Bands are a form of formal neckwear, worn by some clergy and lawyers, and with some forms of academic dress. They take the form of two oblong pieces of cloth, usually though not invariably white, which are tied to the neck. When worn by clergy, they typically are attached to a clerical collar. The word bands is usually plural because they require two similar parts and did not come as one piece of cloth. Those worn by clergy are often called preaching bands or Geneva bands; those worn by lawyers are called barrister's bands or, more usually in Ireland and Canada, tabs. Preaching bands symbolize the two tablets of the Ten Commandments given by God to Moses.Ruffs were popular in the sixteenth century, and remained so until the late 1640s, alongside the more fashionable standing and falling bands. Ruffs, like bands, were sewn to a fairly deep neck-band. They could be either standing or falling ruffs. Standing ruffs were common with legal, and official dress till comparatively late. Falling ruffs were popular c. 1615 – c. 1640s.

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    Help Anong Smart 5G bands ang inooffer ni Smart ngayon sa mga modem natin?

    Guys alam nyo ba kung anong 5G bands ang gamit ni smart or available na frequency bands ni Trams?
  2. J

    Help Ano ang 5G bands ng Smart at Globe ngayon?

    Guys alam nyo ba saan makikita yung latest 5G bands ngayon na meron si smart at globe?
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    Closed How to lock bands greenpacket d2

    good noon ka phc pano po ba i lock ang band sa 3/28 lang di yung sa 28/3 yung 3/28 kasi malakas sa amin
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    FDD BANDS: BAND1 (2100 MHZ) BAND28 (700 MHZ) TDD BANDS: BAND41 (2500 MHZ)
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    Smart TNT Sun SMART/TNT/SUN (defunct) LTE BANDS

    FDD BANDS: BAND1 (2100 MHZ) BAND3 (1800 MHZ) BAND5 (850 MHZ) BAND28 (700 MHZ) TDD BANDS: BAND40 (2300 MHZ) BAND41 (2500 MHZ)
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    FDD BANDS: BAND1 (2100 MHZ) BAND3 (1800 MHZ) BAND8 (900 MHZ) BAND28 (700 MHZ) TDD BANDS: BAND38 (2600 MHZ) BAND40 (2300 MHZ) BAND41 (2500 MHZ)
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    Help Prepaid Wifi Modem na maraming supported Bands?

    So ayun nga, as the title says, anong globe wifi modems ang maraming supported bands? Gusto ko kasi mag upgrade eh dahil yung modem ko (ZLT-P25) ay band 3, 28, at 41 lang ang supported nya. Maraming salamat po sa sasagot.
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    Globe TM B312 939

    Sa mga naka admin access diyan. Anong best LTE band ang dapat ko piliin? And any advice sa pag tweek ng settings for best speed experience 😁 QC area ako near munoz
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    Help LTE Bands 1 3 40

    Hello guys, anyone know how to change specific LTE bands on Huawei Mate 20 Pro? B1 2100 MHz B3 1800 MHz B40 2300 MHz I tried installing a lot of engineering mode apps from google play. I tried a lot of ## codes but still fail to show the engineering mode on my phone. please help. Thank you...
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    I work as Road Manager for the band Radioactive Sago Project and as one of productions staff of B-side Productions.