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Poems Kids Poems : The Despoiled Humming Bird



Alas ! pretty rover, thy joys are all over ;
For gone is thy soft downy nest from the tree !
With fond bosom yearning, thou 'It seek it returning,
But, poor little birdie ! thy nest is with me.

Yet. not of my doing, this deed for thy rueing,
Which leaves thee in anguish thy house to deplore :
While blessing the donor, I grieve for the owner ;
And fain to its bough would thy building restore.

I fancy thee coming, with light pinions humming,
Where tiny white gems thy warm cell had impearled ;
To mourn without measure thy rest and thy treasure,
For ah ! they are gone, and that home was thy world.

But hadst thou forsaken the nest that was taken ;
And left it, all empty and lone, on the bough,
Witli joy at receiving a house of thy leaving,
I never had felt for thee sorrow, as now.

Whilst I can't replace it, perchance thou may'st trace it,
And follow the scent of thy house from the tree :
Then, deem me not cruel, but come, little jewel !
And find thy lost treasure in quiet with me.

No rudeness has marred it, nor falling has jarred it;
The twig of thy choosing is under it still :
Its thatching of mosses and inlay of flosses
Are just as composed by thy labor and skill.

Thou only could'st form it; return, then, and warm it
Again with thy ******, letting love banish fear ;
So, when thou art coming at eve from thy roaming,
Thou 'lt know, my dear birdie, thy home still is here.

The young flowerets blooming, and sweetly perfuming
The pure air, invite thee to sip from their store ;
The honey-cup's filling ! to come, then, be willing ;
I '11 shield thee from harm ; thou shalt sorrow no more !


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