A gamer is a proactive hobbyist who plays interactive games, especially video games, tabletop role-playing games, and skill-based card games, and who plays for usually long periods of time. Some gamers are competitive, meaning they routinely compete in some games for money, prizes, awards or the mere pleasure of competition and overcoming obstacles. In some countries such as the UK and Australia, the term "gaming" can refer to legalized ********, which can take both traditional and digital forms, through online ********. There are many different gamer communities around the world. Since the advent of the Internet, many communities take the form of Internet forums or YøùTùbé or Twitch virtual communities, as well as in-person social clubs. Originally a hobby, it has evolved into a profession for some. In 2021, there were an estimated 3.24 billion gamers across the globe.

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    Happy birthday nga pala sa bf kong gamer na napaka pogi

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    Batang ina na gamer

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    Help sa mga gamer dyan

    Ano ba ang mas better gaming mouse, ano mga pros and cons kung may suggestion kayo mas better Hidden content
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    Help Yeahbet gamer

    Meron po ba dito naglalaro ng yeahbet online game?
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    Help Kabadong kamay?

    mga lods ,ano solution nyo pag mabilis kayo kabahan ? yung tipong di nyo alam sino uunahin sa kalaban kse kabado e... May gamot ba pra sa anxiety? ML nga pala nilalaro ko at nahihirapan ako gumamit ng fast hand hero kse prang nagvivibrate kamay ko pagclash hahaha
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    Nang dahil sa Napsternet

    Na download ko lang namam lahat yang mga laro na yan ng di ko ina asahan. 😌 At dahil yun sa apps na Napsternet. Big thanks sa mga Professional config maker dito sa walang sawang pag bahagi ng mga configs. More power PHC! 💪👌
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    Poll Wild Ones

    sino dito mga naglalaro na ng Wild Ones legacy? any thoughts? saken lag eh hahaha
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    Help ML Squad or Group

    Mga boss pasali naman sa inyong mga Squad or Groups po. Pabuhat lang ako pls.😀 Legend 3 po rank ko ngayon. My I.D. 228823358(3635)
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    Gamer here!

    Hi my name is Clifford James, I'm currently residing here in America for work pero Pinoy po ako ;) Kumusta po kayong lahat! Sana ay maging masaya ang araw ninyong lahat. God Bless!
  10. 51596358_1368960653247249_4567233313072218112_n.jpg


    PUBG Players will understand
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    Help Coc gamer

    Matanong lang? Alang magawa eh .hiiihihi
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    Help Looking for rank gamers

    Good day mga ka-MLBB players! follow nyo po ako sa ML ign : awesome102 and I'll follow you back, taas-baba kasi rank ko and im stuck sa GrandMaster na rank mga random teammates naman kasi mga nakakalaro wala talaga akong fixed na ka team. so please, help me out all the way sa Mythic rank! HAHAHAHAHA
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    Globe Welcome to the world of €prò×y[gaming epro green ping] no load[ragnarok ,ml]

    EPRöXY Globe and tm Default with promo Or Globe switch ➡Download Eproxy Apps to your Androids Phones latest 2.7.34 HERE ➡Import the config file(import button is in the lower right ng epro yung bilog) ➡After importing the config check nyo muna if same lang ba yung mga nakacheck ➡Then...
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    Para sa mga walang pang proxy

    Pamsamantalang host pwdng pwd sa gamers ρrémíù
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    TNT Gamer

    Pahingi po ng no load gaming sa tnt...salamat
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    Twelvesky 2: the limitless

    One of the best and oldest mmorpg game is now back and remastered! Pre-Register link Download OBT - FB Page Website...
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    Bagong miyembro

    Yo! Hello. Hehe. I'm new. Gamer by day & night. Yun lang. Hehe.
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    Pahinge po link?

    Pahinge naman po link ng full episode ng the walking dead season 2 na laro for android. All episode downloadable po?
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    Help Flyff legacy

    May naglalaro po ba nyan dito mga boss?ask ko lang po sana kung anong problema kung ang nalabas sa phone mo ay Stage Farm Version Gate Server Command Error,sana may makatulong po kasi gusto ko talaga syang laruin,salamat po.
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    Ping tool para sa pc gamers - no need to download

    Share ko lang tong ping tool para sa PC gamers, pampababa ng ping at iwas lags. Hindi na kailangan idownload, browser lang. >Visit www. internetspeedstabilizer. online >Click PINGER >SELECT "SECONDS" (Kung ilang segundo ang Ping intervals) Free pala to mga paps.
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    Help Installer ng dota 1 at cs 1.3 willing to pay

    GUYS SINO MERON INSTALLER or Ready to innstall nlng . CS 1.3 at DOta 1
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    Help How to download warcraft dota 1 ???

    Guys pa help , san pa po mkakapag download ng DOTA 1? Please . Thanks in advance lodis
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    Help Budget gaming smartphone

    suggest naman kayo best budget gaming smartphone mga boss. 10k budget po.. thank you :)
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    Best offline! and online! games 2018 under 500mb-1gb free ! download !

    Hi Guys ! Games muna kau ! Here's the link! https://häç Enjoy! Don't forget to hit like guys! THANK YOU !
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    I'm a new member of phcorner

    Hello I'm just begginer for this free access to internet i want to learn more about free internet
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    Tutorial Para sa mga nag lalaro ng grannt dyan ito ung true story nya

    True Story of Granny UNRAVELED
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    Tutorial Para sa mga gamer dyan how to häçk mortal kombat x 1.17 any gpu

    Ganyan Unli All, Unli Rice, Unli Soup, Unli Lahat. To ung mga video tutorial andyan narin ung link sa video.
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    Closed Fact - female video gamers

    Repa gamer ang ligawan/hanapin mo, apir!:) :)hit!
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    Closed Games

    Ano po ba magandang laro na laruin yung walang bayad sa playstore
  30. X

    Archive Rules of survival

    May cheat or glitches ba sa larung to.
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    Closed Chaos ring 3 offline

    Pa high compress naman ng CHAOS RING 3 offline di kasa kaya ng net dito samin sobrang bagal kaya kung pwede po paki high compress SALAMAT .
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    Closed Super fast ehi

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    Closed Games

    Ano po ba magandang laro? Na role playing?
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    Closed Pptp vpn for free

    Server #2: Server #3: Server #4: Server #5: Server #6: Username: vpnbook Password: p57u662 feedback guys! if working sa inyo. palike narin to.
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    Closed Suggestions

    Pa suggest naman po ng Nickname na pede sa League of Legends!
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    Closed May nakapag laro na ba ng shenmue dito before dreamcast and xbox days?

    Any shenmue fans dito?
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    Closed Gaming

    makakadota ba ako sa surfmax??? mgA tulad kong gamer jan pahelp po
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    Closed Established

    D pa din ako established
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    Closed Mr. med

    Newbie gadget improviser Android modifier Tech researcher Pro Gamer
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    Closed Buhay gamer

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    Closed Game suggestions

    Ano po bang mga magagandang laro ngayon ? Yang pangpalipas or as, online / offline basta maganda , salamat!!
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    Closed For coc player ,guys you can buy google play card in here wohoo! come and grab it

    Greetings Game Pals, Now the hunt for the most convenient way to purchase game vouchers can end by visiting AxiaPedia. AxiaPedia is an online portal that sells game vouchers with just 3 simple steps: 1) Choose the game vouchers you want to buy; 2) Select your preferred payment method; 3)...
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    Closed Modded apks release sites

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    Closed Ofline games

    Anu mga ofline games na adventure na magandang laroin guys
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    Closed Codebreaker

    im jazz
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    Closed Hi, michael here

    New member here :) Michael | Quezon City | Estudyante I like playing pc games Fave Open World Game: Elder Scroll V: Skyrim (kaway kaway sa naadik din dito) Moba: Dota 2, LoL (9 years na ako naglalaro ng dota since dota 1 pa) Mmorpg: Ragnarok (first mmo ko), Cabal (ph and private servers), MU...
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    Closed Introducing myself

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    Closed Lol

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    Play game

    good gamer