A prison escape (referred as a bust out, breakout, jailbreak, or prison break) is the act of an inmate leaving prison through unofficial or îllégâl ways. Normally, when this occurs, an effort is made on the part of authorities to recapture them and return them to their original detainers. Escaping from prison is also a criminal offense in some countries, such as the United States and Canada, and it is highly likely to result in time being added to the inmate's sentence, as well as the inmate being placed under increased security that is most likely a maximum security prison or supermax prison. In some other places like Germany and a number of other countries, it is considered human nature to want to escape from a prison and it is considered as a violation of the right of freedom, so escape is not penalized in itself (in the absence of other factors such as threats of violence, actual violence, or property damage).

Many prisons use security features such as CCTV, perimeter sensors, barred windows, high walls, barbed wire, razor wire, and electric fencing to prevent escapes.

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  1. M

    Help Jailbreak iOS 15.7.1

    May pang jailbreak na po ba sa iOS 15.7.1? Wala kasi akong makitang tutorial sa YT.
  2. Q

    May jailbreak na ba sa iphone 7 na 15.5?

    15.5 kasi ito. baka mayroon
  3. S

    Help. Jailbreak Switch or Jailbreak Ps4

    Nagbabalak po sana bumili. Either ipapa jb ang switch or bibili ng jb ps4 pro.
  4. S

    PlayStation Ps4 9.60 may available na bang jailbreak?

    pinsan ko may ps4 na di nagagamit balak nyang ibenta saken sa murang halaga pero may issue is wala nayung cd tray kaya aasa nalang daw ako sa psn pero offline games gusto ko kaya balak ko sana syang ijailbreak pero yung system nya is 9.60 alam ko kase breakable lang sa ngayon 9.03. may hidden...
  5. R

    Help Need help mga sir baka may tutorial kayo jan pano ma jailbreak PS3. salamat

    Need help mga sir baka may tutorial kayo jan pano ma jailbreak PS3. salamat po and godbless
  6. T

    Help Patulong po tungkol sa PS4 Jailbreak

    tanong lang po ako. tungkol sa ps4 jailbreak. nag download po kase ako ng games at nainstall ko na sa ps4 ko. gusto ko po sana mag lagay ng update. need ko pa po ba idownload lahat ng update sa game. o yung latest ρá†ch lng idownload ko? maraming salamat sa mga sasagot. salamat sainyo mga...
  7. E

    Help How to Jailbreak Nintendo Switch?

    Anyone here makakapagturo kung anong software need para majailbreak nintendo switch? Salamat po sa tutugon
  8. D

    IOS 15 bypass no Jailbreak Tutorial

    IOS 15 bypass tutorial using ramdisk First step: Register ECID - ma promp na kayo sa site para makapag register sa ECID kunin nyo lang yung ECID nyo sa 3utool Second Step: Connect your phone to normal mode and read hello + generate activation - makikita nyo yung serial number na kailangan nyo...
  9. P

    iOS Iphone 11 pro max jailbreak?

    Pwede naba ma jailbreak ang iphone 11 pro max na naka ios 15.3.1, nag try akong ng Iremoval Pro pero ayaw mag start eh, baka may alam kayo mga paps
  10. B

    PS3 Hen Licensing

    Mga boss, na jailbreak ko na ps3 ko naka install na rin .pkg na laro tanong lang ano best way para ma license yung laro? Hen yung sa jaibreak ko mga boss, ayaw naman gumana ng PSN ρá†ch saka reactPSN para sa rap file, any suggestion po?
  11. X

    iOS [askl] iOS 15 jailbreak?

    May nakapag jailbreak naba dito ng iOS 15? Wala pa release ang checkrain baka may ibang source po kayo mga paps iPhone 8 plus pala iOS ko
  12. J

    Help Jailbreak 14.4.1 no computer

    Hello po, may nakakaalam po ba new method ng jailbreak sa ios 14.4.1 no computer?
  13. L

    Help Jailbroken ps4 slim

    Hi mga lods..tanong ko lang po kung ok lang ba ikonek sa internet ang jb ps4 slim ko sa internet for the purpose of watching Nétflí×?.naka off naman po ang auto update nya e .kaso nag woworry padin po ako baka madetect ni sony or worst mag auto update sya..pls help mga lods...sayang kasi net...
  14. C

    IOS Jailbreak

    Hi Pips, You can post questions regarding jailbreak here. Will answer questions with the best of my abilities.
  15. N

    Nintendo Switch V2 Jailbreak?

    Wala na ba way para ma jailbreak ang V2 switch? if wala baka may ma recommend kau na site or san pwede makabili ng switch games na discounted or mura i tried secondary account okay naman kaya lang need lagi i connect sa internet for verification pero sulit naman kasi mura hassle lang sa pag...
  16. C


    Pahelp po mga lods. nwala kasi yung checkra1n logo sa phone ko at yung cydia nagcrash... need ko po ba ijailbreak ulit? sa windows pc po ako nagjailbreak. salamat sa magtuturo.
  17. S

    Tutorial Pâtched Checkra1n Mac OS ( no need mina pâtcher)

    Quick Info 1. This patched checkra1n is not an official release of checkra1n. 2. It requires Mac OS platform to work. 3. It will allow you to jailbreak disabled iPhone in iOS 14.3 without using mina patcher. 4. The tool is limited to A9 devices only. (for A10 kailangan na naman ng mina 🤣) Link...
  18. D

    Tutorial Playstation 4 Jailbreak Webkit Hosting and Payload Injection (7.02)

    Local WEBKIT and PAYLOAD Injection for PS4 7.02 7.02 ba ang firmware version ng PS4 mo? Gusto mo magjailbreak kaso wala kang internet para sa mga online JB host? NOTE: This is a tutorial of local hosting and payload injection only Tara turuan kita pano mag mag host ng webkit locally at kung...
  19. B

    Help Jailbreak Iphone 6 plus without homebutton

    Is it possible mga paps? Yung iphone ko finormat ko kasi then biglang may nagpakita na icloud activation. Di ko naman majailbreak yung phone kasi sira yung home button. Pero is there a way para majailbreak ko to without using the home button? Pa help naman.
  20. S

    Tanong ko lang?

    Tanong ko lang? When kaya magkakaroon ng jailbreak for ios 12.2 and above? May exploit na sila ng tfp0 and all sa twitter and reddit pero wala paring naglalabas eh. :((((
  21. D


    Help!! Sino po kaya makakapagturo sakin pano magjailbreak?
  22. D


    GUYS HELP ☹️ Naguguluhan na ako sobra if I should jailbreak my iphone 12.1.4. What are the pros and cons of jailbroken phone ba? Thanks sa help!!!
  23. S

    Help Ios 12.2 jailbreak

    Hello, mga paps! May alam ba kayong jailbreak for ios 12.2? 😭😭😭😅
  24. G

    Help Ano maganda tweaks after Jailbreak?

    Mga sir pa suggest naman po ano maganda ilagay na tweaks sa ios after jailbreak. Salamat po sa sasagot ☝️
  25. P

    Help Jailbreak IOS 12.2

    Nag search nako sa google wala akong mkitana legit jailbreak method kaya dito nako hihingi ng tulong . Salamat
  26. M

    Help Roku jailbreak

    Pwede po ba ma jailbreak ang roku s†rêâmïng stick?
  27. F

    Free dias on ios pls?

    Guys baka may alam kayong free dias häçk sa ios?.
  28. V

    Trivia PS Vita 3.69/3.70 Jailbreak announced by TheFloW - Get your PS Vita prepared!

    The PlayStation Vita came quite short with some News for this Month. But don't worry. Developer @TheFloW is still there and he has some very good News for your PlayStation Vita today. Since both the newest System Firmwares 3.69 and 3.70 are still not exploitable, Developer @TheFloW gives you in...
  29. V

    Magkanu mag pa jailbreak ios 12 sa mga cp technician?

    Magkanu mag pa jailbreak sa mga cp technician? Within metro manila or sa ortigas area or sa quiapo or sa recto?
  30. K

    Tutorial Easy Jailbreak!

    Sa mga nahihirapan mag jailbreak ng ios device nila, eto na sagot jan. Just go to... ❤️Ignition.fun❤️ (Remove emoji? Enjoy!
  31. A

    iOS App Asking

    may legit jailbreak na po ba ngayon pra sa ipad mini
  32. N

    Help iphone 7 jailbreak

    Mga boss kaya na bang i-jailbreak ang iphone 7? Daming tutorial sa internet but madami ding negative comments hindi ko alam kung ano ang susubukan ko. Baka may alam kayo mga bossing kung paano mag jailbreak.
  33. C

    Help How to jailbreak iphone 6 ios 12.1.2

    Paano po mag Jailbreak? May alam kayu paturi naman po. Salamat
  34. L

    Help Iphone 6s ios 12.1.2

    may nakaka alam po ba kung pano mag jailbreak paturo naman di ko kasi magawa ung sa YøùTùbé na electra wala namang mali sa ginawa ko TIA
  35. P

    Tutorial Ios 9.3.5 jailbreak tutorial (phoenix temporary jailbreak)

    First Off: Download Cydia Impactor (Latest Version on Windows) and don't forget to signin using Apple Creds. Second: Download the Phoenix Jailbreak IPA Application from https://phoenixpwn.com/ Third: If you ever encounter any Cydia Impactor Errors on iOS 9.3.5; Kindly Turn Off - 2FA...
  36. J

    Ios 11.4.1 to 12 jailbreak status

    Professional repair tool that fixes various iOS problems and gets your iPhone back to normal. https://goo.gl/K4AxVA In this thread, we're going to discuss the current status of the #iOS 11.4.1, iOS 11.4 and iOS 12 Jailbreak and we're going to talk about whether you should update from iOS 11.4.1...
  37. C

    Jailbreak for ios 11.0 - 11.4b3 - [unc0ver] advanced jailbreak tool

    Jailbreak for iOS 11.0 - 11.4b3 - [UNC0VER] Advanced jailbreak tool credits to r/jailbreak group The most outstanding changes over the other jailbreaks Detailed error messages Faster patches More stable patches No extra battery drain No random freezes No random slow downs No data is logged...
  38. P

    Help Meron na po bang jailbreak sa ios 12.0.1 ?

    Meron na po bang Jailbreak sa IOS 12.0.1 ? Need ko kasi yong mga tweaks. Japan phone po kasi yong Iphone 6s ko need ko po ma delete yong shutter sound at yong flip kapag mag selfie . Need ko po Cydia. Thanks po sa mga may alam jan :)
  39. A

    Help Help ios

    help may jailbreak na po ba sa ios?
  40. S

    Help Help jailbreak ios 11.4.1

    version 11.4.1 model iphone 6 plus
  41. R

    Help Ps3 help

    Sir do we have section for ps3?
  42. G

    Tutorial Iphone jailbreak 11.2 to11.3.1

    https://besttechinfo.com/jailbreak-electra-ios-11.3.1/ requirement cydia impactor latest version of itunes jailbreak ipa file heres a link all you need https://besttechinfo.com/download-ios-11.3.1-jailbreak-electra/
  43. H

    Help Gpp jailbreak

    Good Day. May naka try na sa inyo i jailbreak ang iPhone na naka GPP? gusto ko sana i jailbreak itong saken. iPhone 5S ios 11.1.2. Kung meron po kayo maibahagi na legit na instructions para maka jailbreak sa OS na ito malaking tulong po. Thanks.
  44. S

    Jailbreak ios 11.4 (question?)

    Ka PHC may way na ba ma jailbreak ang 11.4 na ios if meron please guide me po TY
  45. R

    Help Jailbreak app

    Hi help nmn po, may nnkapagtry nba dito mag jailbreak successfully ? what's the best app to use and pde po paturo? 5s (10.3.2) TIA
  46. P

    Help Help naman po sa iphone 5s ko

    Guys sino si makakatulog sakin Jailbreak ko po kasi tong iPhone 5s ko. Bigyan nyo naman po ako ng link ng program ng pang Jailbreak. Salamat po.
  47. H

    iOS App Released ios 11.3.1 jailbreak

    Released na ang 11.0.1 -11.3.1 jailbreak tool ELECTRA ito yung link https://coolstar.org/electra/ Please disable adds to support the developer. Tutorial: https://www.YøùTùbé.com/watch?v=hOeq9DcdSvM
  48. J

    Help Legit po ba yung mga jailbreak sa 11.3?

    nalilito ako eh. sa canijailbreak.com di pa raw pwede, pero sa electra at pangu meron na? 11.3 ios version iphone 5s nasakin ngayon
  49. I

    Help Sa mga iphone users na naka jailbreak

    Hello sa inyo mga paps! Tanong ko lang if meron na bang jailbreak sa iOS 11.2.5? Salamat po!
  50. M

    Help Jailbroken idevice pasok..

    Matanong ko lang talaga bang hindi mapapagana ang mga VPN pag activated ang jailbreak? tas is there any way para ma jailbreak ko ung ios 11.2.6?