaPHC! Pahelp naman dito sa problem ko. Yung mouse ko and keyboard is nagana naman pareho. Pero mamaya may tutunog tas di gagana ng .5 seconds tas gagana na again. Nagffreeze ang mouse and keyboard pero maya maya magwwork again pero after a couple of minutes talagang di na nagana pareho so...
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    Closed Benq zowie announces special edition of ec series

    BenQ announces special edition of ZOWIE EC1-A and EC2-A in glossy coating today, offering gamers a different feeling from the standard edition. ZOWIE EC1-A and EC2-A White are the glossy editions of the EC series. They are designed for gamers that prefer the grip and the feeling that the...
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    Closed Computer accessories online philippines

    Affordable computer accessories online in the Philippines are now available here at Goods PH Choose from wireless mouse, keyboard, monitor cables and more!
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    Autoclicker application (pindutinmoko) para sa mga gamers at coc adiks (for pc only)

    PindutinMoKo by Andrew ~ mediafire is an autoclicker app para po sa mga Gamer at nag COC using Bluestacks.. Pang PC lang po ito. Hope you Like it. ;) Delete na lang po kapag my duplicate post or ayaw nyo ng post ko.ehehe Contact Me if you have a Problem or Questions: