Tethering, or phone-as-modem (PAM), is the sharing of a mobile device's Internet connection with other connected computers. Connection of a mobile device with other devices can be done over wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), over Bluetooth or by physical connection using a cable, for example through USB.
If tethering is done over WLAN, the feature may be branded as a personal hotspot or mobile hotspot, which allows the device to serve as a portable router. Mobile hotspots may be protected by a PIN or password. The Internet-connected mobile device can act as a portable wireless access point and router for devices connected to it.

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  1. J

    NETSHARE ρrémíùm 2.38 - NO ROOT - TETHERING

    LINK: https://mobidrive.com/sharelink/u/4L6E6sq1VQfytZf43uVMed7WnU1RaieWuFJkTA0Ati4T
  2. N

    G·TM [HELP] Unlimited data configs not working when using mobile data hotspot or USB tethering

    Hello po. So wala po kaming WiFi and I'm just able to surf on my computer (Windows 10) through mobile data hotspot. I noticed na di po gumagana yung mga configs ng OVPN, HTTP Injector etc from my phone kung hina-hotspot siya for another device (which is my computer), or exclusively sa phone...
  3. M

    Help Proxy tethering

    is there an app that even if you are connected to a vpn, you can tether your proxy to others?
  4. D

    Tutorial Pano mag share ng internet from pc/laptop to android gamit ang usb cable (pwede sa pisowifi)

    Gnirehtet (v2.5.1) This project provides reverse tethering over adb for Android: itallows devices to use the internet connection of the computer they are pluggedon. It does not require any root access (neither on the device nor on thecomputer). It works on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Hidden...
  5. M

    Android App Share your vpn connection with this app

    NetBridge - No Root Tethering 2.0.08 APK + Mod (Free purchase) for Android
  6. S

    Tethering Android w/ VPN On

    Share ko lang sa mga wala pa nito. Salamat sa original source. Dropden - Free File Hosting
  7. A

    S·T·S Internet tethering ng unli data to your PC using mobile hotspot.

    Hello mga kaPHC. Sobrang bagal kasi sakin, mukhang detected ni TNT na nakaconnect sa computer, kasi kung cellphone naka hotspot okay naman, sa mga PC lang mabagal Kung mabagal din sa inyo, gawa ako tutorial para mapabilis. Kung okay naman sa inyo baka sakin lang may problem.
  8. A

    Help Mobile hotspot tethering on pc using unli data capped?

    Hello mga kaPHC detected po ba ng tnt kung naka hotspot ang phone mo sa pc? sobrang bagal kasi, di lalagpas ng 1mbps
  9. J

    Bluetooth tethering

    Good day po. May tanong Lang po ako,bumabagal internet KO kasi Binu bu Bluetooth tethering nila phone nila o parang pinang ha hotspots nila sa ibang phone kapag naka konect cila sa wifi ko .May paraan ba para di nila ma tethering yung internet na connected sa WiFi ko???tnx sa makakatulong..
  10. P

    Tools Pisowifi USB and Wifi Tethering

    Share your Internet Connections from PISOWIFI to PC/ LAPTOP Prerequisite: Pdanet app for android : PdaNet+ - Apps on Google Play Pdanet App for PC: Download PdaNet+ Instructions: 1.After installing the softwares, In your android device, enable the USB DEBUGGING Mode ( Nasa settings...
  11. P

    Tools Pisowifi USB and Wifi Tethering

    Share your Internet Connections from PISOWIFI to PC/ LAPTOP Prerequisite: Pdanet app for android : PdaNet+ - Apps on Google Play Pdanet App for PC: Download PdaNet+ Instructions: 1.After installing the softwares, In your android device, enable the USB DEBUGGING Mode ( Nasa settings...
  12. R

    Tutorial Ethernet Tethering Feature on selected Android 11/12 OS Devices & Port it to Wi-Fi Router as Access Point

    Requirements: Any Android 11/12 Devices with Ethernet Tethering feature, not the USB Tethering (Go to Settings -> Enter keyword in the Search bar "Ethernet Tethering", if you don't have this feature, you are not qualified to proceed with below steps) Mobile Data (4G+/5G connection with...
  13. A

    VPN Netshare? wifi extender? wifi tethering?

    Malalaman po ba ng may ari ng wifi kung gagamit ako ng netshare para maikunek ang isa pang phone? Kasi gusto magpakonek ng pinsan ko kaso ayoko naman syang ikonek sa mismong wifi,pag gumamit bako ng netshare na wifi tethering may chance ba na ma detect yun ng may ari talaga? Sana po masagot thanks!
  14. L

    Closed Pocket wifi vs USB tethering vs Hotspot?

    Asan po ba mas mabilis na connection sa tatlo kung using a vpn for freenet?
  15. M

    Closed How to share your vpn connection(skyvpn or http injector) to non vpn connection (ios,android,pc)

    How to share your VPN connection(skyvpn or http injector) to non VPN connection (ios,android,pc) Requirements 1. Proxy Server Pro link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.icecoldapps.proxyserverpro Or Proxy Server link...
  16. P

    Closed Tethering in http injector

    Guys sino naba naka pag try ng Tethering sa injector? kasi ganun ito nag Tethering ako sa injector ng hindi naka connect. Mag dodownload kasi ako dapat ng movie nag woworry lang ako sa speed hagang 300 kbps lang hindi na umaabot ng 3-5 mbps supposed to be ganyan yun.
  17. T

    Closed Vpn wifi tethering on android marshmallow. possible ba??

    Mga paps.. Possible ba sa android marshmallow na mag wifi tether ng vpn connection (no rooting)? Nasubukan ko na gumamit ng FoxFi. Connected naman pero di nkapagbrowse. Gamit kong modem itong phone ko Samsung J2 Prime android marshmallow. no root kasi hirap magroot ng marshmallow. Sinubukan ko...
  18. R

    Closed Nagbabagang non rooted trick

    mga boss ito yung para sa mga non rooted po na gustong ishare yung http injector internet nila via usb tethering wifi hotspot at bluetooth tethering po. ito po yung app => http://www.datafilehost.com/d/91ba7ccd nandyan na rin po pati yung set up para sa computer at unlocked po lahat yan pati...
  19. R

    Closed Share ko lang po rooted tethering tricks

    Mga master share ko lang po sa inyo yung natuklasan kong tethering tricks di na po kailangan gumamit ng pdanet at kung ano mang klaseng apps na kailangan pa para mashare yung http injector internet po sa rooted lang po pede ito po yung app =>http://www.datafilehost.com/d/87357af0 unlock...
  20. T

    Closed My daily routine of accessing the net

    Gusto ko lang i.share tong daily routine ko. Alam ko naman na masyado na tong common dito sa forum pero sana ay may kaunting maitulong ito sa iba makapagbigay lang sana ako nang ideya sa mga ka paps natin na hirap tulad ko din. Kaya sana ay irespeto nalang tong post ko na ito :) Kung feeling nyo...
  21. O

    Closed How to tether http injector in android (unrooted) using proxfier

    Tutorial ko lang para sa mga hindi maroot na cellphone pero gustong i tether ung connection nila sa HTTP INJECTOR sa Android to PC using Proxyfier. Requirements: *Android phone (with Mobile Hotspot/ Tether) *Http injector with working ehi *PC/Laptop *Proxyfier (download from -...
  22. B

    Closed Tethering

    Kapag connected ka sa wifi, pwede mo bang itethering yun sa ibang phone? Salamat sa sasagot.
  23. Z

    Closed Easiest way to tether mobile data to any os.

    Control and share your Internet connection of your smartphone with your laptop, tablet or another smartphone. Data Sharing is a WiFi hotspot and tethering management and control app. No more surprises while sharing your mobile data and exhausting without realizing about it. Share knowing your...
  24. M

    Closed How to share http injector internet

    pwede po ba ishare ang internet ng http injector sa isang device via tethering? tnry ko napo kasi ang tethering connected naman po cia pero loading lng ng loading.
  25. P

    Closed Tether pdanet+ browser only bug fixed

    Sundin nyu to at e download nyu Video tutorial showing how to download, setup, and install a free unlimited lifetime VPN for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. The VPN (SoftEther + VPN Gate) will hide/mask your IP address and also encrypt all of your web traffic to keep you anonymous, safe...
  26. F

    Closed How to share VPN connection to other devices [ROOT Required]

    First time ko gumawa ng tutorial. Sana makatulong to sa mga may problem sa pag-share ng kanilang VPN connection to other devices. Kailangan po Rooted po Andriod devices nyo po. Kung meron napong ganito paki-delete nalang po.Salamat. 1. Rooted device. -Sa mga hindi alam paano magroot hanap lang...
  27. Z

    Closed Fastest Vpn tethering WiFi (rooted device only)

    Compartilhar: New Fastest VPN TETHERING WIFI (Rooted device only) Compartilhar is another Vpn tethering app for android which can be use to share your Vpn internet services to any devices close to you via mobile WiFi hotspot. Gamit ang Compartilhar pwede mo nang e share ang Vpn internet mo sa...
  28. V

    Closed no connection for tethering hotspot using psiphon handler

    Mga sir any idea kung paano mkapag connect ng internet thru tethering hotspot. Salamt sa sasagot :)
  29. F

    Closed Share phone psiphon connection to Pc without root

    pwede ng maka pag share nang internet using android psiphon to your pc using pda net requirements: 1.android phone 2.pda net for android 3.pda net for pc 4. usb cable connect your psiphon or your vpn that you use. after connected na sya open pda net for android tapos i connect mo ang cable tap...
  30. V

    Closed Tethering psiphon 100% working!

    100% working! Requirements: LOAD: Kahit Wala! PSIPHON ( Gamit ko PAdvance 100) DF Tethering Fix apk -- search nyo nalang sa google Rooted phone, tablet w/ sim Android version 4.0+ SIM (TNT-Marian gamit ko ngayon, di ko pa na try sa globe, sun, tm at smart) Psiphon settings: Remove port -...
  31. J

    Closed Paano po mag proxy sa android?

    Good day po! First post po. Tanong ko lang po kung paano gumamit ng proxy sa android para po makapag tether po ako ng internet from phone to pc at the same time bypassing globe's 800MB/day limit on supersurf? Posible po ba yun? Nag search po ako ng ibang mga methods pero mukhang di po...
  32. W

    Closed Share and transfer files via wifi hotspot tethering

    malaki ang maitutulong ng app na ito sa mga mahilig mag share at mag pasa ng mga file gamit ang thethering portable hotspot. notes pwede sya mapa android or ios version ng gamit nyo cp. Thanks to Wolvers23 for translating HAHAHA Xender is just the right application for the people who have to...
  33. K

    LATEST Virtual WiFi Router V3 Turn your PC into a WiFi access

    create a WiFi hotspot for WiFi Reverse Tethering for wifi supported mobiles and other wifi enabled computer to create a network and to share internet. Convert your PC into a WiFi hot spot for free. the latest version of Virtual WiFi Router v3 It has brand new metro design ,very easy to use and...

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