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The following is a list of recurring Saturday Night Live characters and sketches introduced between September 29, 1990, and May 18, 1991, the sixteenth season of SNL.

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  1. F

    Closed Hi! I'm Ferds

    I'm new here, and I would like to be part of the forum you have in this cool website.
  2. 1

    Closed Introducing

    Hi,I'm sallam
  3. J

    Closed New corner neighbors

    Hello po sa lahat God bless 😘😘🙏🙏
  4. P

    Closed NEBIE

    Sana ok lng
  5. V

    Closed I was forced to do this

    Wassup I'm veridium
  6. D

    Closed Newbie

    Name: Dan Lius age: 15 *****er
  7. S

    Closed Hello po mga bossing

    Im Ar0045 at mahilig sa aov at Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. Paano pala baguhin ang profile pic ko dito?
  8. C

    Closed New!

    Hello! New member here! Actually matagal tagal na ako dito sa PH corner but not considerably consistent yung account ko kasi browse browse lang ng browse at tsaka comment lang di gumagawa ng mga thread pero I specialized mainly on Photoshop skills,Video Editing and iba pa! Kasi kabisado ko na...
  9. N

    Closed Hi all

    i am very interested to know about global free internet in the world please teach me how to get ssh ssl lifetime or about that thank you from Indonesian Gretonger
  10. V

    Closed Introduction

    Hi. I'm Vladimir. though it is not my real name, I work as a real person. ^_^ Please add me to your gc if you guys have any. ^_^ Thankyouuu
  11. N

    Closed Myself

    Hi im neil gerald quirong 30yrs old Mahilig mag data Mahilig mag basketball May asawa at anak na Sana magkaroon ako Ng mga new friends dito -fb -gmail
  12. U

    Closed Introduction

    hello po. from mind here. hop to hab pun hehehediwaw
  13. K

    Closed Me

    Gwapo ako at 8 inches... Yun lang
  14. M

    Closed Do i really have to?

    Introduce yourself daw. So here I go. - Dakilang taong bahay. (Both by circumstance and by choice. Self-admitted, I don't see the point of anybody else judging me for this... I live me, you live you.) -NBSB. (Pero nung pumasa yung RH Bill circa 2012, me and a friend bought ******s apiece to...
  15. M

    Closed Jcarl

    Ako si jamescarl 16 yrs old sumali ako dito para marami pang matutunan tungkol sa internet
  16. R

    Closed Hi, newbie lang.

    Good Day po sa inyo! :) reuk po.! taga Cagayan de Oro City. Gusto lang po mag explore kaya naka pag join dito. Sana marami ako matutunan at sana din makatulong ako dito. :D
  17. Z

    Closed Me

    im john mark bongalos
  18. O

    Closed My self

    mabait di hit and run nag papasalamat sa nag shashare ....un Lang
  19. R

    Closed Hello there

    Hi guys, new here. Salamat pala sa mga freenet nyo. Sana pagpalain kayo. AwuAwu
  20. R

    Closed Bago lago po

    hi im new here pa guide mga master thank you po.
  21. E

    Closed Introduce my self

    Hi mga ka PHC ! Hindi ko na po sasabihin pangalan ko pero, i'm 18yr old na po at ang location ko po ay Luzon-Zambales-Olongapo city. New lang po ako dito. Nabasa ko po ang rules at nakasaad na Leecher palang ako so marami pa ang bawal for secure of this site. Don't worry mga ka PHC hndi ako...
  22. A

    Closed Me

    I'm arvin thanks for accepting me here.
  23. M

    Closed Self introduction

    Hi! I am Mirlou, a former System Admin. and Network Admin. of the previous companies I worked. An MCP/MCITP/MCSA. Currently a Peer/Driver of Grab and Uber.
  24. T

    Closed Hi i'm a newbie!

    Thanks for the opportunity!
  25. M

    Closed Myself introduction

    i am well disciplined and creative in all aspects. ability to understand some technical ideas and willing to learn.
  26. A

    Closed Introduction

    hi phcorner im aceboy202, wants to join your group. im from cebu city,i want to join this group cause i want to have more friends, more ideas and knowledge.i hope u accept me.. thank you..
  27. G

    Closed Introduction

  28. D

    Closed Its me drei

    Im newbie here.i want to learn more.please welcome me.
  29. G

    Closed Hi!! masters!!!

    sana po marami po akong matutunan ....mag improve ang skills ko .. kung meron man (joke)
  30. N

    Closed Introduce

    Hi. I'm Nukkita Burn. I'm a filipino that lives in Darangan which is located at RIZAL. I'm 14 years old.
  31. M

    Closed Hello , phcorner community

    This account is new and this is my first time to create an account on this site. I'm used to reading lot of post about häçking, openline, MODS, bug tricks and lots of stuff. I guess this is the time to interact with you guys and be a part of this community I'm just a newbie but I'm willing to...
  32. C

    Closed Adil from pakistan

    Good evening friends. Asalam alaikum, I am Adil from Pakistan, I was looking for psiphon handler and huawei modem unlocks and found this forum. This is the best forum for tricks for networks. I got so much from this forum. Thanks every one.
  33. T

    Closed Hello

    Parati nalang lumalabas yung introduce yourself sa android phone kahit nakapag post na ako dito. Hassle. Baka sakali mawala na pag nag introduce ulit ako.
  34. C

    Closed Hello sa lahat

    Hello po. Newbie here. 21, male, from Batangas City. :)
  35. U

    Closed Hello po.

    I am just looking for android users like me to share knowledge to each other, glad I found this site. More power to PHCorner!!
  36. F

    Closed so happy to find phcorner and join

    I find phcorner through google search and now I have solution to end the problem . So happy to join . I like study IT knowledge and playing basketball . Let us go .
  37. E

    Closed Intro

    Hi, Im Eric Abuan. a graduate of medical field. I worked as a Sales Representative. Thank you to be part of phcorner. Hope i can share and so with the learning.
  38. O

    Closed hello world

    im moss
  39. R

    Closed Introducing my self

    Hello guys im new here, 22 years of age, from Dumaguete City, nka tira na ako ngayun dito sa Siquijor Island,.i think itong site na to or web page na to ay for sharing tips and tricks, sana ai mka tulong ako sa inyo or ako ma tulongan nyo hehe. Thank you ☺☺☺
  40. C

    Closed New Member

    Hello po ako nga po pala si cynzie bagohan lang ako sa PHCorner nandito ako sa forum para matuto nang bagay-bagay tungkol sa tricks,bugs atbp. at the same time tutulong ako if meron akong alam sa isang particular na bagay or tricks. Sana po welcome ako sa inyo.. Thank you!
  41. C

    Closed Hi everyone

    I'm Paul Jake Castania from cebu.
  42. H

    Closed Greetings PHCitizens

    Pasali po sa PHCitizens. Makikitambay at makikidownload na din po ako dito. Sana maka share din po ako ng tips or tricks, kung papalarin. Have a nice day and night po sa lahat. ;)
  43. K

    Good aftie!

    Hi po sa lahat! Please teach me on how to do this.
  44. Z

    Newbie member ...

    Hi po.. Goodnoon po, Welcome po ba ako dito??? Im reens 25 years old from tacloban city, leyte maraming salamat po na nakasali po ako dito, at saka tanggap po ako dito.
  45. S

    Newbie here

    Hey guys! I think this is a great site. I hope to help someone in the near future. Thanks and more power PHCorner!
  46. I

    Hi im islytee

    hi there PH corner
  47. D


    Hello danj here! :D Sana matulungan nio ako sa mga tanong ko :D
  48. J


    Ako si Jubremelle 18 years old ang lahi ko ay Chinese at Spanish. 5'9'' ang height ko. 76kg ang weight ko. Pasensya na. Kailangan lang para makapag download ng links.
  49. N

    Intoducing myself

    Hi everybody! I'm new here, hoping to learn a lot from here as well as knowing more people. from bacoor, Cavite!
  50. A

    hi guys! :)

    hello. hahaha sana maging masaya tayong lahat dito sa PHCORNER

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