The iPod is a discontinued series of portable media players and multi-purpose mobile devices designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The first version was released on October 23, 2001, about 8+1⁄2 months after the Macintosh version of iTunes was released. Apple sold an estimated 450 million iPod products as of 2022. Apple discontinued the iPod product line on May 10, 2022. At 20 years, the iPod brand is the oldest to be discontinued by Apple.Like other digital music players, some versions of the iPod can serve as external data storage devices. Prior to macOS 10.15, Apple's iTunes software (and other alternative software) could be used to transfer music, photos, videos, games, contact information, e-mail settings, Web bookmarks, and calendars to the devices supporting these features from computers using certain versions of Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows operating systems.Before the release of iOS 5, the iPod branding was used for the media player included with the iPhone and iPad, which was separated into apps named "Music" and "Videos" on the iPod Touch. As of iOS 5, separate Music and Videos apps are standardized across all iOS-powered products. While the iPhone and iPad have essentially the same media player capabilities as the iPod line, they are generally treated as separate products. During the middle of 2010, iPhone sales overtook those of the iPod.

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  1. D

    Ipod touch

    Patulong po pag nglock activation ang ipod touch gen 5 may pag asa pa?salamat po
  2. K

    Looking For Ipod Classic

    Good Day KaPHC. Looking po ng Ipod Classic mp3 player for my hobby. Kahit d po gumagana basta my masasalvage na parts. 1st gent to 6th gen ipod classic. pm lang ng details to discuss the value. Thank you.
  3. D

    Tutorial Import music to your iPhone/iPad/iPod without iTunes!

    Hello mga sir/ma'am! :) Step by step po ituturo ko pano maglagay ng songs sa Apple Gadgets nyo without using iTunes :) Legit, sipag at tiyaga ang kailangan hihi. (y) * If may post na po nito sa Thread dito or same post pakisabi lang po. Thanks! :) * Tools needed: 👇👇👇 1. Computer/Laptop 2...
  4. A

    Closed Wifi häçker for ios

    Pahinge nmn po wps häçker in ios tnx
  5. A

    Closed Ipod mini model a1489

    Patulong nmn po ako activation lock guys
  6. G

    Closed Pa help sa ipod nano ko help !!!

    Panu po ayusin to mga paps? Yung ipod nano di ko mkita ang memory nya sa settings. na format ko to fat32 sa windows 7. nag try ako then gnun na wala na ang mga musics at 0kb free space daw. Pa help po !! Please !!
  7. L

    Closed Ipod & itunes for dummies, 6th edition

    An apple a day is 7 apples a week:) direct link: ftp://collectivecomputers.org:21212/books/morebooks/543%20For%20Dummies%20E-Books%20-%20)_)ReUpLd)_)/iPod%20&%20iTunes%20for%20DUMmIES%206th.pdf
  8. R

    Closed How to solve

    Icloud forgot my password how to remove and baypass?thanks....
  9. Z

    Closed Ipod shuffle 4th generation

    Akoy nangangailangan ng tulong.... Sino po ba dito marunong magdownload/maglagay ng mp3 pero playable sa ipod Kung sino man pabulong naman.... TIA
  10. J

    Closed Charge you’re apple devices faster on pc

    Sa mga ka ios ko dito na malimit mag charge sa pc install nyo lang ito “asus ai charger” mas bibilis po sya mag charge sa pc! Ito link: https://event.asus.com/mb/2010/ai_charger/
  11. S

    Tutorial How to flash iphone , ipad , or ipod.

    Hello guys! Para sa mga hindi pa po nakakaalam kung panno magflash ng firmware ng iPhone , iPad or , iPod. Eto na po ng tutorial. BTW, 3,000th post/comment ko na to. Hehehe. Let's start. Requirements iTunes 12.x.x.x A iPhone , iPod , or iPad 30-pin connector or lighting cable (depende kung...
  12. R

    Closed Tweakbox app v2

    Magandang araw mga Bigan! ATTENTION! Update ko lang po sa mga nakakita ng previous post ko na gumagamit ng Tweaked apps from TBA (TweakBoxApp) Update na kayo mga bessssss! For those who didn't know this fccking secondary appstore yet. Just download this from your iOs devices! It's for FREE...
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    Closed Direct downloads for iphone , ipad and , ipod firmwares.

    Magandang gabi mga ka-PHC nagupdate lang po ako ng thread para sa naghahanap ng firmware ng iPhone , iPad at , iPod. Make sure na naka disable ng Find my iPhone para wala aberya. Kung newbie ka check mo to http://www.iphonehäçks.com/iphone-model-firmware-file para iwas mali sa downloading...
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    Closed Apple id sharing forum

    Sa lahat ng may nabili sa app store share tayo ng apple id's dito sa forum na to
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    Closed Ipod classic how to restore?

    Paano po ba mag restore ng ipod? hindi po kasi nababasa ng pc yung ipod ko kaya hindi din lumalabas sa itunes.. ang hirap po. ano na po kayang pwedeng gawin don. pano na kaya yon ?
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    Closed IOS unlimited môviê download (NO JAILBREAK REQUIRED)

    Hello guys, gusto ko lang e share, ito ang gamit ko now panunuod ng movies for free using my iphone running latest IOS, 9.3.2 Sundin lang ang mga picture na e upload ko then you're ready to go na. feedback lang kung anu problema. PS: Siguraduhin lang na PLDT gamit mong internet wifi para...
  17. Y

    Closed ipod touch icloud bypass

    Ayaw ko sanang gumawa ng thread kaso deadma ako ng mga expert dito :cry: Help naman sa tutulong paano matanggal ang account at password ng ipod touch 5th gen ko. Sayang kasi kung di magagamit.
  18. E

    Closed ipod forget apple id and password!

    Guys patulong kung may alam kayo. nakalimotan ko kasi apple id at password ko. thank you! :angelic::inpain::dummy::joyful:
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    Tutorial Tagalog Tutorial Iphone 3G Whited00r 7 Unlock Installation

    FOR MORE INFO. VISIT FACEBOOK GROUP Click this link Facebook iPhone 3G. STEP 1 : Go to Settings>General>About>Modem Firmware Kung makita mo ang version na ito 06.15.00 sa iphone mo kailangan idowngrade sa 05.13.04 Para naman sa mga may firmware na 05.13.04 mas...
  20. O

    Sad ipod Icon Help

    sir patulong po kung paano ausin ung ipod first generation,,nagsasad icon po kc..sayang din kc.. thanks!
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    Closed Get the iTune Gift Card for your iPhone/iPod music and games!

    Do you want to buy a lot of musics and games for your iPhone in iTunes Store? Just get the iTune gift card! You can use the iTunes Gift Card to buy songs, podcasts, movies or TV series in HD quality in the iTunes Store and then download it to your iPod or iPhone. You can also get new Apps, games...
  22. M

    Help Gmate (request na din)

    Meron pa kayang mas mura pa na Bluetooth sim adapter bukod sa gmate? or socblue ? for iphone/ipod/ipad/android or any tricks na pwedeng gawin kagaya ng nagagawa ng gmate? labo ng tanong pero basta :( haha
  23. S

    Help Ipod disabled

    Pahelp naman po.how to unlock ipod? nadsabld po kc due to un4goten pasword. . pls po..thnks much.