The Intro is the debut EP by Canadian singer/songwriter Ruth B. It was released on November 27, 2015, and was met with generally positive reviews.

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    Course [Udemy 2-6-24 Limited] Coding Basics: Gentle Intro to Computer Programming

    What you’ll learn: Take the first step towards success in Coding. Write your first Program. Code with Confidence and Logical thinking. Apply Coding to perform various tasks. Variables, Data Types, Data Structures, Flow Control, Iterations, Functional Programming, and More. Coding Essentials to...
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    Help PHC-bot: compose an intro and conclusion

    Create an introduction and a conclusion for this body paragraph: Reading, at its most basic forms, is the ability to decode ideas that humans encode ourselves in written form to communicate non-verbally amongst ourselves. This non-verbal communication allowed us to communicate information to...
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    Course UDEMY - How to make Video Intro and Outro: A Beginner's Guide (Active link) 1/6/2024

    Grab na guys habang available pa. just please hit like button for more useful sharing. thanks Hidden content *Take note that this is limited time only guys and please pa feedback na lang guys if buhay pa yung link. Enjoy 😊
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    Walang intro intro, straight to the point

    Shot puno guys 🍺🍻
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    Intro Maker MOD APK 5.0.1 (ρrémíùm Unlocked)

    Intro Maker MOD APK 5.0.1 (ρrémíùm Unlocked Basically, Intro & Promo Video Maker is a mobile video editor app for Android users to enjoy making creative content on the go. Here, you can find yourself exploring all the simple and accessible features that are often featured on other apps. Feel...
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    Movie marathon sana kaso Intro palang katakot na

    Hidden content The movie <<Blood Suck 2>> will be screened at Legend Theater from 7th April 2023
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    May gumagawa po ba nang cinematic intro dito khit 20 sec lang
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    Help Suggest project title that will fit the introduction

    any suggestions mga paps kung anong project title ang babagay dito? (ex. escape mediocrity: anti-crime) intro: Did you know that when it is not fatal, youth violence has a serious, often lifelong, impact on a person's physical, psychological and social functioning, Crime can involve violence...
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    Android App INTRO MAKER APP

    🌀 Intro Maker & Outro Maker 🎯 Version: v69.0 🔔#update 🔗 Playstore Link : click here ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ⏩ Features and Mod : ├Free intro and outro creator ├4000+ well-designed templates ├Templates from all categories ├For YøùTùbé, any type of video 🧿ρrémíùm subscription unlocked ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 📌 Direct...
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    Android App [Offline] Intro Maker 5.0.0 APK Mod - VIP Unlocked

    Hidden contentHidden content Simpleng ✅ thank you at feedback lang masaya nako
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    Course [CY4NFILES] Complete Javascript & jQuery Course with Bonus Vue JS Intro - Udemy

    Complete Javascript & jQuery Course with Bonus Vue JS Intro Learn Javascript, jQuery, and Ajax from the start + Bonus Intro to Vue JS 3. Incudes complete written course material! What you'll learn The basics of Javascript from Beginner to Advanced The jQuery Framework AJAX and HTTP Requests...
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    Ang pag babalik

    kinaen ng realidad. ngayon lang ulit nakabalik. salamat po
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    Closed hello po bago lang

    Bagohan lang po balak kodenn po maglapag ng Hnh config
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    Closed Hello PHCorner

    Hello PHCorner! My name is Haru. I'm a newbie here.
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    Closed Can anyone help me make my intro

    Sana may nakatulong Libre lang sana Pagawa po sana ako ng dope 3d intro po... Sa panzoid...... Hirap pag sa cp gumawa.... Biglang nagpapageload TONYBOY GAMING yan po name...sana may pumansin
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    Closed Pagawa sana ako ng intro sa panzoid

    Paps..parequest po sana intro sa panzoid Yung astig at 3d sana po Tonyboy Gaming Please po need help
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    Closed Pagawa po ng intro

    Pagawa po ako ng intro sa YøùTùbé Yung maangas po sana..Tas 3d Yung libre sana Tonyboy Gaming Yan po... Sana may pumansin
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    Closed Heyyy!

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    Closed Newbie here

    Hi to all PHC, Im newbie here and i would learn here.
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    Closed Hi there!

    Hello, I am from America and was directed to this website by someone on Reddit. I only know English but I can use a translation website for Tagalog. I hope we can all get along.
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    Closed Intro message lang guys

    Gandang gabi mga ka-PHC! Actually matagal na akong member ng PHC at madami na din akong natutunan dito. Of course, humihiram lang ako ng established account sa pinsan ko to view the hidden content. I used the site for primary for leeching. (aminado ako :LOL:) But this time (payback time), I...
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    Closed 1ph intro

    1st language: ilokano 1st programming language: turbo pascal Hardest PL: common lisp "Easiest" PL: visual basic Oldest PLs: cobol & fortran Ultimate Language: :) HELLO PHCORNER.NET AND HELLO WORLD
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    Closed Intro

    Angel A. po. From Pampanga.
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    Closed Hello, it's me.

    Good evening, PHC peeps! Christian nga pala. 22 years old. Taga-Marikina pero nagt-trabaho ngayon sa Angono bilang QA Staff. Bagong-salta lang ako rito. Na-discover ko lang ang forum while searching for free Netflix account. Nag expire na kasi yung trial namin sa bahay. Hindi ko tuloy natapos...
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    Closed I am ann

    Sagittarius Zamboangeña Single with 2 dependents Working as helpdesk support for MG
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    Closed New user here

    Hi everyone! New user here. Hope everyone has a great holiday coming soon!
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    Closed Yow!

    Just looking for some pinoy forums at napadpad ako dito. Sana maraming matutunan at maging kaibigan! orayt!
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    Closed Intro in the 2nd day

    Greetings: Obviously I made an intro on my 2nd day. I spent the first one observing, viewing and understanding the flow of the whole system. Though some of the privileges are reasonably being withheld for the rookies, I still could say I find it useful. I mean, I would rather stay not...
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    Closed Hello

    I'm new! Cool Forum you have here!
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    Closed Introduction

    Hello my name is Ken, I'm a mobile enthusiast and love to play sports. Thank you for PHCORNER and members for releasing cool and useful contents.
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    Closed Introduction and help please

    My name is Ricky From Quezon City Not married always single too much of an otaku hahaha Hobbies: Airsoft and technology Please Network Unlock Gt-s5300 IMEI 354242054110846 Location the Philippines I'm new here, please help so send me proper links to get help. FREE, please Thank you very much
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    Closed Newbie here

    hello po, stumbled upon this site, down na kasi yung previous na forums na napuntahan ko. hope this is as educational as the previous one, thanks po
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    Closed Into

    Hey all im jay im from ma 41 yrs old love to travel an make friends. I work with animals an take care of them i love to travel an have fun i was a mod for lycos when it was running i was a dj for 3 yers im so glad to be part of you all thanks i hope this is enough if not ill add more nice to...
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    Closed Greetings!

    hi po, i'm mandy newbie po. Sana makatulong din ako sa inyo kahit papanu.. hehe
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    Closed Newbie here

    I didn't know this site ever existed until I found out that SB site will be shutting down soon. Hope this site can be as good or even a better forum site to share and get new infos, tricks, tips, tutorials, multi media files etc. I have high hopes for this site. Thank you
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    Closed New member

    Thank you PHC. I'm a new member, I hope I will become an established member.
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    Closed Intro

    Hi I'm a new member :) and you can Call me G. thank you...
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    Closed Introduction

    Hello guys, tagal ko ng member dito pero ngayon lang ako mag post hahahaha. Hope you guys see me well. Salamat sa lahat ng babati at sana mag enjoy tayong lahat.
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    Closed Hey lahat

    Hey lahat lang sumali. Natagpuan ang forum na ito sa pamamagitan ng google. Gusto ibigin upang mag-ambag at matuto mula sa iba pang mga miyembro.
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    Closed Baguhan..

    Welcome po sa akin hehe..:):)
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    Closed Hi there

    I am Jack, Jack Dom from USA and I live in DUBAI, I am a very smart boy and working as Marketing Manager/