vi (pronounced as distinct letters, ) is a screen-oriented text editor originally created for the Unix operating system. The portable subset of the behavior of vi and programs based on it, and the ex editor language supported within these programs, is described by (and thus standardized by) the Single Unix Specification and POSIX.The original code for vi was written by Bill Joy in 1976, as the visual mode for a line editor called ex that Joy had written with Chuck Haley. Bill Joy's ex 1.1 was released as part of the first Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) Unix release in March 1978. It was not until version 2.0 of ex, released as part of Second BSD in May 1979 that the editor was installed under the name "vi" (which took users straight into ex's visual mode), and the name by which it is known today. Some current implementations of vi can trace their source code ancestry to Bill Joy; others are completely new, largely compatible reimplementations.The name "vi" is derived from the shortest unambiguous abbreviation for the ex command visual, which switches the ex line editor to its full-screen mode. The name is pronounced (the English letters v and i).In addition to various non–free software variants of vi distributed with proprietary implementations of Unix, vi was opensourced with OpenSolaris, and several free and open source software vi clones exist. A 2009 survey of Linux Journal readers found that vi was the most widely used text editor among respondents, beating gedit, the second most widely used editor, by nearly a factor of two (36% to 19%).

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    Help Viu request thanks

    Viu request thanks
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    Help Cookies or free account for

    Meron ba kayong cookies or free account for , need ko kasi etong script for After Effects . Pa share naman po sa meron. Salamat PARALLAXER 2 | One click 3D Parallax Script
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    sana kayo din para marami tayu HAHA
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    Help Vivo y67 china to global

    patulong po pano maging global nabili ko sa shapi, salamat.
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    Help Viu?

    Baka po makasabit manonood lang po taxi driver salamat po
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    Contest Vivamax rémíùm Nanaman

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    Help Virus

    paano kaya ito e fix. huhu
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    mga ka PH paano po makapasok para sa VIP mac? need tut po .....