A webcam is a video camera which is designed to record or stream to a computer or computer network. They are primarily used in videotelephony, livestreaming and social media, and security. Webcams can be built-in computer hardware or peripheral devices, and are commonly connected to a device using USB or wireless protocols.
Webcams have been used on the Internet as early as 1993, and the first widespread commercial one became available in 1994. Early webcam usage on the Internet was primarily limited to stationary shots streamed to web sites. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, instant messaging clients added support for webcams, increasing their popularity in video conferencing. Computer manufacturers also started integrating webcams into laptop hardware. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a shortage of webcams due to the increased number of people working from home.

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    Help Looking for Webcam

    ano ba ung suggested webcam nyo kay shopee na malinaw at with built in ringlight pero affordable?
  2. I

    Help Possible po ba to use android phone as webcam?

    Mga master paturo pano gawing webcam ung android phone if possible. Wala kasi cam ung pc ko.
  3. B

    Help Logitech C920 Pro Hd Webcam

    hello mga boss, ask ko lang if how much na bentahan ngayon ng logitech c920 pro? without box
  4. J

    Referral Lazada 70 Pesos Webcam

    Link: Orashare WB-01 Webcam Full HD 1080P Earn rewards po kada mag-oorder kayo sa Shopee and Lazada (Sayang ang rewards!) Details: Referral - RewardMe (Para sa mga mahilig mag Shopee and Lazada) - 💘 Please show your support by following me (para lagi kayong updated sa new posts) or by...
  5. A


    Software para sa mga may malabo/madilim na webcam o kaya mga gustong iadjust ang brightness, contrast ,saturation etc. Ayos na ayos para sa mga naka work from home at mga nakaonline class. Try niyo to mga lods baka makatulong ,need lang nakaopen camera app bago iopen para makita adjustments...
  6. W

    For Sale Logitech C920 Pro HD Webcam

    Selling Logitech C920 Pro HD Webcam Brand New. Inopen lang para itest. rfs. Late na dumating. gagamitin sana sa homebased kaso back to office na. negotiable. meetup, binangonan rizal or taytay rizal
  7. V

    Brave browser is using your webcam

    After kong mag install ng kaspersky total security may gantong nalabas sa screen ko kapag gumagamit ng brave browser. Safe ba to?
  8. K

    [help] anu magandang brand ng webcam with mic na abot kaya?

    mga lodi diyan baka po me mareto kayo.
  9. J

    PC App Any Hidden webcam video recorder software for laptop

    I need HELP guys! baka meron naman kayong alam na software para sa pc na video recorder na mag run sa background ng hindi makikita na naka open siya. I suspect kasi that a co worker of mine is s†éáling data from my laptop and gusto ko sana magkaroon ng hard evidence to use against him. TIA
  10. J

    PC App Hidder webcam video recorder

    Need Help guys. baka may alam kayo na HIDDEN VIDEO RECORDER for laptop na makakapag record in the background without someone seeing na na-rerecord siya. Kailangan ko kasi dahil I suspect that a co worker of mine is s†éáling some of my data and i need proof. TIA
  11. P

    Help Budget PC Webcam

    Mga boss anu brand na recommended budget pc webcam?mga 1,500 budget..thanks sa makakapansin..🙏🙏🙏
  12. P

    Webcam recommendations

    I'm looking for a webcam but I'm tight on budget Nakita ko tong 3 webcam na to sa shoppee pero di ko alam ano sa 3 dito the best gosu t16s redragon gw800 rapoo c260 please don't hesitate to recommend other webcam other than these 3
  13. N

    Tools Camera for sale or swap

    1080p Camera for Desktop/Laptop Purchased last June 2021 Reason: not used kasi may iba ng nabili na camera. USB2.0 With Mic With adjustable lense for focus A4Tech 480p Camera for Desktop/Laptop 𝗦𝗣𝗘𝗖𝗜𝗙𝗜𝗖𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡𝗦 • Resolution: 480P, 640*480 Pixels • Lens Type: Coating Lens • Viewing Angle: 52...
  14. M

    Closed Help. Webcam not detected at Acer Aspire 5732ZG

    Mga boss baka alam nyo kung pano mafix ung webcam di kasi madetect ng laptop ko. Sa device manager meron po kasi nakaexclamation na driver which is Lexmark x422. Pero inupgrade ko po sya to windows 10 thinking na mafix sya galing kasi syang windows 7 starter. Baka may advice kayo mga boss or may...
  15. R

    Closed Remove wide range angles in webcam

    Hello po, ask ko lang po kung ano solution para mawala ung wide range angle nang webcam ko po. Binili ko po sa lazada , bawal daw po kase sa 51talk pag nakawide range. Windows 10 gamit ko , nagtry na ako nang iba solution , pati webcam app ayaw din ung default. Patulong naman po
  16. M

    Closed Web Cam for PC

    Ano pong the best web cam for pc, na mabibili sa Lazada? Thank you po sa sasagot.
  17. Z

    Closed List of google dork for live webcams

    P.S: For educational purposes only :) BLACK HAT inurl:/view.shtml Mostly security cameras, car parks, colleges etc. inurl:/view/index.shtml Mostly security cameras, airports, car parks, back gardens, traffic cams etc. inurl:viewerframe?mode= Network cameras, mostly private webcams etc...
  18. W

    Update häçked webcam philippines.....:-)

    Heto na yung sinassabi ko na webcam ng isang sikat na unibersidad sa bansa... [/SPOILER] heto rin yung dati kong pinost Leave a like, Leave a comment, Credits, euhsoj
  19. W

    Closed Heto pa isa na cctv and webcam sa pilipinas naman!!!

    Heto naman ang isa sa mga CCTV and Webcams na nakita ko ulit. Ito ay sa isang computer shop. Kung alam niyo man ang lugar na ito, kung pwede lang ay huwag ninyong sabihin. Saka ko na ituro sa inyo kung paano ko nahanap ang mga ito. Mahaba kasing proseso at kailangan talaga ng tools and...
  20. W

    Closed häçked webcam on hongkong...try niyo tingnan mga häçkers

    Ito ay isang webcam na nakita through searching at Hongkong ang location nito sa isang bahay.... Leave a like, Leave a comment, Enjoy!!!
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    Closed häçked webcam on hongkong...try niyo tingnan mga häçkers

    Ito ay isang webcam na nakita through searching at Hongkong ang location nito sa isang bahay.... Leave a like, Leave a comment, Enjoy!!!
  22. Q

    Closed Web cam code using visual studio 2008

    hello mga kaphcorner sino ang may alam ng code or program ng webcam with database using visual studio 2008 need ko lang po sa program ko
  23. P

    Help web cam as cctv

    i want to use an old a4tech webcam in my old celeron laptop(which i also want to use as answering machine/fax how to do this?) . i was told til 3 m lang pede ang haba ng usb cable mga 7 m ang layo ng laptop sa pag lalagyan ko ng webcam pede ba to? and what software para may motion detection...

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