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Poems Kids Poems : The Windows Only Son



She wrapped her in her sable cloak,
And walked beside the sea ;
But seldom of her sorrow spoke,
So full of grief was she.

'Twas this that made her heart so sad,
To view the ocean wide :-
The only son that widow had
Went out to sea and died.

And then in that great rolling deep,
With solemn, tearful eyes,
His messmates lowered him down, to sleep
Till all the dead shall rise.

But where, among those waters vast,
With ceaseless fall and swell,
Her child to that repose had passed,
The mother could not tell.

She therefore questioned wave on wave,
That heaving, reached the shore,
If they had rolled across his grave
Whom she should see no more.

And often when she saw a ship
With home-returning sail,
Would ashy paleness seize her lip,
And speech and vision fail.

For oh ! she thought about the one
That spread its canvas white,
To waft away her only son
Forever from her sight.

But still, amid the bitter grief
That wrung that widow's heart,
Her bosom felt the sweet relief
That faith and hope impart.

She knew her son had ever kept
The path to Heavenly rest ;
That when he sunk in death, he slept
Upon a Savior's ******.

" My Heavenly Father," she would say,
" The deep and troubled sea
But holds from me the precious clay ;
My child's at home with thee !"


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